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5 Best Mental Health Apps To Help You Deal With Stress


Mental health problems ranging from relationship stress, and family problems, to work-related issues, have become common these days. If you are looking to spearhead and find a solution for yourself, then read more to know about it.

- Updated: 22nd Sep 2023, 14:24 IST
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    Why is app therapy becoming so famous?
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    Best Mental Health Apps That Will Help You Combat Stress:
    • 1. Wysa: 
    • 2. Depression Test:
    • 3. Meditopia: 
    • 4. Moodfit:
    • 5. Talkspace: 
    • 6. Shine
    • 7. Headspace
    • 8. Better Stop Suicide
    • 9. iBreathe
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    Summing Up:

Mental health apps are the platform for online users to deal with stress and perform exercises to deal with stress, pain, loss, depression, etc. If you are looking for online help, our list of the five best mental health apps will surely benefit in combating the issues.

Most of the apps have a basic version that comes free of cost. However, some are paid, allowing you to access many specialised therapists and mental health practitioners. 

In the fast-moving world, mental health has become a non-neglecting talk. The earlier therapy done via face-to-face counselling and talking sessions has now turned online. It has led to the birth of a new term called app therapy.

Mental health therapies are now virtual and conducted over calls, messages, video calls, etc. A mental health specialist or professional is tagged to handle the case of a person. Depending on the need, advice of the doctor, and budget, a person can book sessions on the app.

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Why is app therapy becoming so famous?

App therapy allows you to

  • Choose your own form of healing method (self or guided). 
  • Make a decision as per your budget.
  • Appointments as per your time availability and convenience
  • Monitor improvements

Best Mental Health Apps That Will Help You Combat Stress:

These are some of the best mental health apps that will help you combat stress.

1. Wysa: 

wysa best mental health apps

Rated as one of the favourites and best mental health apps, Wysa has a simple user interface (UI) that makes it easy to navigate. The app is secured and anonymous to prevent the user’s identity from getting breached. It helps people deal with various problems like depression, anxiety, confidence, sleep loss, and stress. As you install the app, you get a list of issues for which you need a solution, and you can choose accordingly. 

Thereafter, you will get options for self-care and guided support for helping you out. In the free version, you get a set of exercises for every problem you choose. Each exercise session gets unlocked only when you complete the previous one. You can organise your thoughts, talk to a therapist using conversational coaching tools, and write your journal built within the app. However, one must choose a premium package to get a premium therapist for live audio, text, or video support.

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2. Depression Test:

depression test best mental health apps

The app employs the Patient Healthcare Questionnaire (PHQ-9) Test, used by primary care healthcare to diagnose depression, understand symptoms, and monitor recovery. It is done using a set of nine questions to assess the situation. Generally, a person must give the full answer in one sitting only.

Based on this, a score is provided, and the type of depression based on the answer is shown on the screen. 

One of the best mental health apps, Depression Test can help you combat stress by storing the test results and monitoring improvements and journal tracking. It also gives tutoring using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to re-frame negative thoughts and break the more significant issues into smaller chunks.

3. Meditopia: 


Meditopia is one of the best mental health apps that tailor your program based on a list of issues and emotions you might face in different fields of life. It asks you a different set of questions and creates a personalised program. This contains daily personal goals, meditation techniques, offline app usage, and more. However, after a free trial week, you must opt for a premium plan to continue with the program. 

The life-changing mindfulness library on the app consists of articles, relaxing sounds, music, inspiration, and meditations to deal with all challenges. Curated by experts, the app’s content has been loved by users who have used it to tackle stress and other problems. 

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4. Moodfit:


Moodfit has been voted one of the best mental health apps for 2020, 2021, and 2022. The app provides tools to understand mental health and provide interpretation accordingly. Good Fit gives reminders, inspiration, and articles to stay educated about mental health issues and achieve desired goals. 

The mental health app allows one to create good habits, negate the unwelcoming emotions one encounters, and understand the problem to solve. Besides, one can also track custom activity, sleep and lifestyle patterns, practise mindfulness meditation and positively write down gratitude journals. The therapy companion helps the therapist to understand how the appointments are going and what needs to be done. All the practices help deal with stress using cognitive behavioural therapy and simple summary reports.

5. Talkspace: 


The mental health app Talkspace allows for therapy and counselling for various age groups, individuals, and couples seeking help. The special check report provides brief assessments based on preference, personalised match, and therapy based on the overall results.

The high-quality mental care provided by the application is available via video, messages, and audio calls. Only licensed providers are available on the platform, which gives people the security of being in a safe hand. The app collaborates with businesses for the health plan for the workspace. The user-friendly app already uses over 1 million people, allowing you to build healthy habits and track progress.

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6. Shine

Shine - Better Stop Suicide

This application could be a valuable resource for individuals who identify as Black, Indigenous, or a person of colour and have felt a heightened need to prioritise their mental well-being in response to recent events.

This app primarily emphasises empowering BIPOC individuals by providing community support and mental health services tailored to their unique needs. Its offerings encompass access to a peer community, tools designed to provide calm during moments of crisis, meditation and journaling exercises, content dedicated specifically to addressing BIPOC mental health concerns, and a range of additional features.

7. Headspace

headspace - Best Mental Health Apps

Headspace is a meditation application crafted to assist individuals in leading a more mindful life. The app provides a diverse selection of meditation sessions for beginners and experienced practitioners, ranging from 3 to 20 minutes.

Meditation yields numerous advantages, such as alleviating stress, managing anxiety, enhancing self-awareness, improving concentration, and even mitigating age-related memory decline. Therefore, giving meditation a try could prove to be valuable.

Within the app, you’ll discover standalone meditation sessions for moments when you require a pause and more extensive courses dedicated to delving deeper into mindfulness practice. These courses cover various topics, including mindfulness fundamentals, addressing cravings, handling distractions, and promoting better sleep.

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8. Better Stop Suicide

Better Stop Suicide - Better Stop Suicide

The Better Stop Suicide application has been designed with psychological techniques to support individuals experiencing suicidal thoughts. It encourages users to slow down their thought processes, achieve a sense of calm, and engage in rational thinking. However, it’s crucial to note that in emergencies where you feel overwhelmed and out of control, the best action is to call a suicide hotline or 911.

Within the app, users can access calming audio content created by mental health experts, record personal audio messages, find audio content to aid in falling asleep, and save essential contacts for quick access when needed.

The application also helps users learn how to analyse intrusive thoughts they may be experiencing. This process can assist individuals in not automatically accepting all thoughts as absolute truths or facts. Once this skill is acquired, individuals can make informed decisions based on the facts of a situation. This may prevent the tendency to engage in behaviour driven solely by emotions, which may not always align with factual information.

9. iBreathe

iBreathe - Better Stop Suicide

If you’re seeking a straightforward method to alleviate stress, iBreathe is a user-friendly app useful for breathing exercises, which can be effective in reducing stress and anxiety.

The app is purpose-built for one primary function: guiding users through uncomplicated deep breathing exercises. It maintains a clean and uncluttered interface to prevent any distractions or feelings of being overwhelmed.

For optimal results, daily engagement in deep breathing exercises is recommended. The app allows you to set reminders for your breathing sessions to facilitate this habit. You can conveniently turn to the app for a quick stress-relief session following particularly stressful moments.

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Summing Up:

As per the studies conducted by Harvard University, people spend 46.9% of their time awake with their minds wandering. In coping with anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness, people face different stresses at home, in the workplace, in relationships, and whatnot.

It is of utmost need that once you start facing the negative symptoms for a continued period, you must address them. Rather than leaving it unattended, proper mental health care treatments can be taken. With the emergence of app therapy and the best mental health apps at your disposal, the entire process is streamlined like never before.

Disclaimer: This article summarises popular mental health apps. Mental health apps are a tool to assist you in feeling better through different methods and track your overall progress. However, for any doting conditions, it is advisable to consult a clinician and licensed mental health professional.

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