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5 Ways To Make Extra Money Online


These days, only relying on your 9 to 5 job or any existing job is not going to give you the financial freedom you want. You have to have a secondary source of income to pay bills. Now doing offline part-time jobs is a bit tricky as you have to go to a different place and get physically engaged. But in the case of online jobs, you can easily earn a few extra bucks by sitting in your home’s comfort. Yes, here we have provided the 5 best ways to make extra money online.

- Updated: 11th Oct 2022, 10:16 IST
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    How to Make Extra Money Online?
    • 1. Earn Extra from Freelancing
    • 2. Test New Websites & Apps to Get Paid
    • 3. Become a Virtual Assistant(VA)
    • 4. Online Tutoring
    • 5. Sell Your Old Phone Online

In this time of Covid-19 pandemic situation, when the whole world is facing a financial downturn, it’s really important to have an extra income. Even if it’s not for fast cash, you must run a side hustle to keep a constant inflow of money. And what can be a better platform than online to bypass all those traditional ‘offline’ routes?

Yes, earning extra cash is not that difficult as it sounds, especially when the internet has taken over a major part of our daily lives. You need a little patience and a picky eye to select a platform depending on your resources.

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Are you wondering what all these platforms can be? Scroll down and have a look at our list of 5 effective ways of making some extra cash online. No matter whether you want to make some instant cash to pay your bills or you’re looking for a long-term cash flow, these side hustles will help you to pursue both. 

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How to Make Extra Money Online?

Many of our jobs are based on the internet. As compared to the time of a few years ago, there are more businesses marking their online presence these days. So, it has unleashed a sea of opportunities for the needful. However, it’s always better to have a good part-time job that can give you full freedom to earn more. Hence, without further delay, let’s check out the 5 best ways to earn extra cash online. Here you go!

1. Earn Extra from Freelancing

earn money by freelancing

Do you have a knack for writing good pieces or clicking amazing pictures? If yes, freelancing is the best way to earn some extra bucks. It’s not like only writers or photographers can do freelancing. If you’ve got skills, and you’re really passionate about it, joining a freelance platform is your best trait!

All you need to do is, create an account on a freelance platform and put your skills and interests on your profile. In this way, you can contact different clients and. also, some clients may contact you on their own if you’ve got some impressive skills to show. 

You can earn from $5 to $100 or more after finishing a single project. Isn’t it great? Well, while freelancing, you need to take special care of client satisfaction because the rating that clients give you determines your success. Until your client is satisfied with your work, you have to make changes. And only after getting approval from the client’s end, you’ll get the payment.

Platforms like,,, offer free sign-up and only charge a certain percentage from your payment after each project’s completion.

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2. Test New Websites & Apps to Get Paid

test websites to get paid

Are you a tech geek? Do you love to spend spare time on your laptop, mobile, or tablet? If yes, here comes the best solution for you to earn some more. You can get paid for testing new websites and apps from different companies- how does it sound? There are certain platforms that pay you for testing websites and applications that are just launched or yet to be launched. You only need to create an account, perform tests, and share your user experience. 

Usertesting, Enroll are some of these platforms which let you earn extra. Even some websites like Swagbucks or MyPoints reward you with gift cards for being a part of their online surveys. So, even if you’re not a tech geek, no need to worry. Because you get a chance to test products other than new websites and apps.

However, some of these platforms will ask you to set up a PayPal account. If you already have one, you’re all set to take your first test. You may be asked how the new logo looks like, or how responsive a new website is, and more. Since you’ll be putting your bank details, make sure you’re doing it with utmost care. 

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3. Become a Virtual Assistant(VA)

become a virtual assistant

If you are good at managing stuff then a Virtual Assistant job is something that you should look for. A virtual assistantship doesn’t ask for any special knowledge or skill. You just have to be well familiar with corporate things.

VAs work remotely with their clients and manage all those aspects of the business, which their clients are too busy to handle. If you have a computer at home, then you don’t really need anything else except creating an account on certain platforms and connecting with different clients. However, you can offer administrative support to companies, entrepreneurs, and businesses. 

Starting from making phone calls to sending a reply to emails, writing, editing, marketing, bookkeeping, data entry, fixing appointments, or meetings- everything comes under the KRA of a VA.

If you’ve got any specialized training in this, you may earn an extra brownie point. But yes, knowing applications like MS Office is a must. So, what are you waiting for? Check some of these platforms such as 24/7 Virtual Assistant, Assistant Match, FlexJobs, Uassist.Me, People Per Hour, Virtual Staff Finder.

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4. Online Tutoring

start online tutoring to earn money

Are you an expert in any particular subject? If yes, you can take up online tutoring as a part-time job. It will help you to connect with students of all ages while enhancing your knowledge quotient.

Help students to solve different problems, give homework, demonstrate your takes on the subject to the students. You can start by applying to different online teaching platforms. You’ll first get to fill a simple form first where you need to mention your expertise and qualifications. Along with that, you can choose your flexible hours of work. 

Platforms like,, all let you sign up for free. The best thing is, you can start by earning $3 for one hour of class, and as you gain experience, the fees can go upto $6 per hour even if you don’t have any knowledge of online tutoring, nothing to worry about. You’ll get a webinar which will make you knowledgeable about everything you need to get started.

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5. Sell Your Old Phone Online

earn extra money with cashify

Many of us have 2 or 3 old phones or old laptops lying around the desk or drawer. These can be water damaged or broken. But did you know that you can get a good value by selling your old devices online? Yes, no matter whether you’re thinking about upgrading to a new one or not, but selling your unused devices online is the most feasible option to earn some extra.

There are a number of online platforms where you can get a better price than selling your devices offline. And if you have a BuyBack guarantee for any of your products, that’s even better!

Platforms like Cashify offer you a handsome amount in return for your product. You only need to sign up and select your city to schedule a pickup. And that’s all; you’re done!

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Click here if you’re looking to sell phone online, or want to recycle old phone, and Cashify will help you get the process completed right at your doorstep.


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