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How Can Cashify Help You Earn Some Big Money Sitting At Home?


Buying a new phone or selling your used smartphones has become a cakewalk by using Cashify. It lets you earn a handful of cash while sitting at home and by selling your old devices. You can navigate to the Cashify website to sell your old phone and buy a refurbished one at a really cheap price. This enables you to buy your favorite smartphone at less than half the price of the original box price.

- Updated: 12th Apr 2023, 19:36 IST
  • 1
    Why Should You Sell Your Old Mobile Phone from Home on Cashify?
    • 1. Save Your Old Gadgets from Depreciating
    • 2. Make Some Extra Cash Sitting at Home
    • 3. New is Always Better
  • 2
    Factors on Which Your Phone Pricing Depends
  • 3
    How to Sell an Old Device on Cashify?
  • 4
    Payment Methods to Recieve Money from Cashify
  • 5
    Checklist Before You Buy a Refurbished Device
    • 1. Prefer Certified Devices
    • 2. Buying from Trustworthy Sources
    • 3. Return Policy
  • 6
    Save Big With Cashify

We often stack our old devices in the drawer or cupboard. But what if you can make a great deal out of it and earn some extra cash online? Doesn’t it sound great? With Cashify, now it’s an easy thing to get some good amount just by selling your old devices while sitting at home. 

Your old smartphones sitting in your drawer are costing you money, the more you delay in selling your old smartphone the more value is depreciated. Here we talk about why you should sell your old smartphone as soon as possible and how can Cashify come in handy and make this process easy for you and help you earn big money sitting at home.

Why Should You Sell Your Old Mobile Phone from Home on Cashify?

sell old phone on cashify

Technology is one of the most rapidly changing things in all fields and nowadays you can’t really keep using your old phone. A new smartphone is launched every month from each brand and the one that you have just bought becomes outdated in a matter of weeks and an upgrade is a must with time.

With time an upgrade is necessary especially when your old smartphone becomes laggy or is out of warranty. A minor defect in the motherboard can cost you about 80% of the cost that you paid to buy your smartphone. So it’s the best idea to upgrade your smartphone if your smartphone is out of manufacturer warranty.

Selling your old phone and buying a new one using that money is the obvious choice for most of us. Why not? Especially when Cashify offers great value for money for your old smartphone, even better than most e-commerce websites and offline stores. Now if you’re still in a dilemma, here we’ve mentioned 3 major reasons why you must sell your phone on Cashify. Scroll down and have a look. 

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1. Save Your Old Gadgets from Depreciating

sell gadgets on cashify

Different studies show that each year almost billions of dollars’ unused tech get wasted in India. With new technologies arriving in the smartphone world such as High Refresh Rate display, better processors, Faster storage modules, UltraFast charging, and 5G. All these upgrades are lucrative and lure us to upgrade our smartphones to experience these new technologies.

Chances are you buy a new smartphone in those Festive Sales from e-commerce websites or offline stores as you got the best deal for a smartphone. And your old smartphone finds its place in your drawer and you forget about it and never use it. Ideally, you should sell this old smartphone to get some cash out of it because this smartphone sitting in your drawer is good for nothing.

repair on cashify

So, chances are there that the more you delay, the less value you’ll get for your device. That’s why you must sell your old devices as soon as possible on Cashify. Else, you never know you may not be able to find a potential buyer anymore and the value of that might smartphone will become almost negligible. With Cashify you can sell your old smartphone which are even 3-4 years old, we shall provide the best value for these old smartphones.

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2. Make Some Extra Cash Sitting at Home

make extra money on cashify

Isn’t it good to earn some extra cash against the devices that you don’t really need any more? Of course, it’s good, rather the best. Money is something that will help you anytime. Plus, selling your product on Cashify is the easiest way to make money sitting at home. Moreover, you can invest that money in purchasing your new device. Since money always comes in handy, why not make some by selling unused stuff.

Also selling your old smartphone can bring down the upgrade cost of your new smartphone significantly. Let’s take an example you want to upgrade to the latest OnePlus 8T. Selling your old smartphone on Cashify you can buy your OnePlus 8T at almost 50% discount. Here’s How.

Upgrade FromiPhone XR (256GB)Galaxy S9 PlusRedmi Note 8 Pro
Cashify Resale ValueRs. 32,700Rs. 18,000Rs. 12,600
OnePlus 8T MRPRs. 42,999Rs. 42,999Rs. 42,999
Final Price of OnePlus 8TRs. 10,299Rs. 24,999Rs. 30,399
Discount %age76%42%30%
Resale ValueSell Your iPhone XRSell Your Galaxy S9 PlusSell Your Redmi Note 8 Pro

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3. New is Always Better

Use Your Phone to Save Money

Yes, that’s right. Especially when it comes to technology, owning the new one is always preferable. Smartphones especially mid-range Android smartphones have a tendency to slow down a bit after a couple of months of use. We start observing lags, screen freezes, and poor battery life, and more. Also, most OEMs stop providing software updates to old devices and thus these devices stop receiving monthly security patches and are more prone to vulnerable cyberattacks.

Selling your smartphone as soon as these issues start to pop-up is the best idea to claim the most resale value. Always remember that a functioning (even if not fully) device still has some resale value than a dead device. So you must sell your one before it becomes dead completely. 

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Factors on Which Your Phone Pricing Depends


Various factors determine the resale value of your used device. These include several aspects, such as:

Years of Usage

The first factor is how old your device is? Nobody wants to purchase an old obsolete smartphone. In general, it is fair to predict that in its first year, the mobile value would be halved. Also, you probably won’t sell the phone for more than 15k next year if you bought a phone worth 30k at present. However, this does not necessarily apply to all phones and brands.

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damaged phone

In reality, the damage is divided into various small or large forms, both aesthetic and functional. However, minor issues with the phone such as small marks on the panel and paint wear or even small dents do not always make a difference in resale value. But don’t expect very high resale value in case your smartphone has lots of dents and cracks.

Physical Factors

repair a phone

Physical factors include any defective phone part, e.g. a non-functional SD card slot, or defective volume buttons. Battery overheating or swollen battery is a concern as well. A phone with a battery life below average is sold at rates lower than expected. Many of these factors contribute to the phone’s resale value. These physical characteristics represent a big weighting of a phone’s price. Any defect will drive the resale price of a phone down by several notches alone.

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How to Sell an Old Device on Cashify?

sell old phone process

It’s really easy to sell an old phone or laptop or other devices on Cashify. Mostly because you already know about the price deciding factors of your device. In addition to those, you have to ensure a few more things before selling your product on this site. 

Although there are no pre-requisites for selling any device on Cashify, the better the condition of the device, plus if you have original invoice and box then you can get the best value for your device.

When you get all this stuff arranged, take your phone and follow the below steps to sell your product on Cashify. 

Step 1: At first click here to download Cashify app on your phone or visit Cashify’s website.

Step 2: Now select your Smartphone brand, its model name, and the storage variant that you own.

Step 3: At this point, you will be prompted to answer some basic questions like ‘Does the Mobile switch on?’, or ‘Which box items you’ve with it,’ etc. These details determine the condition of your device.

Step 4: Once you fill the complete form, you’ll get a quote on the pricing of your phone

Step 5: Finally, you can accept the quote and move forward to providing basic details like your address, convenient pick-up time, etc., and you’re done. 

Finally, a technician will visit your place at your said time and cross-check your device with the given details. That’s how you get to sell your old product on Cashify.

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Payment Methods to Recieve Money from Cashify

payment methods

As soon as the technician arrives at your place to collect the device, he runs a few basic diagnostics and physical inspection is done and then he collects the device. Now the device reaches our warehouse and thorough quality checks are done. Altough, you will receive your payment as soon as our classified agent takes up your device, and the payment is instantaneous through online or offline mode as you wish.

You can even get the payment as Amazon Gift card or Flipkart Gift card with a 5% extra value as quoted as a bonus in case you choose these payment methods. If you are going to buy your new smartphone from any of these website then these gift cards can come in handy.

Using this money you can even buy a refurbished smartphone from Cashify and save big on your new smartphone. Buying a refurbished smartphone makes sense as you can buy a pre-owned smartphone in excellent condition at almost half the market price.

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Checklist Before You Buy a Refurbished Device


A refurbished phone is not like an ordinary second-hand phone. A customer might have returned it for a fault that the manufacturer then fixed and sold as a refurbishment. Or the customer might have upgraded the device from OEM for a newer variant in exchange for the old device.

A refurbished smartphone is the perfect way to purchase a device at considerably lower prices than the actual price of the box. But make sure that you purchase a refurbished smartphone from a reputable retailer and that the device carries out all the mandatory quality checks. 

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You can save money on buying a refurbished device as one can get their preferred device at a much lower price. And to sweeten the deal you can sell your old phone at the best price, and buy a refurbished phone from Cashify at a lower price. Here are some things a user needs to take into account when purchasing a refurbished phone.

1. Prefer Certified Devices

prefer certified devices

Always select cell phones which have undergone all the necessary checks and evaluations to maintain their consistency along with the physical condition. The key results of these measures are the physical/hardware condition and the overall responsiveness of the device.

Depending on the situation, we here at Cashify have divided refurbished smartphones into 3 grades:

PhonePro Certified: The smartphones that are listed under ‘PhonePro Certified’ are Grade A phones are nearly like brand new devices with minor defects and come with original invoice and accessories. The smartphones that are listed under ‘PhonePro Certified’ are Grade A phones are nearly like brand new devices with minor defects and come with original invoice and accessories.

PhonePro Refurbished Excellent: The PhonePro Refurbished Excellent devices are the ones that are fully functional with minor scratches and dents.

PhonePro Refurbished Good: And the last PhonePro Refurbished Good are the ones that are fully functional with quite a few dents and scratches on the body, but the device functions properly with no issues. 

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2. Buying from Trustworthy Sources

Sell on Cashify

It is often preferable to purchase mobile phones from reputable and trustworthy sources as the renovated devices are older and used often. With refurbished items, something can go wrong so you should always buy from trustworthy manufacturers, who carry out proper quality tests before the phone is sold to the customers. 

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3. Return Policy

If you have purchased a refurbished cell phone from an online or an offline store, make sure that the shop has a return and refund policy. This is critical as a refurbished smartphone is well-aged and may begin to display problems after a few days. Always check the terms and conditions before agreeing to anything.

We at Cashify offer a 7-day FREE Replacement on manufacturing defects and wrong product delivered. Our no questions asked return policy enables trust amongst buyers and you can simply return the device in case you are not satisfied.

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Save Big With Cashify

You can upgrade your mobile phone to a refurbished phone by purchasing it for much lesser than the retail price from Cashify. Save money by buying refurbished devices as you can sell your old device at a good price and then use that money to buy a new phone.

save big

For example, you can sell an old Redmi Note 5 Pro for Rs. 5000 and then use this money to buy an iPhone 7 whose MRP is Rs. 50,000, but it is available in the refurbished store for Rs. 20,000 only and you get an overall deal of Rs. 15,000. Isn’t it really cost-effective?

iPhone 7 MRPRs. 50,000
Resale value Redmi Note 5 ProRs. 5,000
iPhone 7 Refurbished PriceRs. 20,000
iPhone 7 after BuybackRs (20,000 – 5,000) = Rs 15,000

Cashify has enabled the strenuous process of exchanging your old devices for new ones has become a whole lot easier. With changes and improvements like these happening each day, things like making extra money have become just a matter of a few clicks, plus, you will be saving thousands of rupees on all your future devices.

Click here if you’re looking to sell phone online, or want to recycle old phone, and Cashify will help you get the process completed right at your doorstep. 


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Highlights of the Story

  • Cashify allows you to earn a big amount while sitting at home only. That’s too by selling old devices online!
  • You get the best resale value for your old products on Cashify.
  • You can also buy refurbished products at a much affordable price.

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