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Help The Environment By Selling Your Old Phone On Cashify And Reduce Mobile Ewaste!


Did you know that if you sell your used old phone, you will not just earn cash but also help in reducing the impact of mobile ewaste on environment? Read the article to find out how Cashify approaches the e waste management process by responsible refurbishment and recycling of old mobile phones.

- Updated: 17th Apr 2024, 17:45 IST
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    What Happens To Your Phone After Selling In Cashify?
    • Convenient Phone Collection, Evaluation & Cash On Spot
    • Data Wiping & Deep Analysis For Corrections
    • Refurbishment Or Responsible Mobile Ewaste Recycling
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    Why It Matters For Mobile Ewaste Reduction?
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    The Bottom Line For Reducing Mobile Ewaste!

Do you ever think about the environmental consequences of mobile ewaste while you jump into your shiny new mobile device? Imagine if you could prevent your old phone from going into the millions of metric tonnes of e waste dumped into the landfills? Just to sell old phone for further usage rather than letting in the dust in your drawer can literally save 13,000 litres of water. Also, it reduces 85 kg of carbon dioxide emissions!

So, how can you make a difference with just a small effort? This is where Cashify steps in. As the most trusted and reliable platform for buying, selling, and repairing phones, Cashify gives every old mobile phone a second chance to serve its purpose. By choosing Cashify, you can be confident that you’re contributing to a more sustainable future.

how mobile ewaste is affecting the planet

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What Happens To Your Phone After Selling In Cashify?

Cashify has developed a robust model around used mobile phones. This is to ensure that we do not skip on our responsibilities towards the environment by slowing down the generation of mobile ewaste. The chain starts right from where you feel your current phone needs to be replaced.

Convenient Phone Collection, Evaluation & Cash On Spot

What we do is that we offer a doorstep collection of your old device. You can conveniently place a selling request via our website. Or you can download the app and we will get back in touch with you shortly. Depending on how old your phone is and its condition we will offer you a specific price for it. The price you see on the website or app is the one you get there are no additional costs.

Once the condition of your device has been evaluated, the collection executive will make an appointment. It can be scheduled at your convenience, give you straight-up cash, and take your old device.

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Data Wiping & Deep Analysis For Corrections

Now this device is sent to Cashify’s warehouse, where the phone is completely wiped of its data. Then thoroughly inspected to see which parts are working and which aren’t. Accordingly the phone’s parts are replaced if something is found to be not working.

Refurbishment Or Responsible Mobile Ewaste Recycling

Then the phone is once again inspected before it is repackaged to be sold as refurbished. This gives your old phone a completely new life.

If Phone Is in Working Condition: If the phone is in decent condition, it will only requires minor repairs. In the refurbishment process, post the 32-point quality checks, the phone is repackaged and resold. The price in which it is sold is for a much lesser value than M.R.P. Someone in need can use it instead of being thrown away in the trash or kept in your drawer for eternity.

If Phone Is Beyond Repair: If your device is extremely old or if it is beyond repair then the phone is sent to a recycling centre. Here it is responsibly disassembled and disposed of in an environmentally conscious manner, thus significantly reducing mobile ewaste.

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This entire process of mobile repair is carried out by trained professionals who are wearing the correct safety equipment to ensure that all parts are handled carefully. This is crucial since, India is still inteh developing process when it come to e waste management. Hence, many phones are not recycled in a responsible manner.

Why It Matters For Mobile Ewaste Reduction?

Since most people are not even aware of what to do with their old phones, Cashify has taken this initiative to ensure that they can get rid of their old phones without even having to go anywhere.

By providing a convenient and secure way to recycle or refurbish your device, Cashify helps tackle India’s massive e waste problem. This does not just benefit the environment. Hopefully, it also makes us more mindful of how we handle our used electronic devices in the future.

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The Bottom Line For Reducing Mobile Ewaste!

In the end, what matters is your consciousness about this matter of rapid mobile ewaste accumulation. Also, how can you apply it. Either by your own efforts or by spreading the knowledge to those around you who don’t know what to do with their old phones. Once you sell old mobile phone through Cashify, you will not just add some cash to your pocket but also ensure a better sustainable future.

One thing you can believe is that Cashify has an organised and responsible approach to combating the growing problem of mobile e-waste in India. So it’s kind of a win-win for you, and the planet!

No need to wait for sales anymore. You can now buy the phone you have always wanted anytime. At Cashify’s refurbished mobile phones sale, you get like-new second hand mobile phone at just half price. You also get 6 months warranty and 15 days refund on your device. 

If you feel you’d like to help Cashify in our cause of protecting the environment, click here to recycle your old device.


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