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How To Play Absurdle Wordle’s Eviler Twin: A New Word Game


Want to be challenged more, then here is your fix with this new adversarial twin of Wordle. Here is a look at how Absurdle works and what makes it different.


- Updated: 10th Feb 2022, 19:41 IST
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    Addicted On ‘Wordle’? You Might Either Hate or Love ‘Absurdle’!
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    Want to see exactly how it works?

With Wordle taking over Twitter in recent weeks, now some more interesting versions of the game are also popping up. One such variation is Absurdle which is now getting attention with its extremely ‘absurd‘ version of the game. Now, with Wordle, its simplicity had allowed it to take over the internet. However, with Absurdle, its absurdity makes it even more complicated. Confused, aren’t you as to how different or harder could it be? Here’s what makes this new game even more complicated than Wordle and why you should give it a try.

Addicted On ‘Wordle’? You Might Either Hate or Love ‘Absurdle’!

Image Credit: Absurdle

Chances are you’re almost certainly familiar with Wordle by now. However, if you’re not – here’s a brief outlook on the game. Once-a-day word puzzle Wordle is a sensation with its simplicity and intrigue. The objective of the game is to guess the secret word in six tries, using a series of hints to figure it out. Whats’ more is players are still excitedly posting cryptic patterns of green, yellow and grey emojis illustrating how they found their way to the solution on social media.

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But this success and craze of the game, has led to a number of imitators, albeit unsurprisingly. As mentioned above, one such baffling iteration of the game is Absurdle. Yeah, it is as absurd as its’ name suggests. Moreover, the company also introduces it this way! Look at what they say:

Absurdle is an adversarial variant of the charming and (currently) viral word guessing game Wordle.

Absurdle by qntm

Now, let me explain what makes it so different yet so similar to that of Wordle. Unlike Wordle, Absurdle gives the impression of picking a single secret word. But instead what it actually does is consider the entire list of all possible secret words which conform to your guesses so far. Meaning, each time you guess, Absurdle minimizes its internal list as little as possible, attempting to intentionally prolong the game as much as possible.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Wordle picks a single secret word at the beginning of the game, and then you have to guess it. But Absurdle doesn’t do it this way! It is not a once-a-day, limited guesses word game. Instead, this adversarial game compensates for its absurdity with its’ unlimited number of guesses and not once-a-day idea.

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Developed just a month ago, Absurdle mimics the surface gameplay of Wordle (there’s a grid, five-letter word guesses, and clues in the form of coloured letters) only with a twist. Instead of starting with a secret word that players work their way towards, Absurdle doesn’t have a single word up its sleeve. The game starts with 2,315 possibilities and responds to each of your guesses by keeping the maximum number of potential secret words in its back pocket, forcing you to narrow your options down until you essentially trap the AI into only having one word left.

Want to see exactly how it works?

Well, truth be told, the snapshot you see below is not my first, but my fourth or fifth try to Absurdle. I must tell you it irritated me and frustrated me to no end but it did compel me to try and try again until I get it! And I guess, that’s the beauty of this version of Wordle. Here’s a snapshot of the trial I did on Absurdle just while writing this article:


So, first, when you go to the Absurdle website, it opens up the webpage. Now, as you can see in the snapshot, the first word that I tried is PINES. And well as is Absurdle’s mechanics, it did not work. Because Absurdle will run through every word in its database that doesn’t contain those letters. Now, the leftover pool of letters will be its answer key. As such, it’s impossible to guess the word on the first try. It’s also impossible to guess on the second. According to qntm, the shortest possible Absurdle game is four turns.

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In my case, you can see that I succeeded to get the word right in my eighth guess. What you’re really trying to do is back the game into a corner. Once it’s impossible for there to be any unique words that contain none of the letters you guess. From here, you’ll start to see green and yellow boxes in your guesses. For those who don’t know, green squares mean that the letter is in its correct place whereas, the yellow square hint that the correct word has that particular word somewhere in the word.

From the number of times I have played Absurdle, there are various tricks you could use here— for instance using up tricky letters early on will probably leave you easier words to guess. However, it will leave you with more possible answers. Alternatively, guessing all the vowels early might narrow down the choices more quickly. But there’s also a good chance your answer will end up being fairly unclear.

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Absurdle will still switch up the possible words, but that pool gets smaller and smaller as you continue guessing. Eventually, there will only be one possible word left based on the way the game has progressed, and, essentially, it then turns back into regular Wordle.

One thing one should note is that Absurdle does not have a correct word a day idealogy. It’s entirely deterministic. Meaning, Absurdle does not have any correct word from the start of the game. It uses your guesses to come up with the correct word in its pool of words. Making the game interesting and absurdly irritating at times!

But if you’re still confused about how it works, qntm has an extended explainer on how the entire thing works. But the best way to understand Absurdle, however, is to play it.


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  • This new alternative game is gaining traction as the eviler twin of Wordle.
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  • A lot of alternatives have popped up since Wordle’s popularity.

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