Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find people who have begun choosing content creation along with regular 9-5 jobs. Understanding about best apps for content creators at the very beginning can go in a long way. This could also assist in making a bright future in content creation The amount of money entailed with the job and the total use of interests and passion have made people explore the zone of content creation like never before.

What entices people a lot about content creation is that there is no age, location, or qualification restriction whatsoever. So, it is quite possible that you can start this journey any time you prefer- No Strings Attached!

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When content creators start their journey, they have loads of questions in their mind-regarding where to start, what to post, whether it will be an appealing visual, what if I forget to post at the designated time, and so much more.

This article will give you insight into the best apps for content creators starting from scratch. Even though the initial journey may require a bit of hand-holding, the entire content creation journey is deemed to give you much learning. 

How to become a content creator?

To become a content creator, it is critical that you identify the social media platform on which you are about to start the journey. Besides, there is a need for audience identification, too. Content has to be created depending on the age group or sex you are catering to.

For example, creating social media posts that target gender equality alone has specific criteria of being sensitive and gender neutral depending on which posting has to be done. Similarly, you need to set an overall brand value or standard that will act as a blueprint for the upcoming social media post. 

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However, the most critical part of becoming a content creator is to build the platform by following people and getting followed in return, responding to their comments, understanding their need for similar content, and in the end, maintaining an audience base. 

Here is a list of the five best apps for content creators to get started with. 

5 Best Apps For Content Creators That You Should Know

1. Inshot: 

Inshot is one of the Best Apps For Content Creators

The video and picture editing app allow you to use multiple features. If you have a raw image and video, Inshot provides a perfect platform to begin your content creation. It assists in getting your image ready for social media posting. Here, you can add pictures, apply editing effects and filters, and change the background and ratio per the platform’s specification on which you are posting.

For videos, you can increase the speed, duration, transitions, add music from the library, voiceovers, texts and much more. This increases the beauty of your picture and videos, making them more likeable. One striking feature that makes Inshot one of the best apps for content creators is its ease of navigation. Besides, the tools are easily accessible, and one does not have to be a pro to start editing using Inshot. 

2. Hootsuite:

Best Apps For Content Creators- Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one stop platform to manage your social media networks and understand the analytics related to each platform. There are different toolsets available within the app:

Composer to publish across multiple social media platforms

Monitoring content to check how your content is performing

-Checking your social media calendar from the app

Discovering new content based on the hashtags used

However, the platform’s key feature is that it shows the best time to publish on any platform. This makes the post more engaging and shareable. Additionally, it also provides sending the response to the messages, tracking the history of chats and garners likes and comments too!

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3. Canva:

canva app

When you ask for one of the simple, powerful and best apps for content creators- Canva is the answer for many. It lets you do image and video editing and choose among hundreds and thousands of available templates for stories, posts, cover images, highlights, resume-building, and whatnot. Curating each post for various social media platforms can be tricky, and Canva can be a pit stop solution for every social network. 

Another milestone feature of the app is its ability to schedule posts on social media networks and post them directly after the design phase. The ease of navigation and plethora of tools available on the platform (free images, elements, vectors, videos) have made it one of the fun and best apps for content creators. 

4. Notion: 

notion app for content creators

Notion allows creators to remember every task: previous, to-do, and upcoming. This is achieved by adding notes with single drag and drop, page sharing, and whatnot. Notion also assists in nesting pages inside pages. This saves from the hassle of maintaining messy folders. Besides, the all-in-one workspace is superb, easy, and thereby one of the best apps for content creators. 

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5. Dropmark:

dropmark app

Designed specifically for Apple products like iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, the Dropmark app allows you to save designs and images from anywhere and everywhere. What you will love about the app is that it is 100% ad free and acts as a one-stop destination for all your task.

Dropmark allows you to organise all pictures, videos, documents, links, and visual collectables, like animations, and gifs, that you have been making for quite a time on your social media. Additionally, you can even share the work links with different teams and clients, allowing them to review, monitor tasks, and add feedback. Your clients need not signup for viewing the task helping them save time as well as interact with the work.

Final Words: Best Apps For Content Creators

Content creation is not a petty task as it requires enormous consistency and learning skills. Besides, content creators must appreciate the content around them, understand what works for them and what does not, and follow the best standards that have been giving results. Using the best content creation apps mentioned above, you can achieve almost all goals and become a benchmark in the field. 

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