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How To Share Contacts From Android To iPhone? : Explained


Facing challenges in sharing contacts from an Android device to an iPhone? In this article, read different methods you can use and steps to follow to transfer contacts successfully.

- Updated: 25th May 2023, 18:04 IST
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    Ways to share contacts from Android to iPhone:
    • Using vCard:
    • Via Google Account:
    • Employing third-party software:
    • Move to iOS setup:
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    Summing Up:

Have you become a proud iPhone user and do not know how to share contacts from Android to iPhone? Well, TBH, it may happen to anyone buying a brand-new iPhone and facing an altogether different operating system in the form of iOS. Imagine yourself just switching to an iPhone and getting bombarded with hundreds of notifications that get you totally confused.

Being an Android user has many advantages- like easy configuration, navigation, syncing, downloads, and much more. However, transferring oneself from Android to iPhone can sometimes take a toll. Some common problems you can face are understanding the world of iOS, navigating between apps, image sharing between phones, etc.

This article deals with one common problem many of us might face and understand how to share contacts from Android to iPhone. 

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Ways to share contacts from Android to iPhone:

You can share contacts from Android to iPhone in multiple ways. All of them are pretty easy, and you must follow the step-by-step process mentioned in the sections below to successfully sync your contacts from Android to iPhone. 

If you have a Google account synced into your Android device, it automatically backs up all contacts into the mail id. So, when you share contacts from Android to iPhone, it’s like precisely moving the data from Gmail to iCloud. 

Some of the methods used are

1. Using vCard

2. Via Google Account

3. Employing third-party software

4. ‘Move to iOS setup.’

While some of these methods are exclusive, others depend on the timing of your syncing. Let’s delve into each of these methods in detail to share contacts from Android to iPhone. 

Using vCard:

how to share contacts from android to iphone vcf file

1. Sign into your Google account

2. Open Contacts under Google via the link. Here, you can choose to synchronise the entire contact list or a selected few.

3. Under the left-hand menu column, click on the ‘Export’ option

4. In the next dialogue box, select ‘vCard format’ under the Which export format category. 

5. A vcf file will get downloaded to your system. 

6. Sign in to iCloud using the link. Select Contacts > Settings icon (bottom left corner) > Import vCard. Choose the downloaded vcf file to start importing.

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Via Google Account:

how to share contacts from android to iphone google accounts

1. To start syncing your contacts from an Android phone, choose Settings > Account > Google > Sync > Sync Contacts

2. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Contacts > Accounts. Under this section, add the Google account with which you synced contacts from your Android phone. 

3. On successfully adding the account, the contacts get added to your iPhone. 

Employing third-party software:

contact transfer

Third-party software like Contact Transfer helps to transfer contact with ease. In this, you need to download the app on your PC (Windows app) and the Contact Transfer Android app from the Play store. 

1. On the app on PC, select Source as Android Device and destination as an iOS device. Now it’s time for you to connect the devices.

2. For this, on your phone, open the app and scan QR flashed on a computer screen from the device’s camera. 

3. Plug in your iPhone using a PC and select the contacts you want to transfer.

4. Tap on Transfer to complete the process. 

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Move to iOS setup:

move to iOS setup

This step can only be helpful if you start your iPhone from scratch. However, if you have already set up your phone, this step may not help you. 

1. Install the ‘Move to iOS’ application on your Android device. 

2. Connect to the WiFi network on the iPhone

3. Go to Apps and Data > Move Data from Android > Note the security code

4. Now open the Move to iOS on Android and enter the six-digit security code. Select all the content you need to transfer. 

PS: Always enable the Sync Contact section under Settings before processing to share contacts from Android to iPhone. 

Summing Up:

Any of the above methods will always be fruitful in sharing contact successfully while transitioning to iPhone. A beginner always needs more patience, and the same applies to iPhones. Third-party software may provide an extra bit for the transition for those looking to quicken the step.

However, it is always okay to go the extra mile and understand a bit more to be efficient in setting up the process. For safety, you must ensure that all your contacts in your phone (be it iPhone or Android) must be synced, and a backup for it can be created as and when possible.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Transitioning to a new OS can be a bit tough, especially when are doing it for iOS.
  • Many a time, we lose our long-saved contact details from our previous phone.
  • Read this article to understand various methods to share contacts from Android to iPhone easily.