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18 Best Money Earning Apps That You Can Download On Your Device April 2024


Check out this blog to explore the best money earning apps in India. Discover all the features provided by these best money earning apps and explore tips and tricks to use them effectively.

- Updated: 28th Mar 2024, 13:38 IST
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    Effective Ways to Earn Money Via Best Money Earning Apps In India
    • 1. Task-based Apps
    • 2. Gaming Apps
    • 3. Cashback and Rewards Apps
    • 4. Survey Apps
  • 2
    Best Money Earning Apps
    • 1. Meesho
    • 2. Google Opinion
    • 3. Sheroes
    • 4. U Speak We Pay
    • 5. Swagbucks
    • 6. TaskBucks
    • 7. Pocket Money
    • 8. OfferUp
    • 9. Roz Dhan
    • 10. Current Rewards
    • 11. Sikka Pro
    • 12. ySense
    • 13. EasyCash
    • 14. Qureka 
    • 15. The Panel Station 
    • 16. My11Circle
    • 17. Wonk: All Earning app for teaching
    • 18. Cashbuddy
  • 3
  • 4
    • What are the best money earning apps in India?
    • Are the best money earning apps suitable for all users in India?
    • What precautions should users take while using the best money earning apps?

You will find almost no one in the world who does not crave money. As the world has gone digital, so has money-making using the best money earning apps. These applications can be downloaded straight on your phone, and you can start earning.

In this article, we have compiled the list of best money earning apps to help you start making money online.

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Effective Ways to Earn Money Via Best Money Earning Apps In India

Check out these effective ways to get started with the best money earning apps:

1. Task-based Apps

One of the most common and popular types of best money earning apps in India is task-based apps. These apps provide users with a list of simple tasks to complete.

2. Gaming Apps

With best money earning apps in India, you can play games online and earn money, and also participate in competitions.

3. Cashback and Rewards Apps

Most of the best money earning apps offer cashback and rewards points for making purchases through affiliate links or by completing some simple tasks.

4. Survey Apps

Another popular best money earning app in India through which you can earn money is survey-based apps. Moreover, you can earn points or money by simply participating in the surveys that take only a few minutes to hours to complete.

Best Money Earning Apps

Here are some of the best money earning apps that you can download on your phone to add to your income using the digital medium.

1. Meesho

Meesho has been one of the fastest-growing e-commerce platforms recently. However, it is one of the few best money earning apps that allows people to earn money by registering themselves as sellers or resellers. Hence, making this app one of the top money earning apps.

Here, you can sell fashion and lifestyle products using Whatsapp and Facebook as the medium. You can choose to share the items supplied by the business in your network on the social media site.

money earning apps Meesho

Once you start getting inquiries on the product, you can add details like the profit margin that you wish to take along with the final shipping charge. As that product is sold, the total amount of profit and shipping cost incurred by you is sent to your bank account directly. Additionally, if the order is cash on delivery, then Meesho sends the amount within ten days of receiving it.

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2. Google Opinion

Google Opinion is another best money earning apps that can help you make cash or credit out of answering queries. Basically, these queries are the market research questions that one can participate in. Depending on the domain you like and have expertise in, you can choose to answer only them.

Google Opinion money earning apps

It is available for both Android as well as iPhone users. Initially, you need to give preliminary information about your location and surveys that you can be part of. You earn some amount for every survey you participate in. However, by the end of the month, you have enough to start spending.

PS: Always ensure that the Google opinion app is updated to stay consistent with the versions.

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3. Sheroes

From 2011-2021, the female labour participation rate was 19.23 per cent, which is considerably low. In one of the other data by the National Family Health Survey, it was found that only 32 per cent of married women are employed in the country. This shows the increasing demand for improving the economical status of women too.

Sheroes money earning apps

The concept of Sheroes is totally in accordance with this. Their social networking site cum one of the excellent money earning apps connects women from different backgrounds to get in touch with each other over multiple issues. Besides, it also connects women sellers and resellers who can make great money for their businesses using this app.

Even if some have no professional degree, it ensures that you get certified as a MARS partner. Finally, this helps people without many educational degrees get remote work or work-from-home opportunities.

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4. U Speak We Pay

One of the easiest and best money earning apps is U Speak We Pay. As per the name, it is an auditory and language-based app that helps to train artificial intelligence (AI).

Here, you need to select the language of your expertise and help the app record your voice by reading the sentences it flashes on the screen. This helps them train AIs worldwide. Additionally, you can earn more using the referrals system as you get money credits when your referral works successfully.

U Speak We Pay

You can choose among multiple languages, such as Hindi, Odia, Punjabi, Malayalam, and Kannada, to get the credits. Once the reading is finished, the amount is sent to your bank account.

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5. Swagbucks

Does the name sound similar to a coffee house? Well, Swagbucks is one of the best money-earning apps that lets you earn money by doing multiple tasks such as playing quizzes, solving riddles, and more. You can switch open news and other promotional ads to earn more credits using the app. Besides, the paid surveys help you earn money by projecting your opinion and ideas.


According to the app, “your opinion matters”, and this is where you attain an upper edge. Be it sharing beliefs, earning by sharing receipts, shopping online to earn more, and receiving bonuses and offers accordingly, you can have this app as your big-time help to start earning.

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6. TaskBucks

Are you interested in playing quizzes and earning money? The app for you, in that case, is TaskBucks. You can earn coins by participating in games and quizzes on this app. Also, these coins can be turned into cash later on.

TaskBucks money earning apps

Furthermore, you can participate in simple tasks, competitions, and free recharge. You can also earn money by recommending the app to people in your connection. Additionally, you can also win complimentary talk time using Taskbucks. In addition, 10,000 coins can be made per day on average on this money earning app.

7. Pocket Money

In 2014, this app was released that enables you to locate lucrative and money-making opportunities. Doing tasks, viewing videos, and playing tombola to earn additional money is all you need to do on this app.

Pocket Money money earning apps

Moreover, they have provided free mobile recharges worth millions to their consumers. The app’s creators also stated that staying active on the app can reward you with Rs 7000. Additionally, Pocket Money is an excellent app if you need to pay bills, movie tickets, and cab fares among the top money earning apps.

8. OfferUp

Through its simple and easy marketplace, OfferUp, which recently acquired competitor Letgo, takes away the hassle of selling online. OfferUp is one of the best money earning apps for selling used goods because it has a streamlined listing process and allows users to sell locally or nationally.

money earning apps OfferUp

Visitors can add a new product by uploading a photo, writing a description, and placing a price. You can establish a fixed price that is open to the first willing buyer or an asking price that is up for negotiation. Viewers can request the seller questions or communicate their interests directly through the app.

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9. Roz Dhan

Launched in 2018, The Roz Dhan app is one of the best money earning apps in India that offers its users to earn money by completing some simple, fun and interesting tasks. In addition, you’ll get paid Rs 50 for logging in for the first to the app. Also, users can earn money which can later be transferred to their bank account or Paytm wallet. The app also offers a referral invite where users can earn money by inviting their friends to join Roz Dhan.

Roz Dhan

Furthermore, you can also make money by reading your daily horoscope, playing games, daily check-in, reading articles, and doing survey chores. So, What are you waiting for? Download now and earn such daily rewards of hundreds of rupees in Wallet Cash for each activity.

10. Current Rewards

Current Rewards is one of the most amazing money earning apps in the world where you can earn money by listening to music and completing other quick chores. In addition, you can earn around $600 per year by using this app.

Current Rewards

The app also has a referral program that allows users to earn additional points by referring friends and family to the app. Overall, Current Rewards is designed to provide users with a way to earn rewards while listening to their favourite music and engaging with other content within the app.

11. Sikka Pro

Sikka Pro

Sikka Pro is one of India’s best money-earning apps that doesn’t require any initial investment. It serves as a convenient destination for securing attractive cash rewards. You only need to fulfil simple offers and spin the daily wheel on the Sikka app.

Aim to complete more offers to boost your earnings, which will earn you additional Sikka coins in your Sikka Pro wallet. Moreover, you can refer Sikka Pro to your friends and receive up to 50% of their earnings through the Unlimited Referrals feature.

Sikka Pro offers various straightforward opportunities for accumulating Sikka coins, making it the ultimate platform for earning cash rewards. You can even withdraw your earnings to your bank account using Paytm and UPI platforms.

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12. ySense

With the ySense app, you have the opportunity to provide feedback to numerous businesses and research organizations. Every survey you participate in will reward you with earnings in USD, which can be converted into premium gift cards. Express your opinions on movies, TV programs, shopping experiences, and even newly introduced products and services.

ySense-best money earning apps

Additionally, you can boost your income through ySense’s referral program, where you’ll receive a 30 per cent bonus based on the earnings your referred friend generates using ySense.

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13. EasyCash

One of the best money earning apps that also ensures a fun experience is the EasyCash app. It offers the opportunity to earn real money and valuable gifts by engaging in various enjoyable and intriguing tasks. New tasks are presented to you on a daily basis.


EasyCash is the best option for those searching for a swift and entertaining means to supplement their income or simply looking for a novel and engaging pastime. Furthermore, it provides incentives for both signing up and referring friends.

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14. Qureka 

Qureka stands out as one of the best money-earning apps in online quizzes, offering users the chance to participate in live quiz games and secure real cash rewards. This free-to-play application hosts daily quiz contests with enticing cash prizes. Beyond quizzes, the app boasts an array of other engaging games like BrainBaazi, BrainBaazi Junior, and Qureka Pro.

Qureka - best money earning apps

To earn money via Qureka, users must complete a straightforward registration process and establish an account. After successfully registering, users can partake in the daily quiz games, where correct answers translate into cash winnings. The more questions answered correctly, the larger the cash prize. Additionally, users can extend invitations to friends and family, encouraging them to join the app and reap referral rewards.

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15. The Panel Station 

The Panel Station app ranks among the best money-earning apps, functioning as a survey platform that generously rewards you for expressing your viewpoints. Within this user-friendly application, a wide array of surveys spanning diverse subjects like technology and healthcare await your participation. The rewards you accumulate can be exchanged for gift cards and other prizes. Typically, the surveys are concise and uncomplicated.

Panel Station - best money earning apps

Moreover, the Panel Station app presents enticing bonuses for those who regularly complete surveys and introduce friends to the platform. Each referral can yield 5,000 points, significantly expediting your reward path. It offers an excellent opportunity to earn rewards during leisure while contributing your opinions on many topics.

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16. My11Circle

My11Circle is a fantasy cricket application where you can assemble your team and go head-to-head against fellow players. By participating in daily contests and tournaments, you stand a chance to secure genuine cash prizes. The app provides diverse contests with varying entry fees and prize pools to cater to different preferences.

My11Circle-best money earning apps

Additionally, you can accrue bonuses by introducing friends to the app. With its user-friendly interface and captivating gameplay, My11 Circle offers an engaging and thrilling experience. It is an excellent choice for cricket enthusiasts eager to test their skills and vie for real prizes.

17. Wonk: All Earning app for teaching

Whether you possess teaching expertise and are on the lookout for employment or if you’re a teacher seeking an additional source of income, Wonk may be the perfect solution. Positioned as one of the premier free income-generating apps, it boasts thousands of tutors worldwide earning substantial amounts. The platform provides an avenue for income and an opportunity to enhance your teaching abilities.

Wonk’s global availability makes it accessible to a wide audience. Eligibility criteria include having at least a graduation degree, subject matter proficiency, and familiarity with online teaching tools. If you meet these qualifications, Wonk allows you to apply and, upon evaluation, certifies you as a tutor. The amount you can earn, ranging from INR 250 to INR 1,000 per hour on average, is contingent on factors such as your experience, teaching skills, and feedback.

18. Cashbuddy

Cashbuddy is gaining popularity as one of the Paytm cash-rewarding apps. Users can earn a substantial amount by sharing pictures or GIFs, as well as downloading various applications. Additionally, you have the opportunity to watch news or videos and, in return, receive gadgets or cashback.

With a user-friendly interface, Cashbuddy stands out as one of the top money-earning apps in India, particularly appealing to enthusiastic shoppers. The app enables users to earn cashback on major eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra.

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The money earning apps are one of the biggest sources of earning money these days. It does not depend if you are employed or not. They can always help you earn more. Additionally, they come with the biggest advantage of remote work.

Also, you do not need to be physically present anywhere to do the task. Instead, all that matters is your participation. Fairly speaking, these days, when apps are responsible for duping and addicting you to keep spending the earned money on the same app, it is always safer to have some options open where the amount gets credited to your account without many conditions. This will not just empower you to spend anywhere you like but boost your confidence too!

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What are the best money earning apps in India?

Explore various categories, including task-based apps, gaming apps, cashback, rewards apps, and survey-based apps.

Are the best money earning apps suitable for all users in India?

Explore the suitability of these apps for a wide range of users, considering various preferences and interests.

What precautions should users take while using the best money earning apps?

Understand the best practices and precautions to ensure a safe and secure experience while using the best money earning apps.

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