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7 Best Free Online Grammar Checkers For Error Free Content In May 2024


Your search for a tool to improve your writing online is finally over. With our list of the best free online grammar checkers, your content pieces will improve dramatically!

- Updated: 30th Apr 2024, 10:20 IST
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    Best Free Online Grammar Checkers
    • 1. Grammarly
    • 2. ProWritingAid
    • 3. Ginger
    • 4. Zoho Writer
    • 5. LanguageTool
    • 6. Jetpack
    • 7. Hemingway App
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    Summing up

The best free online grammar checkers offer enough features for you to ensure that your writing is error-free. From grammar to spelling to general syntax, these grammar checkers provide suggestions based on your region’s English. So, regardless of whether you’re using American English, British English, or even Australian English, these tools can be quite helpful. Considering the fact that there are so many of these tools available online, it can be quite difficult choosing which one to use.

Of course, we’re well aware of Grammarly. After all, it’s one of the most widely used and popular grammar-checking tools available today. However, if you’re looking for the best free online grammar checkers, which are an alternative to Grammarly, we can help. Having said that, let’s dive into the list!

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Best Free Online Grammar Checkers

Here’s a quick overview of the grammar checkers that we’ll be covering in this list.

GrammarlyCheck it out
ProWritingAidCheck it out
GingerCheck it out
Zoho WriterCheck it out
LanguageToolCheck it out
JetpackCheck it out
Hemingway AppCheck it out

1. Grammarly


Was there ever any doubt that Grammarly would be added to this list of the best free online grammar checkers? This cloud-based typing assistant has been around for quite some time now after it was initially released in 2009. Since then, it has undergone various changes and improvements, from the user interface to the algorithm for understanding complex sentence structures.

Grammarly can also be used with your Google Chrome or Firefox browser. This provides a quick and easy way for you to check the grammar in your documents.


  • Can be integrated into MS Word and browsers
  • Provides 256-bit encryption
  • Various English formats are available

Pros and Cons

Very easy to useThe premium version is quite expensive
The free version can be good enough on most occasions
The extension works on both Google Chrome and Firefox

2. ProWritingAid


If you ever want to become a professional writer, ProWritingAid is one of the best free online grammar checkers that you can use. The tool lives up to its name, with in-depth coverage of what it takes to be a good writer.

Apart from the usual optimisations of word choice, punctuation, and grammar, the tool also helps you improve your writing. For this, ProWritingAid offers suggestions based on your writing style and where you may need to make changes, whether in a casual or professional context.


  • Provides all the basic requirements in the free version
  • The pro version provides quizzes and software to improve English
  • In-depth writing reports to analyse writing styles

Pros and Cons

Great customer service experienceThe plagiarism checker is not included in the premium package
Writing reports provide a detailed analysis
The premium version is quite affordable

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3. Ginger


Next on our list of the best free online grammar checkers is Ginger. This tool is especially helpful for those writers who tend to work with international clients. In fact, Ginger supports over 40 international languages, in terms of grammar, punctuation, syntax, and spelling.

For the free version, you’ll get a well-made grammar and spell checker that can identify mistakes in an instant. Moreover, Ginger also offers an online proofreading tool that is quite decent for a free tool.

However, one of Ginger’s biggest advantages is how easily it’s available for multiple platforms. This tool can be integrated into MS Word or Outlook, iOS or Android smartphones, Microsoft Windows, and macOS. Of course, there’s also a browser add-on that increases your productivity by a significant margin.


  • Supports plenty of international languages
  • Uses AI to provide synonyms
  • Can be used for education or business

Pros and Cons

Supports over 40 international languagesThe best features are locked behind a paywall
Decent user interface
Can be integrated into MS Word, iOS, Android, and browsers

4. Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer

Zoho is essentially a cloud software suite which is catered toward businesses. In other words, most of the software and tools under the Zoho software suite are tailored toward businesses and larger enterprises. However, Zoho also offers one of the best free online grammar checkers for completely free, called Zoho Writer.

One of the biggest draws for Zoho Writer is that it uses machine learning to understand the way you write. Based on this, it will offer you suggestions for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It can even improve the style and tone of your writing.


  • Incorporates machine learning for improving writing
  • Provides a writing assistant called Zia, for AI-based corrections
  • Document automation and sign collection can be done through the software

Pros and Cons

Decent integration of AI for improving one’s writingApplication has a tendency to run slowly
Lots of features for document processingNot the best for blogging
Can customize documents down to the finest details

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5. LanguageTool

LanguageTool: One of the best free online grammar checkers

If you’re looking for a direct alternative to Grammarly, LanguageTool might be exactly what you need. This writing tool helps you check the usual grammar, spelling, and general style of your writing. Moreover, it can be used for editing works in multiple languages, such as German, English, and Spanish.

The free version of LanguageTool gives you a decent writing experience. It also offers encrypted storing, to save your texts from being accessed without your permission. Furthermore, it has addons for various browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, making it one of the best free online grammar checkers you can use today!


  • The free version allows you to check up to 10,000 characters
  • Your documents are stored with encryption protocols
  • Supports major international languages

Pros and Cons

Provides a personal dictionaryDoesn’t have too many major features
Can check up to 60,000 characters in the paid versionNo plagiarism checker provided
Add-ons for Chrome, MS Word, and has a macOS app

6. Jetpack


For users of WordPress, Jetpack might be the best free online grammar checker that you can use to improve your content. This plugin is completely free for users, providing you with basic amenities that work better than other competitor plugins or tools.

In fact, Jetpack is one of the most popular WordPress plugins available today. Not only does it increase your site’s security, but also adds a powerful proofreading module. However, this proofreading module is only available for users who have downloaded the plugin with version 7.2 or earlier.


  • Extensive options when being used with WordPress
  • Provides security protocols for your website
  • Can be used to structure your writing

Pros and Cons

Its modules allow proper social media integration for your WordPress websiteMost features only work with a valid WordPress account
Is updated on a frequent basis
All the different modules work perfectly with each other

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7. Hemingway App

Hemingway App free online grammar checkers

The Hemingway app is a free online grammar checker that’s aimed towards beginner writers. Unlike other apps or tools, this particular software won’t give you plenty of lessons for where you’ve gone wrong. Instead, the app will check your content’s readability and provide suggestions for improving your writing style.

The Hemingway app can be used directly through an online editor on the browser, or an app for desktop. Regardless of whichever version you use, you could find this tool incredibly useful.


  • Highlights errors in sentences through colour coding
  • Word utilisation to increase readability
  • Extremely easy to understand and use

Pros and Cons

Precise word counts for words and sentencesFeedback for changes isn’t provided
The colour-coding structure is very helpful in identifying errors
Very engaging due to the simplistic design

Summing up

Content on various subjects has become one of the most important mediums for gaining information. Whether you’re reporting the news, replying to a professional email, or opining on a particular subject, your content needs to be readable for it to garner sessions or impressions. With these best free online grammar checkers, your content will be crisp, clear, and tell the reader exactly what you want to say.

Of course, there are plenty more grammar checkers available online and we’ll keep listing more of them from time to time. In case we’ve missed out on any of your favourites, let us know in the comment section below!

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Highlights of the Story

  • Content has become an important medium for spreading information.
  • Writing styles can differ based on the content form and context.
  • Regardless of what you’re writing, these best free online grammar checkers will help you increase the readability of your content!