Are you tired of using your phone’s otherwise weak speaker to listen to music but, are in way too tight a budget to go for a speaker? Try our list of best Bluetooth speakers under 200 in India to tap into wireless and uninterrupted music right away! Of course, if you are looking for under 200 Bluetooth speakers, the market does not really have a whole bunch of reliable options. However, we have looked around and come up with the best ones under 200 that you can purchase in India today.

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5 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 200 In India

Most of the speakers listed here are most priced at around Rs. 300. However, when you apply cashback offers, it comes down to under Rs. 200. Even if there is not an active sale, you just have to pay roughly Rs. 99 more to get your hands on these Bluetooth speakers. Without any further ado, let us take a look at the list:

1. F FERONS Mini Speaker

This mini Bluetooth speaker is meant for rough usage at both your home and outdoors. There is an in-built FM radio as well as an SD card slot. This speaker’s portability makes it very easy to carry around. Be it for yourself in your room or out with your friends, you are pretty much sorted with this Bluetooth speaker.

Additionally, the speaker also comes with phone call support. Talking about the battery backup, it can last you for up to 5 hours on normal usage. The speaker takes up to 1 hour to charge fully. All-in-all, one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 200 in India currently.

Price in India: Rs. 299

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2. DINGLOT MINI WS – 887 Bluetooth Speaker

This is a 5W mini Bluetooth speaker, one of India’s best Bluetooth speakers under 200. It uses Bluetooth v4.2 for connectivity. The charging time of this speaker is of 2 hours. However, after you charge it fully, the Bluetooth speaker offers a battery backup of up to 6 hours. To add to it, there are a variety of different colour options that you can go for. Indeed a very portable and one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 200 in India.

Price in India: Rs. 299

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3. CARG7 WS-887 Mini Bluetooth Speaker

This wireless Bluetooth speaker is a 5W speaker as well. The speaker comes with a very durable design but is lightweight. You can easily take it with you and play music using its Bluetooth v3.0 for connectivity. If not, you can just insert a microSD card into its dedicated slot and play the audio tracks on it offline. Isn’t that convenient? With these features, it had to make it into our list of best Bluetooth speakers under 200 in India as of June 2022.

Price in India: Rs. 297

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4. Teconica WE0005 Bluetooth Speaker

This 5W Bluetooth speaker comes with a bookshelf design. You can use it both as a wireless speaker and as a wired speaker via USB cable. What makes the Teconica WE0005 stand out is its attractive RGB lighting. As your music plays, the RGB on it really looks cool. For the price, the design is definitely excellent and way more premium. Additionally, there is an in-built microphone for you to use during calls.

Price in India: Rs. 299

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5. Webster Pocket Speaker

The Webster mini Bluetooth speaker is a 5W speaker which comes with a 4.1 stereo channel. So, you can expect to hear some really decent audio output for the price. It takes nearly 2 hours to charge fully. You can use the speaker in a fully charged condition for around 5 hours.

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The speaker uses Bluetooth v4.1 for connectivity. This is probably it if you are looking for an ultra-light pocket speaker. This is definitely a decent enough speaker to make it into our list of the 5 best Bluetooth speakers under 200 in India.

Price in India: Rs. 299

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Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 200 In India – Final Thoughts!

The under 200 price segment for a Bluetooth speaker is not really where you can expect a whole lot. If you ask us, we would recommend increasing your budget just a bit and getting yourself an offering from a trustworthy brand like Zebronics. You could also extend your budget a tad bit more and get yourself a Mivi, JBL or boAt Bluetooth speaker.

These brands have made a name for themselves in the audio accessories market. However, the ones listed here are only and only to be bought if you want a Bluetooth speaker just to get by and are not really a music enthusiast. Or, you are probably at a tight spot financially. Either way, these will not let you down. However, keep the price range in mind and don’t keep high expectations.

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