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5 Best Bosch Refrigerators In India April 2024


Looking to buy Bosch refrigerators? Check out our comprehensive list!

- Updated: 28th Mar 2024, 12:57 IST
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    Best Bosch Refrigerators to buy today
    • 1. Bosch MaxFlex Convert 332L Refrigerator (CMC33K05NI)
    • 2. Bosch 559L 2 Star Series 6 Refrigerator (KGN56LB41I)
    • 3. Bosch 559L 2 Star Series 4 Refrigerator (KGN56XI40I)
    • 4. Bosch 658L ‎Side-by-Side Refrigerator (KAN92VS30I)
    • 5. Bosch 655L Refrigerator (KAN92LB35I)
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    Final remarks

Bosch is a German multinational engineering company that has dabbled on various fronts. However, the best Bosch refrigerators can give the likes of Samsung and LG refrigerators some tough competition. Paired with the latest innovations in refrigeration technology and sleek design, these refrigerators will definitely provide you with decent value for money. Having said that, let’s take a look at the entries, to find your next refrigerator purchase!

Best Bosch Refrigerators to buy today

1. Bosch MaxFlex Convert 332L Refrigerator (CMC33K05NI)

Bosch MaxFlex Convert 332L Refrigerator (CMC33K05NI)

Starting the list of the best Bosch refrigerators, we have the Bosch MaxFlex 332L refrigerator. This is a triple door refrigerator, and the company claims it to be India’s first flexible refrigerator. With excellent and easy conversion technology, you’ll be able to convert the fridge’s storage items based on your requirements. There’s also a special storage box that can be used to contain items like medicines and cosmetics. The fridge works through Bosch’s signature Vario Inverter Compressor, which can reduce your energy requirements by 40 per cent!

Apart from this, the fridge offers features such as MultiAir Flow and Cool Extend, which can keep your food items fresh for up to 18 hours. Moreover, features such as AirFresh Filter and Super Freezing remove foul odour and make ice faster. Overall, it’s an excellent fridge for the price!


  • 332L capacity
  • Flexible and convertible
  • MultiAir Flow
  • Cool Extend
  • AirFresh Filter
  • Super Freezing
  • Vario Invertor Compressor

Pros and Cons

Convertible for additional storage spaceStorage capacity could have been more for the price
Beautiful and sleek design
Loaded with features such as SuperCooling and MultiAirflow system

Price in India: Rs. 40,500

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2. Bosch 559L 2 Star Series 6 Refrigerator (KGN56LB41I)

Bosch 559L Series 6 KGN56LB41I

For the next entry in our list of the best Bosch refrigerators, we have this Bosch Series 6 refrigerator with a 559L capacity. It comes with a 2-Star BEE rating and comes with an unconventional design choice. In fact, with this refrigerator, the top-freezer model is changed upside-down, and the freezer is located at the bottom half of the product. This makes it much easier for you to use the fridge without having to bend over constantly. Moreover, thanks to FreshSense technology, the temperature inside the fridge is constantly maintained, regardless of the ambient temperature.

Additionally, the glass shelves of the fridge can be stretched up to 12cm, making it much easier to place your food items. Of course, the refrigerator is powered by Bosch’s Vario Inverter Compressor, for more extended durability and efficient power usage.


  • 559L capacity
  • 2-Star BEE rating
  • Vario Inverter Compressor
  • FreshSense temperature control technology
  • Unique design

Pros and Cons

Unique and elegant designJust a 2-Star BEE rating
FreshSense technology maintains internal temperatures
Loaded with modern features

Price in India: Rs. 78,900

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3. Bosch 559L 2 Star Series 4 Refrigerator (KGN56XI40I)

Bosch 559L Series 4 KGN56XI40I bosch refrigerators

Up next on our list of the best Bosch refrigerators is this Series 4 refrigerator from the company. While it doesn’t have the sleekest of looks compared to its newer, Series 6 sibling, it’s more affordable and has most of the modern features shown in the Series 6 model. Of course, it also follows the bottom-freezer design. Apart from this, the 559L capacity is more than enough, and the refrigerator performs better than what its 2-Star BEE rating suggests.

You’ll find plenty of Bosch’s signature technologies in this refrigerator, including their formidable Vario Inverter Compressor and VitaFresh Technology for controlling the internal temperatures of the fridge. Basically, if you’re looking for a high-capacity refrigerator with modern design and features, this could be a decent purchase!


  • 559L capacity
  • 2-Star BEE rating
  • Vario Inverter Compressor
  • VitaFresh Technology
  • Bottom-freezer design
  • Temperature Display

Pros and Cons

VitaFresh technology prevents bacterial growthOnly 2-Star BEE rating
Has quite a few modern features
Provides a healthy dose of durability

Price in India: Rs. 68,300

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4. Bosch 658L ‎Side-by-Side Refrigerator (KAN92VS30I)

Bosch 658L ‎KAN92VS30I

If budget isn’t an issue and you want one of the best Bosch refrigerators that money can buy, you can start checking out this amazing product. The refrigerator comes with an American side-by-side design, resulting in a massive 658L capacity. Moreover, both sides are powered by two separate cooling circuits, resulting in more efficient power consumption. The shelves are part of Bosch’s EasyAccess category, which allows you to store and remove items in a flash.

Apart from this, you’ll find other nifty features, such as FreshSense Sensor, Super Cooling, and Multi Airflow system. All of these features work in tandem to ensure that your food items are fresh for the longest time!


  • 658L capacity
  • American side-by-side door design
  • FreshSense Sensor
  • Super Cooling
  • Multi AirFlow system
  • EasyAccess Shelves

Pros and Cons

Massive 658L storage capacityExtremely bulky
FreshSense technology to control internal temperatures
Two different circuits for efficient operation

Price in India: Rs. 88,880

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5. Bosch 655L Refrigerator (KAN92LB35I)

Bosch 665L KAN92LB35I bosch refrigerators

The final entry on our list is, without a doubt, the best Bosch refrigerator that you can purchase today. Of course, you’ll have to shell out a substantial amount to purchase this product, but it’s definitely worth the money. The fridge comes with a huge 655L capacity, and an American Side-by-Side door design. Moreover, the beautiful and sleek design will definitely make this fridge perfect for any modern kitchen. The fridge uses Bosch’s Sensor-based Vario Inverter Compressor, which is 10 per cent more efficient than competitor products, and has the lowest noise levels.

Additionally, you’ll find two independent cooling systems which power the refrigerator, leading to efficient power consumption. Other technologies, such as VitaFresh Plus and VitaFresh Pro, ensure that all your food items are kept as fresh as possible. Overall, you can’t get a better Bosch refrigerator than this on the market today!


  • 655L capacity
  • Vario Inverter Compressor
  • VitaFresh Plus and VitaFresh Pro to keep food fresh
  • Glass door designed in Germany
  • Two independent cooling systems

Pros and Cons

Huge 655L storage capacityCustomer support isn’t the best
EU rating at A++ for energy efficiency
Operates in complete silence

Price in India: Rs. 1,36,310

Buy on Amazon

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Final remarks

With this, we come to the end of our list. We hope you liked our picks for each and every budget category. Unfortunately, Bosch’s refrigerators start at a mid-range segment. So, you won’t be able to find the best Bosch refrigerators on a tight budget. Nonetheless, the company has some excellent products at different price ranges. Let us know your thoughts and opinions on Bosch fridges in the comments below!

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