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Translate English To Hindi: 10 Best Websites And Apps


While English is the language used widely by the world, Hindi is also the third most popular language. Therefore it is essential to have useful tools that can translate from English to Hindi or Hindi to English easily. Here we have a list of some tools that can get this job done for you.

- Updated: 18th Dec 2023, 18:21 IST
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    Benefits of adopting Hindi for website translating languages
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Can you imagine a life without smartphones today? Well, it’s impossible, right? Smartphones make our lives easier, however, a lot of people find it difficult to access the by-default English language. This led to the need to translate from English to Hindi on your smartphone? As we know, Hindi is the third most popular language that more than 500 million people use in the world.

On the other hand, most countries accept English as the most common language. It is widely used for communication between people with different native languages. As major books and posts on the Internet are written in English, this led to the need to translate English to Hindi.

There are many online and offline tools available that can translate English to Hindi. If you are looking to translate English to Hindi or visa versa, here are a few apps and websites that can help you.

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1. Google Translate – Translate Anything From English To Hindi

Google Translate

Well, Google is always ready with a solution for you. Google Translate is the most popular language translator tool. Millions of people use Google Translate on a day-to-day basis to translate from one language to another. Google Translate supports more than 100 languages, and this includes English and Hindi translation.

In order to access Google translate, you can just search for ‘Google Translate’ in the search bar, and from there, you can choose to translate from English to Hindi or Hindi to the English language. You can upload documents and even enter URLs to quickly translate any content to any one of the languages.

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Similar to the online tool, Google translate is also available to download in the form of apps on your Android or iOS smartphone. The app supports handwriting and can also perform live translation for you. With the smart camera point feature, you can point your smartphone to any signboards with English or Hindi content, and the app will quickly translate it for you. The app also works offline, but you just need to download the language files for languages that you regularly use. 

Download Google Translate on Android | iPhone

2. – Translate Anything From English To Hindi

Similar to Google Translate, also offers an excellent online tool that can instantly translate English to Hindi. The tool supports the translation of 90+ languages. It also supports various types of translations such as medical, business, technical, and document translation. You can use any of the methods such as typing voice input, photo upload, and handwriting to provide input to the website. 

Similar to the web platform, there is also an app that is available for both Android and iOS. You can also get support from a professional translator who can provide you with an error-free edited copy of your document within two hours. If you need translation of any important document that should be error-free, you can also go for the paid human translation service.

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3. LinguaNex – Translate Anything From English To Hindi


If you want a slightly higher word limit, you can try LingvaNex. The platform is available in the form of both a website and mobile app that can provide you translation of up to 10,000 words at a time.

The web platform has a very simple and basic UI with two boxes on the screen. You have to enter the text you want to translate on the left box, and once you choose what language you need to translate, the result will appear on the right side box. 

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You can choose any of the languages you want from the drop-down menu on the right-hand side box. The platform also comes with a built-in dictionary where you can look up the meaning of a word without leaving the page. You can also download the software for offline use on both Windows and Mac OS platforms.

Click here to try LingvaNex

4. Hi Translate – Translate Anything From English To Hindi

Hi Translate Best website to translate english to hindi

Hi Translate is a mobile app that allows you to translate all languages like English to Hindi translator and many others. The app supports translation of up to 100 languages, which is more than Google Translate and can translate Hindi to English and vice versa. The functionality of the app is similar to Google translate. You can either manually enter the text and get it from the translation or point the phone camera at any signboard image and obtain the translated results in your preferred language. 

The Android version of the app supports cross-application translation which provides you with the opportunity to use it with any app to read and write in almost any language. In addition to this, the app also supports features such as voice translation, real-time text translation, and offline translation. The app is available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

Download Hi Translate on Android | iPhone

5. Microsoft Translator – Translate Anything From English To Hindi

Microsoft Translator

Made by Microsoft, the Microsoft Translator app is available for both Android and IOS platforms. Web supports over 70 languages, including English and Hindi but less than Google Translate. It is completely free to use, and you can also use it in offline mode. 

There are multiple ways, including translating text conversations, voice camera photos, and screenshots to use the translator app. You can also download multiple languages and use the app in offline mode when you travel.

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The app also includes Phrasebooks which have verified translations and pronunciation guides that can help you learn important phrases in foreign languages. Other features of Microsoft translator include two-way conversations, Android wear support, and alternate translations. It is available to download via Google Play Store and Apple App Store for Android and iOS platforms.

Download Microsoft Translator on Android | iPhone

6. Typing Baba

typing baba - Translate English To Hindi

Although Typing Baba is a web tool only and not an app. It works very well for Hindi to English or English to Hindi translation. It is pretty simple and straightforward.  All you have to do is go to the website and select the source language and start typing. Now, click on the ‘Translate’ button. Your translated text will appear in the box below. However, the drawback lies in the fact that you can’t edit the translated text at all. Another limitation of Typing Baba is that you can only translate 2,000 words at a time. The web tool also doesn’t support text translation from images and speak to translate either.

Download Typing Baba on Android

7. Translate Now

Translate Now - Translate Now

Translate Now is a straightforward mobile translation app that offers a minimalist approach, providing the essential tools for efficient translation. With a compact size of only 43 MB when downloaded from the Apple App Store, it imposes minimal storage demands on your device. Moreover, it operates without the need for any special permissions, eliminating unnecessary concerns. To use the app, you merely need to copy and paste the text you want to translate, select your desired target language, and you’re good to go. Its simplicity and user-friendly interface make it a viable and uncomplicated option.

Download Translate Now on Android | iPhone

8. Reverso Context – Translate To English From Hindi

Reverso Context - Translate English To Hindi

For those in need of specialized translation services, the Reverso Context Hindi to English translator stands as an excellent choice. It caters to a wide range of languages and excels in translating legal, medical, and technical documents. This free online service offers instantaneous translations from Hindi to English and is powered by artificial intelligence, ensuring both precision and speed.

One of the standout features of Reverso Context is its ability to translate complete sentences, not just individual words. This makes it particularly useful for translating longer sections of text, such as paragraphs from websites or documents. Additionally, Reverso Context provides definitions for words and phrases in both Hindi and English, which proves invaluable for grasping the meaning, especially for non-native Hindi speakers.

If you’re seeking a convenient and efficient method for translating Hindi to English, Reverso Context is the ideal solution.

Download Reverso Context on Android | iPhone

9. Babylon – Translate English to Hindi

Babylon - Translate English To Hindi

The Babylon English to Hindi translator is a versatile translation tool that covers over 75 languages. It comes in both a free online version and a paid app, making it a widely used and popular choice in the realm of translation applications. Babylon Translate stands as one of the top-rated translation apps available today, offering support for more than 100 language pairs, including Hindi and English. Babylon Translate boasts an intuitive interface as one of its most valuable features. The app is thoughtfully designed to be user-friendly, ensuring easy navigation.

When it comes to Hindi translations, the app presents them clearly and concisely, facilitating a thorough understanding of the text’s meaning. Another noteworthy capability of Babylon Translate is its proficiency in translating entire sentences, not just individual words. This proves especially advantageous in comprehending the context of conversations. Furthermore, the app includes a built-in dictionary for quick word look-ups. In summary, Babylon Translate is an excellent choice for those seeking a user-friendly translation app that offers a rich set of features, making it effortless to translate between English to Hindi.

Download Babylon on Android

10. WordReference

Word Reference - Translate English To Hindi

WordReference stands out as a valuable online resource, offering a comprehensive dictionary and translation tool for over 25 languages, including English to Hindi translations. It also fosters a vibrant community through its forum where users can seek and provide translation-related assistance.

Utilizing WordReference to translate English to Hindi offers several advantages:

  1. WordReference delivers precise translations.
  2. Translations are available in both Hindi and English languages.
  3. The platform encompasses a wide array of features such as a dictionary, grammar tips, and illustrative sentences.
  4. WordReference is a cost-free online resource.
  5. The user-friendly interface makes WordReference easily accessible and navigable.

Should the need arise for translating from Hindi to English, WordReference remains a commendable choice.

Download WordReference on Android | iPhone

Benefits of adopting Hindi for website translating languages

The data analysis done by Statista reveals that in 2016, around 320.57 million individuals registered to utilise the mobile web. Over the course of 2022, this population is predicted to expand and exceed 492.68 million. It may be anticipated how much opportunity the Indian market offers for local and foreign enterprises. Choosing Hindi when interpreting the material would be best.

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You can translate English to Hindi easily with the help of these apps. Though all the translator apps and websites are excellent, the one that truly stands out is the Google translator. It does everything seemingly fast and is quite convenient. However, to translate English to Hindi one can also look up to Microsoft translator it’s equivalently good in terms of language translation.

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When it concerns localization services, it is best to go with a well-established and adaptable brand. Experience in a variety of disciplines provides an unparalleled understanding of what leads from a variety of businesses look for in an online system. A high-quality localization service is a necessary first step toward success.


All of these English to Hindi translators are the best online language translator tools to understand meaning in Hindi. Our top pick would be the Google translator app or the online portal, it’s fast and reliable and gives accurate English to Hindi results. You can also use the Translator website or Microsoft online translator they are reliant and give better results.


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Highlights of the Story

  • It is essential to have a translation tool handy when you travel.
  • There are a lot of translation apps and websites that can get the job done for you even without the internet.
  • English and Hindi are some of the most popular languages in the world and therefore are supported widely by many of the translation tools available on the internet.