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10 Best Candy Crush Cheats And Tips They Don’t Want You To Know!


Want to reach the higher levels much faster in Candy Crush? We’ve got the best Candy Crush cheats and tips to help you out!

- Updated: 6th Feb 2023, 12:59 IST
  • 1
    1. Start from the bottom
  • 2
    2. Go for bigger matches
  • 3
    3. Don’t use the suggested moves
  • 4
    4. Accept gifts only when needed
  • 5
    5. Check your boosters
  • 6
    6. Let the fishes swim
  • 7
    7. Change the date and time
  • 8
    8. Avoid the edges
  • 9
    9. Remove chocolates fast
  • 10
    10. Judge the level before you play
  • 11
    Summing up

Candy Crush is a universal mobile game. By this, we mean that it’s loved by people of all ages. After all, from the aesthetics to the gameplay style, there’s something quite unique and catchy about the game. Moreover, the game doesn’t seem to have a final level. With such endless content on offer, who wouldn’t want to play the game for hours on end? However, the problem arises when you move to the much higher levels. While Candy Crush can be pretty forgiving in the early stages, it’s in the latter stages that it starts to get tricky. So, we’re bringing you the best Candy Crush cheats and tricks so that you can dominate each and every stage of the game!

Note: Some malicious APKs on the internet provide you with unlimited coins or boosters. Do NOT use these apps as cheating the system this way could have you banned from the game. Furthermore, these apps can harm your smartphone by downloading ransomware. It’s always a better idea to stay away from such APKs and use the following tips instead.

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1. Start from the bottom

Starting from the bottom

Most beginners tend to start linking the items for matches from the top. While this works to an extent, it won’t help you break down the items in the lower levels. You should always start your linking and matching from the bottom. This will give you a better chance to initiate the more significant matches and complete the level faster.

2. Go for bigger matches

bigger matches

The minimum number of candies you need to make a match is three. However, you get to make special candies as you keep linking four, five, or even more candies. These candies come in different forms and have different effects. Always aim for a match of four or above to create the special candies, as they will help you through the higher levels. Only go for three candy links if you see that there is a lack of options.

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3. Don’t use the suggested moves

No suggested moves best candy crush cheats

When you’re stuck in the more significant levels and haven’t made a move in a while, the game will show you a suggestion for a move. Ignore it. This move isn’t meant for you to progress faster and isn’t based on the tactic you’re already following. It’s simply a random suggestion to keep the game flowing. Chances are that following the suggested move will hamper the strategy that you’ve formulated in your head. If there’s time left, always look a few times at the tiles, assess your options, and then make a move.

4. Accept gifts only when needed

Accepting gifts

It’s always nice to have friends send you extra lives as gifts. However, keep an eye out for how many lives you already have. If you’re at maximum capacity and accept the friend’s gift, that extra life will not be used. Wait until you’ve got space in your kitty to store some extra lives, and then accept the gift. This seems like a reasonably rudimentary tip in Candy Crush. However, people often tend to accept the gift immediately out of sheer excitement and then mourn the loss of an extra life.

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5. Check your boosters

Boosters best candy crush cheats

Candy Crush‘s boost system is quite handy, especially at the latter stages of a level. You have to keep in mind one thing, though. If you’ve switched on a booster at a particular level, that booster will also be switched on for the next level. So, make sure that you’re checking your boosters at the start of each level. That way, you’re not wasting resources. You can save the booster and use it on another level when you need some help.

6. Let the fishes swim

Fish at the end

Some levels come with fish-shaped candy that you can use to your advantage. This is especially beneficial when you’re playing jelly-based levels. Ensure that you try to save the fish for the very end. There’s a good reason for this. Matching and using the fishes will help you wrap up the jelly candies, especially after you’re done with the rest of the level. Not only will you complete the level in lesser moves, but it’ll save you plenty of time as well.

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7. Change the date and time

Change phone's date and time best candy crush cheats

Some apps, such as Candy Crush, depend on your phone’s time and date to provide extra lives. If you go to your phone’s settings and change the date and time to a day later than the current day, you’ll have extra lives for the remainder of your gameplay. This is quite a neat trick. However, you must turn off the automatic date and time option in your phone’s settings.

8. Avoid the edges

Avoid the edges

There are two parts to this Candy Crush cheat. More specifically, there are two parts to this trick. Firstly, if you’re on a jelly level, you’ll have to check the edges of the jellies. Candy Crush makes it notoriously difficult for you to get matches at the edge of the board. This is even more evident when you see jellies at the edge. So, clear those jellies first.

Secondly, the game also provides you with various ingredients, which you’ll have to drop into the appropriate column’s green arrow. No matter what your strategy is, ensure that you don’t move those ingredients to the edge of the board. Either avoid moving them at all, or move them to the column that is closest to the green arrow.

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9. Remove chocolates fast

Remove chocolates fast best candy crush cheats

Although most of us love chocolates in some way, shape, or form, chocolates aren’t your friend in Candy Crush. Chocolates often appear in various Candy Crush levels, and it’s your job to remove them as early as possible. If you don’t deal with the chocolates on the board early, they will take up more squares on the board and make it difficult for you to make your moves.

However, once the chocolate is eaten early, it doesn’t regenerate in the subsequent round. Destroy or ‘eat’ the chocolates as soon as possible. Nonetheless, there will be some levels where you’ll have to face a chocolate maker, whose existence increases the regeneration speed of the chocolate on the board.

10. Judge the level before you play

Judge the level before you play

One of the best Candy Crush cheats or Candy Crush tip is to remember that backing out is an option. It’s a simple, yet effective method to ensure that you don’t lose multiple lives at a difficult level. In the game, different levels have different positions for candies. While your goal remains the same to clear the board of the candy, the candy’s positioning tends to be rather unique with each passing level.

So, before you make a move on a particularly challenging level, check the layout of the level itself. If you notice that this level may not be up to your speed at the moment, you can back out of the game without losing a life. Moreover, since the positioning of the candies tends to be random, loading up the level again might result in circumstances that favour your progression. In other words, if a level looks too difficult, back out of it without making a move. Restart the level and the candy positioning might be better for you to take an easier win!

Summing up

Although Candy Crush doesn’t have any cheat codes, these tips are the closest you’ll get to the best Candy Crush cheats. Hopefully, these cheats and tricks will help you play the game much better and reach higher levels. The game is highly addictive, and the constant addition of new features ensures players remain engaged. Despite the latest content, these tricks are evergreen. If these cheats and tips have helped you, make sure to share the content with your fellow Candy Crush players!

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