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Dummy’s Guide To Buy A Refurbished Phone – All You Wanted To Know


Refurbished Phones are starting to become popular nowadays and, we discuss what a refurbished phone is, how to buy a refurbished phone, is it safe to buy one. Here we talk about how refurbished smartphones are brought in stock and what all quality checks are made before these are made available to customers.

- Updated: 7th Sep 2023, 14:50 IST
  • 1
    What is a Refurbished Phone?
  • 2
    Is There A Warranty?
  • 3
    The World of Refurbished Phone Grades
  • 4
    Benefits of A Refurbished Phone
  • 5
    Ways To Save Money on Refurbished Phones
  • 6
    Is It Safe to Buy A Refurbished Phone?
  • 7
    How to Buy a Refurbished Phone?

At a time when there are job losses, pay cuts and monetary issues owing to a global pandemic, buying a new phone might not be the safest thing to do. So, if you need to buy a new phone and, do not wish to spend a lot on a brand new phone, what ought you do? The solution? Refurbished phones. What are they? If you too are wondering about this, no need to be worried as this is a guide to buy a refurbished phone.

Let us begin with the most important aspect, what is a Refurbished phone, followed by various other aspects.

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What is a Refurbished Phone?

Things To Consider While Buying A Used Or Refurbished Android Phone

A Refurbished phone is a device that was pre-owned by someone and has been restored to work at its full potential and working condition by the manufacturer or seller of the device. Usually, the one selling provides a certified refurbished acknowledgement, complete with a warranty of some sorts.

Before selling the phone again, it goes through multiple tests and checks to ensure that the device meets the regular standard for a smartphone set on the basis of performance, safety, durability, etc. The device is completely inspected for cracks, scratches, and bends. And if a device passes all these tests then only the device is accepted.

To conclude this segment, the premise is that refurbished phones retain the same quality as a regular smartphone, complete with all necessary tests. So, in terms of what you are getting, there is no downgrade and you get the complete value for money for the device that you decide to purchase.

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Is There A Warranty?

refurbished phone

Yes, well, at least most of the retailers and sellers offer a warranty. For example, Cashify and Amazon offer warranties on their refurbished phones, which gives the user a sense of relief, and he/she knows that in case of any issues, there is a warranty provided. Usually, there is also a return window in case you are unhappy with your purchase, or the device does not live up to your expectations.

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Do note these things might differ, and not all sellers offer a warranty or return period, so before making the purchase, check all these aspects, post which you can make a uniform decision.

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The World of Refurbished Phone Grades

refurbished phone

With a refurbished phone seller, especially if there is an e-commerce seller, you will see, while purchasing a device, different grades that are provided to a phone. The labels or grades are usually New, Excellent, Very Good, Good, etc. While these labels should not worry you, sometimes these might indicate why the pricing of a refurbished phone differs.

For example, a device with a grade of “Like-New” will be more expensive than the same device from another seller with a grade of “Good”. These grades are usually for the cosmetic condition of a device.

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If you judge a phone on the basis of its physical condition, then you could probably judge the device with the grades. You might even see star-based rating systems from 1 to 5 stars on the basis of the device’s condition. While this is not very useful, every bit of information regarding a refurbished device is pretty important.

Usually, for devices in excellent condition, the devices are in immaculate condition and feature all original parts without any fault. These devices were probably returned or unboxed, after which the user decided to return the device.

For “very good” and “good” devices, there might be minor infractions on the panels, and the parts may be slightly bruised. Going below the rating system, one might see non-factory parts or missing box contents and such. While these things are not worrying, keeping them in mind is necessary.

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Benefits of A Refurbished Phone

galaxy s20

You might be wondering, after discussing everything about refurbished phones, what is the benefit of using a refurbished phone? If you are wondering about this, you do not need to worry as find below the list of advantages of buying a refurbished phone.

  • Value for Money: Cheap pricing is one of the most obvious advantages of buying a refurbished phone. This is one of the best things for most users because a refurbished phone costs less and offers a lot of the perks of a new phone. At the time of a global pandemic, this is one of the best solutions for purchasing a new phone without paying the whole price.
  • Better Phones for Lower Prices: For certain consumers buying a new device, they might spend X amount of money buying a new phone, and if they purchase a refurbished device, they could get a better phone, or maybe even a flagship in good condition for the same X amount. So, for those wishing to buy a flagship for less, this is probably one of the best options.
  • Better Quality Standards: Refurbished phones or devices go through better and proper tests, which sometimes are a bit more stringent in comparison to tests conducted on a new device. The brand or retailer selling a refurbished device would not want to take any chances because of which they use more conclusive tests that are a sort of a hallmark that proves that the device can handle extreme or tough situations and will last longer.

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Ways To Save Money on Refurbished Phones

get a refurbished phone

You might be wondering, what do you mean? Are we not saving money by purchasing refurbished phones? Yes, of course, you are, but in case you are in a bit of a tough situation, there are more options to save the utmost amount of money. So, what are the steps to do so, you ask? Find out with the listed ways provided below.

  • Lower Grades mean Better Value: As we have mentioned above, the grading system for refurbished phones depends on the external conditions and the device’s looks, and the dents or scrapes present on the device.
  • This might not affect you because most of the users do not care about the physical condition, and, the device internally is still good and pretty usable. So, if budget matters to you and you do not wish for a perfect-looking device, this is a pretty good option.
  • Deals and Offers: This option is one of the best things to do if you wish to buy a refurbished phone. Sometimes, if you can wait for a few months and, in case you are not in an immediate hurry, you could wait for a vacation sale or something, wherein the prices of a refurbished phone might go lower than usual.
  • Trade-ins: Some sites offer the option of trading in your older phone for your new refurbished phone, and if you decide to do so, you can save up an extra amount of money selling the device and using that fund to purchase your refurbished phone. Also, sometimes the sites offer better values while trading through the site selling your older phone.

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Is It Safe to Buy A Refurbished Phone?

refurbished phone

Well, why not. A refurbished phone is just like a new phone in this aspect, with the device being wiped clean and devoid of any data that the previous owner might have had on the phone. The devices are fully factory reset, meaning, at least in the unboxing part, one will feel as though the device is new.

Additionally, the brand ensures post-stringent testing as to whether the user has left some issues that they might not have declared while selling and, if spotted, these devices are sold with proper disclaimers and cheaper prices.

How to Buy a Refurbished Phone?

smartphone refurbishing process

After all these multiple topics under this guide, you might be wondering, if I want to buy a refurbished phone, How can I? If you, too, were wondering about this, worry not, as we will be listing out the same.

But, before we tell you the ways, you might be wondering, who should I buy from? Well, the obvious choice is PhonePro which offers Certified refurbished smartphones. With this, you might ask, why PhonePro? Well, find below the reasons why PhonePro is the best option for buying refurbished devices.

  • Best Price: PhonePro offers the best prices for all the different refurbished phones, meaning you get your money’s worth.
  • 6-month warranty: All refurbished phones are offered with 6 months of warranty, in case something by chance goes wrong.
  • Stringent testing: The devices are sold after 32 conclusive tests with rigorous testing and no mistakes.
  • Provision of PhonePro Accessories: Each device is sold with a PhonePro charging adapter, a PhonePro USB Cable, and an invoice with a 6-month warranty card.

So, what are you waiting for? Go buy your refurbished phone at PhonePro

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  • These devices are the ones that users decide to trade-in for a new smartphone.
  • All these devices are quality tested before they are made available for sale.

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