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    5 Best Double Door Refrigerators In India December 2022


    Looking for double door refrigerators? Check out our list for the best options at every budget segment!

    By Anirban Dutta Choudhury | 
    Updated: 1st Dec 2022 14:51 IST

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      Godrej 236L RF EON 236B 25 HI RY DR
    • 2
      Samsung 253L ‎RT28A3453S8/HL
    • 3
      Samsung 324L ‎RT34T4513S8/HL
    • 4
      LG 437L GL-T432APZY
    • 5
      Toshiba 439L GR-RT559WE-PMI(37)
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      Summing up

    Highlights of the Story

    • Double door fridges provide an excellent value for money.
    • They provide superior storage space and come with the latest features.
    • We’ve selected the best double door refrigerators at every budget segment!

    Double door refrigerators provide a good option in the medium range. These refrigerators are perfect if you’re looking for more storage space without paying a premium. They also come with multiple modernised features and components for better cooling and convenient use. Many companies such as LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool dominate this space. Considering the vast range of available options, we’re here to make your buying decisions slightly easier. We’ve listed a few of the best double door refrigerators you can buy today. Let’s check out the entries!

    Godrej 236L RF EON 236B 25 HI RY DR

    Godrej 236L RF EON 236B 25 HI RY DR

    We’re starting with one of the more affordable double door refrigerators available on the market. This Godrej 236L refrigerator doesn’t come with the latest features. However, it can perform the fundamental tasks exceptionally well and has a durable build quality. The fridge’s biggest draw is the Anti-Bacterial technology that it provides through a gasket. It also includes an Advanced Inverter technology that allows you to connect the refrigerator to a home inverter for more economical use. The fridge’s build quality can be noticed through the toughened glass shelves that can bear a load of up to 150kgs. Moreover, other features such as LED lights and a jumbo vegetable tray make it perfect for small families and bachelors who want a decent refrigerator on a budget.

    Reasonably pricedNot very efficient in terms of energy consumption
    Connects to the home inverter
    Decent build quality

    X-Factor: Looking for an affordable double door refrigerator with good durability? This Godrej refrigerator could be an excellent option!

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    Samsung 253L ‎RT28A3453S8/HL

    Samsung 253L ‎RT28A3453S8/HL

    With this Samsung refrigerator, you’re looking at a decent mid-range option. The fridge comes equipped with a Digital Inverter Compressor that reduces the operation noise and increases the fridge’s durability. Furthermore, it includes a Power Cool option that instantly blows cool air inside to cool all your food items. The refrigerator also works through your home inverter and even solar energy. Basically, the fridge can change its mode of operation to fit the amount of power available. Additionally, toughened glass shelves ensure that you’re able to store heavier loads without any hassle. Other features include a door alarm to indicate an open fridge door and a deodoriser to keep your food items smelling fresh for a long time.

    Silent operationThe storage layout could’ve been better
    Works on home inverter and solar power
    Power Cool option keeps food items fresh for longer

    X-Factor: Despite the many modern features present in this Samsung refrigerator, it’s pretty affordable when compared to its competitors.

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    Samsung 324L ‎RT34T4513S8/HL

    Samsung 324L ‎RT34T4513S8/HL double door refrigerators

    Now, we’re moving to the upper mid-range segment of double door refrigerators. The Samsung 324L refrigerator presents a decent value-for-money fridge. Considering the fact that it has quite a few of the latest features without breaking the bank, this fridge is an excellent option for nuclear families. This fridge is powered by Samsung’s Twin Cooling Technology, which allows the refrigerator to operate in five different modes based on your needs. The digital inverter running the fridge is compatible with both home inverter and solar power and offers great energy efficiency, as well as a stabiliser-free operation. The fridge’s Power Freeze option also increases the cooling ability to make ice 31 per cent faster than competitor products. Lastly, the toughened glass shelves can hold up to 175kgs of load!

    Runs on home inverter and solar powerThe vegetable basket is oversized
    Five unique operation modesThere’s no lighting in the freezer
    Excellent build quality

    X-Factor: This Samsung fridge perfectly balances functionality and luxurious features.

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    LG 437L GL-T432APZY

    LG 437L GL-T432APZY

    This LG refrigerator is one of the best double door refrigerators under INR 50000. It features a Smart Inverter Compressor that reduces the operation noise and maximises power output. Moreover, the Door Cooling+ technology provides perfect airflow to the front of the fridge to ensure cooling throughout all compartments. The refrigerator can also be converted for more storage capacity, converting the freezer’s operation to the same as the rest of the fridge. Additionally, you can pair the refrigerator with LG’s Smart Diagnosis app to check it for problems that can be fixed quickly and easily. Thanks to the Auto Smart Connect technology, the fridge can also connect to your home inverter. This keeps the refrigerator operational while using minimum power.

    Connects to the home inverterThe fridge only has a two-star BEE rating
    Excellent airflow inside the fridge for cooling all the compartments
    Comes with LG’s Smart Diagnosis app for troubleshooting

    X-Factor: This LG product is loaded with a host of premium features and superior storage capacity.

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    Toshiba 439L GR-RT559WE-PMI(37)

    Toshiba 439L GR-RT559WE-PMI(37) double door refrigerators

    Although the likes of LG and Samsung dominate the refrigerator segment, you could go for this ultra-premium Toshiba fridge if you want something unique. The Toshiba 439L fridge is one of the most elegant options in this price segment. Moreover, the fridge’s Airfall cooling ensures natural and cool airflow to all the compartments, preventing any bacterial growth. You can also control the refrigerator’s temperature thanks to the different temperature controls on the provided display panel. It comes with multiple temperature settings based on your requirements. The fridge’s build quality is also excellent, with a Satin Grey door panel and an interior surface inspired by Japanese weaving. This interior weave design ensures that there are no scratches on the fridge’s internal surfaces.

    Exceptional build quality439L capacity is relatively low at this price
    Multiple cooling modes
    Sleek and elegant design philosophy

    X-Factor: If budget is no bar, and you want a fridge that looks exceptional and performs seamlessly, go for this Toshiba product.

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    Summing up

    So, did you like our list of the best double door refrigerators in India? We’ve tried to include products from different brands and price ranges to ensure you’ve got a pick at every budget. These options have been carefully curated based on their features, ratings, and competitor products. Hopefully, this list will provide you with a good guideline for your next refrigerator purchases. If you liked the list, do share it with your friends and family!

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