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How Cashify Complies With E-Waste Management Rules

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Fri, 20 Mar'20
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Garbage made up of discarded electronic products like computers and cell phones is known as e-waste. India is fifth in the world in the production of waste, which is more than 2,000,000 tonnes annually. This is according to the UN’s global e-waste monitor 2014.

In order to control this menace, in 2017, India’s central government brought out the e-waste management rules. These rules required that any electronics producer should re-collect their old devices once they have reached the end of their life.

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In India recycling of e-waste is left almost entirely to the informal sector which is ill-equipped to handle the increasingly complex smartphones.

This is where Cashify comes in, as we have set up a safe and effective way of old phones refurbishment and disposal to ensure that it does not end up haphazardly in the natural environment.

Initiatives have been taken to support the dismantlers and recyclers with modern technologies to handle the e-wastes in an environmentally friendly manner.

The e-waste management rules specifically state an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programme, which makes electronics producers liable for collection of their e-waste. They can partner with Producer Responsibility Organisations (PRO) for this collection and proper disposal.

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State governments and Urban Local Bodies (municipalities) have been asked to assist in the collection of e-waste. Producers have been asked to collect 10% of the e-waste generated by their brand starting from 2017, which will increase by 10% every year. By 2023, producers are expected to recollect 70% of the waste generated.

How Cashify Is Playing Its Part

Cashify (Manak Waste Management Private Limited) has joined a Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) Karo Sambhav Private Limited. This is to ensure that our Extended Producer Responsibility compliances are met. We want to ensure that all our products, once they have reached the end of their life, are collected, stored, and disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. We try to make sure that all our collected devices can either be refurbished or recycled before turning to disposal as a last resort. This helps extract the maximum value out of your used device.

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Responsible recycling also ensures that all valuable components are extracted from the device, in turn reducing our reliance on fresh extraction from the planet. Cashify, along with its PRO, is consistently working alongside bulk consumers and RWAs to work alongside the government in curbing India’s e-waste menace and therefore helping move us all towards a sustainable, greener future.

Click here to sell or recycle your old device. Thank you for helping us build a greener tomorrow for our future generations.

(Cover image source: The Mobile Association)