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    Top 5 Wallpaper Apps for Android


    Wallpapers play an important role in one’s life as one sees it repeatedly on their smartphone and having good wallpaper has great importance. Here we have combined a list of the few best wallpaper applications for Android that are available on the Google Play Store for free. The list has wallpapers for abstract mood, superhero wallpapers, crazy pixelated live wallpapers and a lot more.

    By Akhil Taneja | 
    Updated: 10th Sep 2020 14:02 IST

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    Highlights of the Story

    • Wallpaper is the first thing one sees at first when he unlocks his smartphone.
    • There are Millions of wallpaper applications out there on the Android Platform that offer static as well as live wallpapers.
    • Abstract, Walli, KWLP, Create, HexShaders are a few of the Best Wallpaper Applications for Android
    • All the applications on this list are available for free on the play store.

    Searching for the best wallpapers that suit your style and expressions is very confusing, as there are a lot of apps out there. We have brought you the best of the apps that we think are one of the best in class right now. Some of you might need extreme customization while others look for easy presets and beautiful wallpapers, while some may prefer a mix of both. Well in today’s article we have got you covered. You don’t have to bother looking for different apps on the play store. If you use a smartphone and want a wallpaper that looks beautiful on your smartphone then wait for it we have something under our sleeves.

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    Here are the Top Wallpaper Apps For Android:


    Are you one of the persons who “Loved the OnePlus wallpapers?” Then you are surely going to love Abstract, which is developed by the creators of OnePlus’s Wallpapers. The application comes with more than 300+ 4K abstract wallpapers that look great. The app has various options such as Blend, Official OnePlus wallpapers, vibrance and more. These wallpapers especially look gorgeous when applied on a smartphone with an AMOLED display. Another important feature that most of the apps don’t offer is an ad-free experience. With over 100K downloads in just a few months after it was launched in May 2019, the Abstract application has gained huge popularity. The app also offers a paid subscription for a few extra types of wallpapers priced at Rs.150. With all these features and an ad-free experience, this new application is totally worth being on the list.

    Key Features:

    • All Wallpapers are in High-Resolution 4K
    • Punchy and Vibrant Wallpapers Specially Made for AMOLED Screens
    • Ad-Free Experience.

    Download Abstract for Android


    One of the most feature-packed and ultimate app for choosing the best wallpapers for Android. This is one of the applications which are regularly updated and has some really solid wallpapers. Walli has one of the best creative and features unique looking wallpapers which one must try. For users who believe in changing wallpapers on a regular basis but don’t want to do it manually, Walli also comes with an automatic wallpaper changing feature that one can opt for. To use this feature, all one has to do is, select a group of wallpapers that you like and turn the option on. In our opinion, Walli has one of the best app that hosts some of the best high-resolution 4K and even 8K compressed wallpapers for a smartphones. Interestingly, some of the wallpapers from Walli are also featured on the Google wallpaper App.

    Key Features:

    • One of the biggest Wallpaper Community
    • High-Resolution Wallpapers
    • New Wallpapers Added Regularly.

      Download Walli for Android

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    Top 5 Wallpaper Apps for Android KWLP

    KWLP is one of the best customizable live wallpaper apps on the play store right now. With over 1 Million Downloads on the Google Play Store. Launched back in 2014, the developers have maintained regular updates and provides a huge variety of updated wallpapers to its users constantly. The application has been known for providing a vast variety of customization with wallpapers. Users can also choose from the pre-existing ones to gain maximum control over the wallpapers they like. These Live Wallpapers works well with multiple launchers, as a fact, this also works with the “Google Now” launcher, Nova launcher and more. KWLP can also be used for customizing the homepage looks including the clock, calendar and more. The developers also offer a premium app for the same which unlocks importing files from the SD card, some other external skins, while also allowing to export skins to SD card and creating an APK preset pack. Additionally, the premium version gives you an absolute ad-free experience.

    Key Features:

    • Complete Smartphone Homepage Customizations
    • Support for Live Wallpapers
    • Support for Making Custom Wallpapers

    Download KWLP for Android


    Top 5 Wallpaper Apps for Android Creative

    Creative is one of the new applications, that has been gaining huge popularity due to the large collection of superheroes and sci-fi wallpapers. The application has a huge collection of wallpaper for with superheroes such as spiderman and batman and many more, each with extreme details and available for download in high resolution. Following the 2020 standards, the app also comes with a rich dark mode for people who love that idea. Other than the wallpapers and themes, the app also allows for some customizations. As an additional bonus, the application also has some options for setting up a ringtone, so you may call it a feature-packed app for customizations. “Creative app” also offers a Pro-subscription that brings up a  number of additional features. While some functions can be used with Pro Version only

    Key Features:

    • Allows Users to Upload Their Wallpapers
    • Special Super Hero Wallpapers
    • Options for Ringtones as well.

     Download Creative for Android

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    Top 5 Wallpaper Apps for Android HexShaders

    A unique kind of an app for wallpapers, HexShaders is an application that features wallpapers with a pixelated look. The wallpapers are customizable, come in different colours, have support for live wallpapers and more. While this may not seem interesting, once you try it, it will take your heart. Surprisingly, Users can also set the detail level along with a time scale for the live wallpaper animation. The wallpapers on this app are touch-responsive, which means once you click the screen with the wallpaper applied on, you can get some cool-looking animations and effects. A much-recommended app which we will suggest you try definitely if you have a smartphone with an AMOLED Display.

    Key Features:

    • Very Small in Size at Just 600KB
    • New Kind of Pixelated Wallpapers
    • Touch Responsive Live Wallpapers

     Download HexShaders for Android



    Resplash is a wallpaper app that stocks some lovely and cool pictures. The best part of this application for Android is its staggering UI. It is powered by Unslpash and there are 1M+ wallpapers that meet high quality standards such as  HD, QHD and  4K. The interface makes it simple for clients to explore various wallpapers that suit their needs. With its AMOLED dim theme it looks ten times brilliant. 

    Key features

    • New photos everyday.
    • Automatic wallpaper change.
    • Muzei 3.0 Live Wallpaper source.
    • Download raw photos.
    • Set as wallpaper straight from the app.
    • View user profiles, curated collections, photo stats and EXIF data.
    • Log in to like photos and update your profile.
    • Various layout options.

    Muzei Live Wallpaper

    This is a live wallpaper application that brings in popular art from across the world to your fingertips. It can consequently  keep your wallpaper fresh by turning through your preferred pictures at regular intervals. You can likewise pick out  pictures from your gallery and different applications. 

    Key Features

    • Keeps your icons and widgets in the spotlight.
    • Offers a simple API that allows you to build your own wallpaper source.
    • Includes a watch face for Android Wear.
    • Developer-friendly.


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