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9 Best Apps To Improve Productivity Everyday June 2024


Wouldn’t it be interesting to see if new-gen apps could help you track productivity and help you perform better? Read about similar apps in this article and download your favourite ones now!

- Updated: 2nd Jun 2024, 09:24 IST
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    7 Best Apps To Improve Productivity:
    • 1. Evernote:
    • 2. Focus booster:
    • 3. Quip:
    • 4. Dropbox:
    • 5. Productive:
    • 6. Google tasks 
    • 7. Headspace: 
    • 8. Zapier
    • 9. Trello
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    Summary: Best apps to improve productivity

“If there are nine rabbits on the ground, if you want to catch one, just focus on one.”
-Jack Ma (co-founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba Group). Considering the necessity of being productive on every horizon, we delve into some of the best apps to improve productivity.

Productivity in the workplace or personal sphere is one satisfying thing that affects positive thinking. Suppose we take the example of a workplace. If you are productive and adhere to the timeline and targets set by your manager for task completion, it is bound to set a good impression. Besides, it allows you to grow professionally through incentives like timely increments and promotions.

Let’s take an example from day-to-day life too. Imagine yourself trying to build a habit of practising 30-minute meditation daily. However, you are not able to concentrate much and do not feel much accountable for it. Now, let’s say we suggest an app that sends you daily reminders to start the practice. Besides, you can set a timer during the practice so that you do not have to lend your attention towards watching time.

The app also helps you track your day-to-day progress and makes you more accountable and appreciative. Would you say no to such an app? To make your task easier, we present you with a set of the best apps to improve productivity and help you achieve the set goals.

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7 Best Apps To Improve Productivity:

Technology has made multifold evolution. This has led to the development of apps that can help you become productive and are accessible at the tips of your finger. Some of the best apps to improve productivity in the long term are:

1. Evernote:

evernote best apps to improve productivity

While many reduce the work of Evernote to note-making alone, it is way beyond its name. The app allows you to organise notes and capture ideas. Note-making has never been easier as one can edit the notes anytime, add stick notes, links, images, videos, and much more. It also lets you stay on top of the task and include reminders. Besides, it is an ideal shared space for collaborating on ideas. 

Evernote lets you :

-Send voice notes.

-Scan and save texts.

-Set task alerts.

-Link PDFs, multimedia.

-Organise bills, receipts, and invoices.

2. Focus booster:

focusbooster best apps to improve productivity

Focusbooster assists you in achieving productivity and performing time tracking using the Pomodoro timer. Through Pomodoro, you can take small breaks while doing chunks of work, followed by an even longer break after three to four hours. The app allows you to track progress, compare insights with previous weeks, and plan your work strategy accordingly. 

Being one of the best apps for time management, you can balance all sectors of your life. It makes you more accountable as you can see how much more input is needed to fulfil the goal. 

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3. Quip:


Quip is an excellent tool to keep up the collaboration within the team and create documents that can be assessed, shared, and tracked. It does away with the problem of checking regular mail trails that were time taking. Be it a calendar, calculator, excel sheets, or even note-making- Quip has it all. Developed by Salesforce, the app is light-weighted and available for use on PC, iPhone and iPad devices only. 

It keeps track of all the edited versions for further improvement. Thereby, it is considered one of the best apps for improving productivity. 

4. Dropbox:

dropbox best apps to improve productivity

The answer for one-stop storage solutions for personal and corporate needs comes in the form of Dropbox. The secure cloud storage also helps automatically book videos and pictures. They can be shared, collaborated, and exported. Downloading an app for it on your phone can assist you in consistently updating data like pictures throughout the system. An update on your PC and mobile can reflect changes elsewhere too. You can readily share files with anyone without any extra burden, provide access, and much more.

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5. Productive:

productive app

As the name suggests, the app is considered the best to improve productivity. Ranged among free apps to use, it helps you make goals, track progress, compare data, and make changes. You can set a specific task for a particular day. Accordingly, you can add reminders and alarms for any new habits you might be aiming for. The habit management app allows you to take challenges with your buddies to incentivise you to perform better. 

PS: The best thing about Productive is it is customisable. You can choose unique icons and colours accordingly.

6. Google tasks 

google tasks app

Google tasks let you sync various tasks anytime and anywhere. Suppose you receive an email regarding a task you need to complete by a deadline. Using Google tasks, you can create tasks then and there. Besides, you can set reminders for notifications too. It is accessible across all Google space. You can add minute details like subtasks, dependencies, progress, tracing tasks to the original email for reference, and much more! It is one smart app to improve productivity and take control of your actions through your phone. 

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7. Headspace: 

headspace app

Meditation is one of the techniques to keep the mind sane. The sanity of the mind also leads to increased productivity everywhere. With the motto of “be kind to your mind”, Headspace is making leaps towards making people more relaxed and focused. This is achieved through the famous meditation and mindfulness techniques.

The app offers multiple meditation techniques from which people can choose and start work. There are calming videos which aim to relax you as you start your day and end it. One of the best things about the app is that it takes into consideration some panic moments that one can suffer. For this, they have curated SOS sessions and teaching skills. 

8. Zapier

Zapier: best apps to improve productivity

Zapier is most well-known for its ability to organise workflows and integrate multiple web applications without requiring coding expertise. It is a bridge between applications, allowing them to communicate and collaborate easily.

Zapier is an automation utility that reduces the time and effort required to transition between applications. This application streamlines your experience by integrating and automating your most frequently used applications.

Key Features:

  • Integrate applications to reduce time spent toggling between multiple applications.
  • Explore the Zaps library of pre-built automation provided by Zapier.
  • Modify your automation systems
  • View previous tasks
  • Progress monitoring interface for tracking activity

9. Trello

Trello: best apps to improve productivity

Trello is a simple yet highly effective tool for collaborative project administration. Customised Kanban boards allow you to categorise your work according to its level of completion using this collaboration tool. Team members use Trello to organise, manage, and share their tasks.

Users can construct lists and cards representing assignments or items within each board, and team members can collaborate by adding remarks, attachments, due dates, and checklists. The collaborative features of Trello encourage real-time communication and transparency among team members, making it an excellent option for teams of all sizes seeking an organised and efficient method of collaborating on projects and tasks.

Key functions:

  • Create, manage, and designate team members with deadline-sensitive tasks.
  • Drag and place documents into the Kaban board in Trello.
  • Activity interface to facilitate card creation and monitoring
  • Attach documents and remark on task  progress
  • Receive email alerts and reminders

Summary: Best apps to improve productivity

Productivity generally means to improve efficiency. What’s better than using simple and best apps to improve productivity? 

It goes a long way in enhancing day-to-day productivity. People often tame good habits to ensure productivity, leading to their amalgamation in personal life. In one way or the other, it becomes a part of daily life. Keeping a tab on day-to-productivity can go a long way to avoid time wastage as well as improve performance.

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Highlights of the Story

  • An increase in productivity allows growth in personal as well as professional spheres.
  • You can also track newly set habits and assess performance using productivity measures.
  • Read about the seven best apps that could help you achieve your goal.