Top 5 Android Apps To Help You Keep Your New Year Resolutions


Since we are at the start of the new year, you must have set what is called a New Year’s Resolution. This can be something such as losing weight, eating healthy, getting a habit of reading, or getting a new job.

It is essential that you follow your resolutions for the maximum time without being disheartened and abandoning them in between. We know that it can be quite a task to remind yourself every day about the resolutions you have made. But why not use your Android smartphone to do this job for you. Yes, you can now have your Android apps remind you about the New Year’s resolutions and motivate you to achieve them throughout the year.

Now, let’s see some apps available for your Android device, which can help you achieve some of the most common resolutions out there.

Stay Fit and Lose Weight

Top 5 Android Apps To Help You Keep Your New Year Resolutions

One of the most common resolutions on every New Year is to stay fit as well as to lose weight. Now, this is something that not only people with healthy weight should do. It should be practised by everyone because the best thing you can do for your body is to stay fit. One of the best apps for this is from Nike called the Nike+ training club. The fitness app has the tools you need to run better. This includes GPS run tracking, custom challenges, and deep social integration to share your progress with your friends. One of the best parts about this app is that it has an adaptive approach to your training based on your fitness levels and goals.

Change your Job

Top 5 Android Apps To Help You Keep Your New Year Resolutions

We know that you might have resolved to change your job as you are either tired of your current job or want a higher salary. However, it is not easy to get the next job and searching for one can be a task which might take days if not weeks. 

Therefore, the best app to search for your next job is Glassdoor. It is an app where you can see not only available jobs but also see reviews left by employees of the company on their respective pages.

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Quit Smoking

One of the best resolutions you could set for yourself at the start of this New Year is to quit smoking. We know that it might be tough to even think about executing your plan to quit smoking. Hence thankfully, there are Android apps available which help you in this challenging task. The best Android app we have found for you to quit smoking is named QuitNow! Available on Android devices. 

The app shows you all the different statistics about the days since you have quit smoking, the time you have saved as well as the money saved by not smoking. This should give you the motivation to continue your run of not smoking, and hopefully quit it forever.

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Quit Drinking

Top 5 Android Apps To Help You Keep Your New Year Resolutions

Deciding to quit drinking as a New Year resolution can be tough. We feel that drinking is even more damaging to your health than smoking. One of the best ways you can quit drinking is with the help of an Android app named Twenty-four hours a day.

Right at the start, we would like to mention that this is a paid app which means you would have to pay upfront to use it. However, we feel that the amount you pay is insignificant in front of the benefits you get by quitting to drink. This app is based on a book written in 1954 named “twenty-four hours a day”. You get motivational messages from the app throughout the year, which helps you stay motivated to lead a sober and healthy life.

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Self Improvement and Meditation

One of the popular New Year’s resolutions for many people is also to become a better version of themselves. The best way to do this is through regular meditation. This helps to relax your mind and body and understand your inner feelings better. The best app on Android for this purpose is named Headspace, and it has received many awards from Google and Apple.

Headspace helps you meditate and also provides you with different types of routines based on your feedback. There is also an option of special meditations that you can perform for falling asleep and waking up. You also have the option for stress & anxiety, which is one of the most common problems in the youth nowadays. So make sure to try out Headspace and feel the difference inside your body.

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