Wireless is the way to go in 2022, whether wireless charging or wireless music. If you are also a fan of wireless music and are looking for the best Bluetooth speakers under 1000 in India, you are in the right place. The under 1000 segment is the most popular segment for Bluetooth speakers. You get to see top brands like JBL, Mivi and Zebronics offer a bunch of different speakers. Don’t worry, we will cover them all and present the best of the best to you.

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5 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1000 In India

Getting a Bluetooth speaker is often very confusing because of how saturated the market already is. Our aim with this article is to narrow it down and offer some clarity to you. So, let us take a quick look at the list of best Bluetooth speakers under 1000 in India!

1. Infinity (JBL) Fuze Pint

Infinity and JBL are two companies that belong to the same parent company, Harman International. Both the brands are very identical in terms of their offerings. Infinity is just a cheaper alternative to JBL. The Infinity Fuze Pint is an excellent Bluetooth speaker that took the segment by storm as soon as it was launched in 2019. It is still one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 1000 in India.

It offers up to 5 hours of music playback when used with optimum audio settings. Dual Equalizer modes allow you to shift between Normal audio output and Deep Bass output. In addition, there is an in-built voice assistant to make using the speaker easier. The Infinity Fuze Pint uses Bluetooth v5.0 for connectivity. Most importantly, there is a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on the speaker.

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Price in India: Rs. 949

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2. Mivi Play

Although Mivi is a much newer name in the audio accessories segment. Still, the brand has become quite popular with certain wireless products like the Mivi Play. This Bluetooth speaker is a Made in India product and an absolute bang for the buck.

It is a highly portable wireless speaker, and you get up to 12 hours of battery backup on a single charge. These are 5W speakers but offer excellent studio-grade sound. You can also purchase two of these to enjoy its Stereo Mode. The highly responsive buttons, in-built microphone, and an IPX4 splashproof rating make it an even more value-for-money product.

All of these features are bundled in a small package of just 164 grams. The price to specifications ratio is well balanced and surely makes it one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 1000 in India!

Price in India: Rs. 899

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3. Quantum SonoTrix 81 Bluetooth Speaker

Quantum has been one of the most sought after brands when it comes to computer peripherals like keyboard and mouse. You will be happy to know that the brand has also entered the audio accessories market. The SonoTrix 81 is one of the brand’s best offerings at an amazing price.

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You get 8W speakers that offer a base-heavy audio output. This speaker stands out because it can offer up to a whopping 18 hours of battery backup on a single charge. You also get an in-built noise-cancelling microphone to make clean calls.

Additionally, there is USB support for turning this wireless beast into a wired one. The icing on the cake is its IPX7 dust and water resistance rating.

Price in India: Rs. 999

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4. Zebronics ZEB-VITA

Zebronics is a very popular name in the desktop accessories segment. They have a variety of different Bluetooth speakers under multiple price brackets. If you are looking for the best Zebronics Bluetooth speaker under 1000 in India, you will be taken aback by their massive catalogue. That is why we are making it easier and straight away recommending the Zebronics ZEB-VITA to you.

This is one of the highest-rated Bluetooth speakers in the category. Beings a 10W portable speaker, it that offers high-quality audio output. It also has micro-SD card support if you want to go offline in places where your mobile internet causes issues.

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Furthermore, if you are someone who loves listening to the radio while working or doing household chores, there is an in-built FM radio. You can also make use of its call functionality when in need. It can offer a total battery backup of up to 5 hours.

Price in India: Rs. 999

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5. Zebronics ZEB-COUNTY

The Zebronics ZEB-COUNTY is there for you to quite literally “carry” your music with you, wherever you go. The attached carry handle makes it super easy and comfortable to carry. These are 3W speakers that offer a loud enough audio output. Additionally, the in-built rechargeable battery can last for up to 10 hours on a single charge. It takes up to 2.5 hours to charge.

Additional features include an in-built FM radio, USB port, microSD card slot, and call functionality. Besides, it comes in three vibrant colour options for you to choose from. If music with style on a tight budget is what you are looking for, this is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 1000 in India.

Price in India: Rs. 609

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Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1000 In India – Final Thoughts

All the speakers listed are from top-rated brands in the audio accessories segment. You can go for any of them and not regret your decision. It is always easier when you bring down the numerous options to a handful few. Besides, if you are on a tight budget and can’t go a dime over 1000, these are just the best that your hard-earned money can buy.

By the end of the day, it all comes down to YOUR requirements and preferences. If you want a speaker more on the portable side of things, go for the ones from this that are lightweight. Meanwhile, if you want durability, choose the ones that come with a water-resistance rating. Let us know in the comments section if we missed out on any amazing such Bluetooth speakers on the list.

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