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7 Instant Paytm Cash Earning App You Should Know About


Getting a passive source of income has become easy with the arrival of cash-earning Apps that let you earn money by letting you participate in online games and contests and let you put the winning amount into your PayTm wallet or your Bank Account.

- Updated: 2nd Feb 2023, 19:17 IST
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    Best Paytm Cash Earning Apps
    • 1. Big Cash – Instant Paytm Cash Earning App
    • 2. Vision11 Fantasy Game
    • 3. Enrolling in Vision11 Cricket Portal
    • 4. Paytm First Games
    • 5. 4Fun Earning
    • 6. GameZy as a Paytm Cash Earning App
    • 7. Jeet11 Gaming
    • 8. Fantasy Power 11
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    Bonus Instant Paytm Cash Earning App
    • 1. 11Challengers Earning App
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We live in such exciting times that your conventional way of earning through a full-time 9 to 5 job is not the only way to make money but, we have instant Paytm cash earning apps to let us make some passive income as well. Today you can find lots of time on your hand as working from home has made it easy for us to earn through other sources as well, with Paytm being an in-demand App through which one can earn a good amount to make some passive income. Now certain Apps let you make money that you can redeem later on through your Paytm wallet as these are some instant Paytm cash earning Apps.

We have curated a list of Apps that can help you earn a good source of passive income by playing games on these Apps or referring such Apps to your friends and family. To be honest, these Apps are not a long-term solution for your passive income, but they let you make good money quickly. Let us peek at what these Apps offer us and how much we can earn through them.

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Best Paytm Cash Earning Apps

Here we have curated the list of best apps where you can try your luck at earning money on Paytm by playing the games, taking part in contests and whatnot.

1. Big Cash – Instant Paytm Cash Earning App

Big Cash - Instant Paytm Cash Earning App

Big Cash is said to be the most sorted way of earning Paytm Cash by playing games and referring this App to others. One good thing about this App is that you need to get your KYC done in order to do any sort of transaction as you get to withdraw your earnings from Paytm Wallet with ease.

  • You can refer to this App and earn up to Rs. 11 in your Paytm Cash.
  • If you join this App through Facebook, you get Rs. 20 credits in your Paytm Wallet.
  • Another way to earn money on this App is if you punch in your Paytm Account Number, and you can get Rs. 20.
  • Referring this App to your friends and family can make you earn up to Rs. 1,000. Local Vocal News App
  • Local Vocal is a news App that lets you get the latest news all around India. When you download this app, you will get Rs. 5, and along with it, if you keep referring to this App, you are getting Rs. 20 on this App with every referral.

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2. Vision11 Fantasy Game

Vision11 Fantasy Game

Vision11 is a fantasy gaming platform where you can play games like Cricket, Football, Basketball, etc. You can earn money by playing such games and referring this App to others.

3. Enrolling in Vision11 Cricket Portal

You can earn Rs. 300 for signing up on this App for the new users out there to play the contest. Vision11 is pre-referral, meaning you can simply make money by referring to this App. If you have many friends into fantasy gaming platforms like Vision11, that can work wonders for you as you can play with them and have a great chance to earn Paytm Cash. One can simply earn Rs. 100 as a bonus for the first referral and 20 per cent as a commission for life for the Vision11 referral.

This bonus of Rs. 100 can be used to join contests later on. You can also withdraw a 20 per cent commission from Vission11 App to your bank account. Keep in mind that the minimum withdrawal limit is Rs. 100 on Vision11, and the App lets you withdraw your referral amount along with the winning balance into your bank account or your Paytm wallet.

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4. Paytm First Games

Paytm First Games

This App tends to be an official App by Paytm. You can play fantasy games like rummy, arcade games, racing games and whatnot.

This App also has the same way of earning money by playing games and referring it to your friends. This App can let you make an amount as high as Rs. 10,000. You can use the winning amount to further contest games.

There is no need to complete your KYC on this App. If you already have your KYC done on your Paytm account on your registered number then it works. You can at least withdraw Rs. 100 from Paytm First Games. The money can be credited either to your Paytm wallet or Bank account.

5. 4Fun Earning

4Fun Earning is a short video-making App like Tik-Tok recently launched in India that lets you make instant Paytm cash. This App lets you make videos and share them on the 4Fun platform, and once you reach inevitable stardom, you can earn a good amount of money. This App also lets you earn by signing up on it and referring to others.

4Fun gives you Rs. 50 bonus on signing up on the App and Rs. 7 on every referral made. The minimum amount you can withdraw is Rs. 200, and such earnings can be credited to your Paytm wallet.

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6. GameZy as a Paytm Cash Earning App

GameZy as a Paytm Cash Earning App

GameZy is another fantasy gaming platform where you can make instant Paytm cash by playing multiple games you can get almost 10,000 as a bonus, and the same kind of amount can be earned by referring GameZy to others.

The amount withdrawal process is a bit tedious on this App as you will have to complete KYC by getting your Email ID, Mobile No., Bank A/C Details and PAN Card verified by uploading scanned documents. Post verification, you can withdraw Rs. 25 as a way of thanks for completing your KYC.

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7. Jeet11 Gaming

Jeet11 Gaming

Jeet11 is also a fantasy gaming platform where you can play games like cricket, football, etc. for you to make instant Paytm cash. The competition is not stiff on this App, making it an excellent platform for you to earn money as your chances have increased manifold because of low competition.

On downloading the Jeet11 App, you instantly get Rs. 100 bonus as Cash, and for referral of this App, you can get up to Rs. 1000, which you can fully put to use to join any content in future.

Jeet11’s referral scheme is exciting. For example, if your referral works and the person downloaded the App on your reference, you will get 3 per cent cash in your Jeet11 account for every time the person adds money to their wallet if they add Rs. 400, you will get 3 per cent of Rs. 400 which is roughly Rs.12.

8. Fantasy Power 11

Fantasy Power 11

This App lets you earn Paytm Cash by referring it to friends and playing games on it. It comes with a sure shot 100 bonus on signing up and 100 for any referral you make.

Fantasy Power 11 lets you withdraw your withdraw the amount you’ve won into your Paytm wallet or Bank Account. The withdrawal limit for Paytm wallet is 100 and 300 for Bank accounts.

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Bonus Instant Paytm Cash Earning App

1. 11Challengers Earning App

This app is also a fantasy app through which you can make money without entering a contest. That’s what makes this app so appealing to everyone. We can participate in fantasy cricket, volleyball, baseball and NFL games with this app. In my opinion, the 11 Challengers is an excellent instant Paytm cash earning app for beginners in India. Also, if you download this app for the first time, you will receive Rs. 50 cash bonus in your wallet. Furthermore, you’ll receive Rs. 50 cash bonus and a 20 per cent contest commission on your winning sum if you refer a new player simultaneously.


All these apps might be a good way to earn quick money but do keep in mind that these means are only good for a short time. Putting your gaming skills to the test in order to earn money is a great way to kill the time. Hope your luck never runs out on these apps.

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