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How To Sell Your Old iPhone For The Most Cash In India

By Yeti - 
26th Oct 2020
best price iphone sell

Who doesn’t love an upgrade? With the recent launch of Apple iPhone 12, some of us are indeed craving to get our hands on the smartphone with its new A14 Bionic chip, updated camera features, support for 5G connectivity and the new ceramic shield glass display. So get rid of that old gadgetry already!

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As easy and tempting as it may sound, the price of the new iPhones are definitely a barrier. Apple, being a premium brand puts out quite a number of expensive phones every year.

By selling the old model you will get to bring in some extra cash to buy a new one. People also switch to the fresh models because the old phone has worn out. This is why selling your used iPhone mobile is the best thing to do. Some points you must keep in mind before making the sale is to check whether the data is properly backed up, Find My from the device settings is switched off and factory resetting is done.

If you want to know how to sell old iPhones for the most cash, there are so many places you can go to. One way to do this is to sell your iPhone for credit. For this, you can simply use the Apple store credit trade-in program. If getting in touch with the manufacturer is not what you are looking for, then go for other options like Amazon. Exchanging on Amazon means you get a gift card as well. You can also choose to sell used iPhone mobile directly through OLX and Facebook Marketplace. 

Which Is The Best Place Out Of All?

However, Cashify does what all these companies put together would not have the ability to offer. By following an AI-based pricing system, we give you the accurate price of the device based on the description of its current condition. All you need to do is head to the Sell Used Mobiles section of our website. Book a doorstep pick up for free and at the time of collection, get paid right away. With our help, you have no reason to worry about how to sell old iPhones. We are the most trusted platform in India working across more than 1500 cities all over the country. We cut down the clutter so that you can sell your old iPhone for more money thereby ensuring maximum value for the sale. 


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