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Instagram DP Download: Here’s 3 Ways How You Can Do It!


Looking to download an Instagram DP for personal use or reference? Check out this blog to know about all the available websites for Instagram dp download and applications for Instagram dp download.



- Updated: 4th Jun 2023, 21:25 IST
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    Instagram DP Download in 2023
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    3 Best Ways for Instagram DP Download
    • 1. Directly via Instagram
    • 2. Using Third-Party Websites
    • 3. Applications
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    How to change your Instagram DP?
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DP or display picture is just a picture that identifies you on a social media platform. Be it Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok or anything else, they have it all.

In this article, we will look at some of the best ways for Instagram dp download to help you accomplish this task easily.

Instagram DP Download in 2023

  1. Access the profile menu and tap on it.
  2. Copy the URL of the profile.
  3. Look for an Instagram DP Downloader.
  4. Enter the profile URL in the designated search field.
  5. Choose the option to view or download the DP.
  6. Press on the image or perform a right-click action.
  7. Click on the option to download the image.

3 Best Ways for Instagram DP Download

  1. Directly via Instagram
  2. Using third-party websites
  3. Using third-party applications

Let’s discuss each Instagram DP download method individually to simplify this process.

1. Directly via Instagram


This is one easy way to download the DP directly from an Instagram profile without delving deep into any website or taking the help of any third-party tools.

Follow these steps for Instagram DP download via Instagram itself:

  • All you have to do here is to go to the Instagram account.
  • If you are using your mobile phone, take a screenshot of the profile with Instagram DP, zoom and save it.
  • Alternatively, you can use a snipping tool or screenshot method to capture a profile picture for a PC. This saves DP directly using their Instagram account.

Even though this process may seem pretty old school, it is quite simple and easy.

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2. Using Third-Party Websites

third party website

Many third-party websites have recently emerged, offering assistance with downloading Instagram display pictures.

Here is a list of the best third-party websites for Instagram dp download.

1. Inflact lets you download the DP in a single click by using the account’s username.

2. Toolzu takes up to 30 seconds to download the Instagram DP once you feed the account username.

3. Indown is another website with an Instagram profile URL to download the DP directly to your device.

4. Reelit can help you download DP along with the posts, stories, reels, and videos

5. InstaDP downloader lets you access the profile picture directly using the profile link.

You can access these websites directly from your mobile phone as well as your PC. The only difference will be in the location of your downloads.

For laptops and PC, the picture gets downloaded in the Download section. For mobile phones, the same will be stored in your local gallery or Photos folder from where you can access it.

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3. Applications

instagram dp download applications

Check out these 5 best mobile applications for Instagram DP download.

S.NoName of the applicationAvailable onLink for download
1.Download Profile Picture (HD)AndroidDownload the app here!
2.Insta Profile VieweriOSDownload the app here!
3.Instant DP SaverAndroidDownload the app here!
4.HD Profile Picture DownloaderAndroidDownload the app here!
5.Insta Dp DownloaderAndroidDownload the app here!

PS: To copy the user profile link (as required in certain websites to download the DP), open the user profile on the web and copy the address in the URL. Alternatively, to do this from your mobile phone, go to the profile and click on the triple dots in the top right corner. Select Copy Profile URL to copy the link.

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How to change your Instagram DP?

Suppose you downloaded the DP from another account; many of you may also have a question about how to change your Instagram DP.

Firstly, never use a profile picture that belongs to someone else. For example, using someone’s DP as your own is an invasion of privacy. Try to avoid doing that at any cost.

Additionally, you may use any generic image that you may find funny, informative, or does not have a copyright issue. Once you download any DP from an Instagram profile, here is how you change the DP on your profile:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your phone. Go to your profile page by clicking the bottom right circle on your page with your DP on it.
  2. Tap on Edit Profile > Edit picture
  3. Now, choose from the library, i.e., the existing gallery where you have downloaded the DP you want to use.
  4. Once uploaded, press Done.
  5. The display picture (DP) gets updated.

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Next time you are tempted to download an Instagram DP, you will not regret knowing the methods to do it. All three ways and corresponding steps mentioned above are pretty easy to use. It saves you the hassle of navigating the entire web to find the correct method of downloading the DP.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Instagram display picture represents the pictorial version of you on the social media platform.
  • However, they are really very small and cannot be opened in a full-size view.
  • Hence, we need a specific Instagram DP download mechanism to complete the process.

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