Time is one of the most critical assets for any student and managing efficiently guarantees good results. The series of time management apps presented to you via this article will help you a lot to stay focussed. If you are dealing with the problem of managing time, it is of prime necessity that you focus…2023-03-30 10:42:097 Best Time Management Apps For Students To Stay Focused April 2023

7 Best Time Management Apps For Students To Stay Focused April 2023


Are you a student looking to increase your productivity and improve your focus on your studies? Here is a list of the seven best time management apps to help you achieve your goal.

Updated: 30th Mar 2023, 10:42 IST
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    How to ensure time management?
    • Identification:
    • Listing priorities:
    • Balancing:
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    7 Best Time Management Apps To Assist You:
    • 1. Notion
    • 2. Pomodoro
    • 3. Todoist
    • 4. Flora
    • 5. Toggle Track
    • 6. Productive
    • 7. Fabulous
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    Final words: Best Time Management Apps

Time is one of the most critical assets for any student and managing efficiently guarantees good results. The series of time management apps presented to you via this article will help you a lot to stay focussed. If you are dealing with the problem of managing time, it is of prime necessity that you focus well on utilising it and making life easier. 

Many students even face the problem of time management during their examinations. As they begin approaching the deadline, they often worry about the vastness of the syllabus, the time left for preparation, and much more.

In such a situation, time management apps come of great help. It also allows students to stay more concentrated. It also assists in overcoming anxiety and stress among them. Even more, managing schools or colleges along with study hours become difficult. 

How to ensure time management?


Time management can be ensured by identifying the areas that must be focused on and setting the timeline accordingly. Imagine yourself taking one hour each to complete four chapters from a subject. Instead of wisely setting time, you choose two hours to achieve the same set of chapters. When you are not able to finish it off within that period, it will stress you out even more. So, identification and setting deadlines will help you even more.

Listing priorities:

Now, the next step is to set the priority and identify which chapters need more importance in terms of score weightage or vastness. Sometimes, a big chapter may require much time compared to smaller ones. In this case, time management apps may help you to progress efficiently.


To make the best use of time, you must be practical in distributing time between regular life and school/college life. Also, socialising is an essential aspect of any student. It would help if you stayed connected with friends to discuss your study and non-study life and remain carefree. Include a cool-off period, too, as there may be times when you cannot complete a task, and this cool-off may help you to tick off the task successfully.

PS: Ensure that you have a sound sleep every day. 7-8 hours of sleep daily will help in healthy brain functioning.

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7 Best Time Management Apps To Assist You:

1. Notion

notion time management apps

One-stop platform to keep a tab of your work in a single place. You can generate notes through the Notion app, share them between teams, collaborate with other groups, and ask for their input on particular tasks. One can create documents with powerful pictures and other multimedia. Notion allows you to organise information based on the subjects, lessons, and more- No more issues of messy folders! The documents created can be synced and shared with different applications and web browsers. 

2. Pomodoro

pomodoro time management apps

The focus time management apps like Pomodoro allow one to utilise the technique of 25 minutes of focused work followed by five minutes of break. The app will enable you to enhance productivity as it comes with a timer that manages your task. One can track progress and get motivated using preset voice feedback. Longer breaks of 15-20 minutes are generally allowed after three-four hours. 

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3. Todoist


The multi-platform app is a checklist reminder for all your pending tasks. You can set deadlines and alarms for your tasks for the day using Todoist. At the beginning of the day, you can check the list and start your work as per the timeline. It allows the generation of tasks, subtasks, lists, and work delegation. This allows integration with communication apps like Gmail. In the app, you can find time logs and activity tracking too.

4. Flora

flora time management

Flora is one of the virtually appealing time management apps that uses the Pomodoro technique, as mentioned above. If you are a nature admirer and love planting trees, then this app is the right destination for you. The immersive platform blends your focus tracking habit and tree plantation when you opt-in for price and care facility. The app allows you to tag a tree with a particular task virtually. If you stay focused towards task completion, the virtual trees will keep growing. However, as soon as you leave the app, it gets killed! 

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5. Toggle Track

toogl track

It is those time management apps which promise to keep you on track. It comes in handy even when handling a team to complete a task. Toggle Track helps you record activity, set a deadline and track reports based on the total time spent on a particular task. It also has an inbuilt Pomodoro timer for ensuring better focus. One of the best features of this app is that it is all interconnected. You might have started the task using an app, and you can update it on your desktop and end it on your smartwatch too. 

6. Productive


Productive habit tracker allows you to plan daily and set regular goal reminders. You can establish personal growth and development habits, track reports of them, and maintain a streak. Productive provides you with the boost you need through motivation and reflection check-ins. It can also let you break your task into smaller chunks. The app gives you location-based reminders and sets habit trends weekly. 

PS: If you have friends who can take up a productive challenge, this is your go-to app.

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7. Fabulous

fabulous app

The healthy routine and motivation tracker allows you to create a personalised daily routine. Your tasks are divided based on days, hours, and minutes- depending on your chosen routine using Fabulous. The app can help you create great timetables and habit routines by using bold colours, artistic design and patterns for appeal, and music too! You become more accountable for your work through regular reminders for completion before the start and congratulatory messages on successful completion. 

Final words: Best Time Management Apps

Time management is a thing that everyone is struggling to achieve perfectly. With the evolution of technology and the discovery of time management apps, things are getting easier. One can become their coach and keep track of how well they are performing.

Through tracking and evaluation, one can understand their shortcomings and become more structured. It reduces the overall maintenance work required for study and lessens the stress on students. Time management apps are the need of today as it is an all-in-one kit for students to achieve the best results.

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  • Time management apps lets you to stay concentrated and focus more on task completion.
  • Instead of looking out for time on mobile phones, time management apps lessen distractions.

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