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How To Schedule Social Media Posts Using Canva


Canva is a easy to use tool that comes in handy to create amazing social media creatives. Using Canva you can even schedule social media posts and even add the description that goes with it. Here’s how to do it.

- Updated: 21st Aug 2021, 22:55 IST

Canva is a great free-to-use tool to create stunning social media posts with thousands of built-in templates. If you are a social media manager or trying to create some social media posts for your brand, then canva is the best tool out there in the market.

But the best thing about this tool is that you can directly post and even schedule all the social media posts that you create directly to the social media platform. Using Canva you can directly schedule your posts to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and a lot more.

Here is a step-by-step guide to schedule social media posts using Canva.

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Method 1: Using Canva Editor

Create social media post using canva

1. This is the simplest and most obvious method as you can directly schedule your post from the same page which you used to create your social media post.

2. Head over to canva and click on “Create Design” and select the appropriate size of the design. Once the design is ready and good to go, click on “three dots menu” on the top right.

select schedule option in canva

3. Look for “Schedule” option in the menu, and then select the date and time for the post to schedule.

set date and time to schedule post

4. Now select the channel to which you would like to post.

select the social media channel to post
schedule social media post using canva

5. And once you select the channel, it would ask you to authenticate and connect that social media profile to canva. You need to enter your login credentials in the popup menu.

authenticate facebook to connect it with canva

6. Now write the caption for the post and schedule the post.

add content and schedule post

And its done!

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Method 2: Using Built-in Content Planner

Canva has a built-in content planner tool using which you can schedule posts at any given date and time. Here’s how to schedule social media posts using the content planner.

1. Head over to Content Planner section of Canva from HERE

canva content planner

2. Navigate to the date you would like to schedule a post, and click on “+” icon to start.

3. Select the post that you have already created, or pick one from the templates.

schedule post on canva

4. Click on “Schedule” button at the top right. And repeat the process mentioned in “Method 1” where you select the channel and the caption.

sechedule social media post

And its done!

You can even reschedule the posts using the content planner and edit the publish date and time anytime you want.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Canva is a free-to-use tool to create social media posts and features tons of templates.
  • You can even schedule all the posts to Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. directly from canva.
  • Here’s how to schedule social media posts using Canva.