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    7 Unique Smartphone Gadgets You Never Knew Existed


    Smartphone gadgets are quite useful and one uses them all the time. These have become quite an integral part of our lives. Have you ever wondered what are some cool, crazy, and even quirky gadgets that you might not know about? We list out 7 smartphone gadgets you never knew existed.

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    Updated: 8th Dec 2020 22:47 IST

    Highlights of the Story

    • Here are some of the Unique smartphone accessories and gadgets that you would have never seen before.
    • A Bluetooth speaker with a projector, a wallet with a camera, a foldable keyboard, and much more.
    • Give a read and know more about all these.

    Smartphones became mainstream after the launch of the original iPhone and, the world has never been the same. Today, almost everyone has a smartphone and, if one does not have a phone, they are aware of what a smartphone is. However, the state of accessories and gadgets is a bit different. So, why not list out 7 smartphone gadgets that you never knew existed.

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    1. Anker Capsule Max

    Are you a movie buff? Do you want to buy a projector but do not have either space or the patience to haul around a bulky projector? Worry not, because this first gadget addresses your needs and, might even exceed your expectations. The gadget in question is the Anker Capsule Max. It is a portable projector that fits inside a compact body and, features an auto-focus sensor alongside the main bulb, which leads to quicker focusing.

    To add to the gadget’s merits, it can autocorrect the aspect ratio of the content, has punchy, loud audio (it can even act as a Bluetooth speaker) and, most surprising of all, it runs android and has applications like Netflix and other OTT platforms for media consumption.

    Available for $450 (Rs. 33,500), it is not the cheapest option, but, for someone on the go, looking for a good projector, it is one of the best options out there.

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    2. Marshall Monitor II

    A fan of ANC or Active Noise Cancellation? Do you believe the Sony WH-1000 XM4 is the best? Maybe, just maybe, there is a new entrant to compete with the Sony pair, but, with some cool features. Cue the Marshall Monitor II. These are active noise-canceling headphones that have four standout features.

    First off, ANC, usually, you may find two, maybe three levels of active noise cancellation. Well, the Marshall Monitor II tries to best every other competitor with the inclusion of ten levels of Active noise cancellation, controlled via a standalone app.

    To add to the list of features, these earphones also have support for amazing battery life, with around 30 hours with Noise cancellation on and, 45 hours in regular mode. The range is so good, you can go outside your house and the headphones would still work. Finally, the headphones also feature a dedicated google assistant button and, one can even control their phone with the control knob present on the side.

    Priced at $260 (Rs. 20,000), these are not a cheap pair of headphones, but, considering the unique features and the ability to give the segment leader a run for it’s money, the Marshall Monitor II is quite a handy pair of Active Noise Cancelling headphones.

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    3. Faytech Flat

    Ever think about how easy it is to use a smartphone, but, the lack of space on the display makes it tougher to use? If you too are a believer of the same, this quirky little gadget is designed for you. On initial impressions, the Faytech Flat might not even appear to be what it is. The slim profile might mistake you into thinking it is a slate, but, in reality, it is an external monitor.

    The Faytech Flat is an ultra-thin, portable monitor, which can be paired with your phone to view the contents of your phone on a larger screen. It features ten-point touch support, meaning you can interact with and, use the Faytech Flat to control your phone. The display comes in a sleek, premium feeling pouch, which features an indigenous stand to prop the display on.

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    4. Volterman

    You probably have a wallet in your pocket right now. But, it’s pretty basic is it not? No interesting features or standout quirks. Well, if you want a front row seat into the future and money is not an issue, get the Volterman smart wallet.

    The Volterman smart wallet cannot be lost, since, one can check it’s location, since it has in-built GPS support. To add to the list of features, there is an alarm, which, in case you are unable to find the wallet, can be activated to notify the user of the whereabouts of the same.

    Finally, the coolest feature of them all, the Volterman smart wallet features a camera inside, meaning one can take pictures of any potential thief, which the user can send to himself/herself. The case can be charged both wirelessly and via wired methods, which is a huge pro, considering a lot of places have wireless chargers and, you can plop it down to charge while at the local Starbucks.

    Pricing varies from model to model, but, the most basic one can be bought for around $150 (Rs. 11,000), which is a whole lot when you consider it is a wallet, but, if you have some extra cash and wish for a cool tech product, the Volterman smart wallet can be a good option for you.

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    5. iClever Bluetooth Keyboard

    Bluetooth keyboards, how are they special? Why have we listed this particular model in the list of 7 gadgets you never knew existed? Well, you will be quite surprised to know, that this tiny Bluetooth keyboard has a trick up it’s sleeve.

    The iClever Bluetooth Keyboard features the ability to fold itself, meaning while going somewhere, or travelling, you can simply fold a proper laptop-style keyboard in your pocket or your bag. This is quite handy for those that live a busy lifestyle and cannot afford to carry around a huge laptop and, much rather prefer to work on their phones or tablets.

    The keyboard does not feature other issues common with budget Bluetooth keyboards like poor key quality or bad latency, which is a bonus. Considering the price of around $80 (Rs. 6,000), it is not really cheap, but, given the immense portability aspect, if you do not mind splurging so much on a keyboard, the iClever Bluetooth keyboard is a pretty good option.

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    6. Adonit Snap 2

    In case you own a large smartphone, you might face the issue of having to stretch your hands all the way to reach a corner, or, while typing you might have some trouble finding the keyboard. For those of you who are fans of styluses, the Adonit Snap 2 is a pretty good option.

    Probably evident by the name, the Snap 2 can snap onto the back of your phone via magnets, this means, portability is no issue, since you can carry it around anywhere. With a design similar to a pen, but flatter, the Snap 2 is not as sleek or stylish as something like the Note pens offered by Samsung, but, they get the job done.

    In case you have $35 (Rs. 2600) to spend and really like styluses, but, do not like the hassle of carrying and storing them in separate pouches or containers, the Adonit Snap 2 could be a good option for you.

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    7. JamJar

    Bluetooth speakers are quite useful, you might have used one to listen to some tunes, but, have you seen a Jar that can work as a Bluetooth speaker? Well, the product that we are talking about is the JamJar, which is quirky and, frankly a poor decision.

    It is a Bluetooth speaker that fires downwards, meaning it is outputting the sound towards the surface, which leads to muffled music. To add to the weird decisions, to use it, one needs to keep their phone inside the jar, cover it and, use a separate remote. This is simply a joke of sorts and, even if you have extra cash lying around, you can spend that money elsewhere.

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