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Best Free Google Photos Alternatives To Save Your Images On Cloud


The free tier of Google Photos that allowed unlimited photo uploads in high resolution for free is ending next month. Here are some of the handpicked alternatives to Google Photos.

- Updated: 12th Jul 2021, 00:26 IST

Since its launch, Google Photos has been an integral part of the Android experience, and it has been a go-to app cloud solution for Android users to save their photos or videos. But that won’t be the case anymore as the ‘unlimited storage’ on Google Photos will end in June 2021.

So the photos or videos uploaded after June 1, 2021, will be counted towards the 15GB shared cloud storage across different Google services. That means you have not much time left before you run out of storage, and then you would be left with two options, either buy more storage or jump on another wagon. Well, it’s total up to you, but if you’re looking for another cloud storage app, here are the best options to help you out.

One thing to note is that none of these services is entirely free. However, they have a free tier, and you can upgrade to higher tiers if you want more features.

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1. Degoo

Free: 100GB | Pro: 500GB – Rs. 189/month | Ultimate: 10TB – Rs. 639/month


With Google Photos free tier ending, Degoo is one of the best alternatives you should be considering. Degoo offers 100GB of free cloud storage which is even more than what Google offers, and it leaves the competition in the dust.

According to Degoo, all the files are end-to-end encrypted, so it’s completely safe to upload your photos on the cloud. Like Google Photos, Degoo also has a memories feature that helps you remember your precious moment. You can also turn on auto upload to ensure your photos are backed up on the cloud automatically. Degoo is available across Android, iOS, and the web.

You get 100GB of cloud storage in the free tier, which can be shared among three devices, while Pro offers 500GB of storage for Rs. 189/month, and you can get 10TB for Rs. 639/month. In addition to this, you can also get a referral bonus of 500GB in the free tier and 1000GB in the Pro and Ultimate tier. However, the free tier shows ads in a while, which could be frustrating at times; otherwise, Degoo has the best value for money service.

Download Degoo: Android | iOS

2. Microsoft OneDrive

Free Tier: 5GB | Microsoft 365 Subscription: From Rs. 4,899.00/ year

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is more of cloud storage than a solution for just uploading images or videos. There are no smart photo or video editing options, but you can upload any file on it, and it comes with the whole suite of Microsoft Office apps. It’s one of the best cloud storage solutions for Windows users, with an option to store their photos or videos in a secure Personal Vault.

You can download the app on your Android or iOS device and sync up the images with the option to access them through its website, macOS or Windows app.

Microsoft OneDrive offers 5GB for free. Meanwhile, the personal plan costs ₹ 4,899.00 / year and offers 1TB of storage, whereas the Microsoft 365 Family offers 6TB of storage for up to 6 members (1TB each) for ₹ 6,199.00 / year.

Download Microsoft OneDrive: Android | iOS

3. Flickr

Free: Up to 1000 images | Flickr Pro: Rs. 510/month or Rs. 4375/year


Flickr is one of the oldest cloud-based photo storage in the market, but it failed to gain much traction because of its limited marketing towards photographers. It has been a go-to platform for photographers for years, but it isn’t bad for everyday users. With Google Photos going rogue, Flickr could be an excellent option to store and share photos in high quality. You can also upload videos on Flickr though it’s only available for the Pro subscribers.

You can auto-sync the images, or you can upload just one image at a time, and images can be set to private if you don’t want anyone else to see them. The album is also organized, and it is pretty easy to search your images throughout the albums.

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As of now, Flickr offers a free tier and a Pro tier. Well, you can upload a maximum of 1000 photos, or you can upgrade to Flickr Pro for Rs. 510/month or Rs. 4375/year for unlimited storage and an ad-free experience. The annual Subscription of Flickr Pro also offers more perks on services including SmugMug, Adobe, Blurb, Capture One, PHLEARN, Priime and Pixsy.

Download Flickr: Android | iOS

4. Dropbox

Free: 5GB | Plus: Rs. 874/month | Family: Rs. 1458/month


Dropbox has been around for quite some time lately, but it has never been seen as a photo storing service; instead, it has been received as a document sharing service. It allows you to automatically sync all your files or photos from your phone to the cloud. It also offers third-party integrations, which adds a lot of functionality to Dropbox.

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The free tier of Dropbox offers 5GB of storage while the paid plan starts from Rs. 974 a month, which entitles you to 2TB of cloud storage. In addition, the family plan allows you to share the 2TB of cloud storage among six users for Rs. 1458 a month.

Download Dropbox: Android | iOS

5. Adobe Creative Cloud Photography

Free Trial | Subscription: Rs. 4230/mo (100GB Storage + Apps)

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography is not just a solution to store your images. It also provides a whole suite of Adobe editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, where you can have complete control over editing.

The Photography plan offers 1TB of cloud storage and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop for desktop and iPad. Adobe says you can store as much as 20,000 RAW DSLR images or 200,000 JPEGs in the 1TB cloud storage.

It is not as good as other cloud solutions, but Adobe’s offering is a good option for amateur or professional photographers who want to switch to a more professional solution.

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6. Apple iCloud

Free: 5GB | Starts at 75/month

Apple iCloud

iCloud isn’t an alternative, but if you’re in the Apple ecosystem and you’re not using the iCloud, you should immediately move over to the iCloud. Well, it’s not as smart as Google Photos, but it’s the easiest way to access your photos or videos across your Apple devices, and you can also access the files through Android or Windows using the web version of iCloud.

Apple offers 5G of iCloud storage to every Apple ID. However, the storage expansion plans are pretty cheap, too, with 50GB extra storage just available for $1/month or ₹75/month, and the 2TB would cost you $10 a month or ₹749 a month in India.

7. Mega

Free: 25GB | Starts at 400GB/~₹500month

Mega cloud storage

Mega essentially isn’t an alternative to Google Photos. But, it’s still good in its ways to provide some extra cloud storage than others in this list. You can sign up to Mega to get 5GB of cloud storage free. And moreover, you get many security features with Mega.

Mega comes with a lot of essential features for work such as private sharing with an encrypted messenger, along with file sharing and collaboration. It’s got auto-backup, file versioning, private team messaging, and also has a secure video conferencing tool. This is a perfect match-up for anyone looking to back up their photos, documents, or files relating to work.

The Mega pricing in India starts from Rs. 441/month for Pro-Lite subscription which comes with 400GB storage and up to 1TB transfers. The maximum subscription for an individual that you can get is with the Pro 3 which has a whopping 16TB of storage and is priced at Rs. 2653/month.

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  • Google Photos was one of the services that allowed users to upload photos for free in high resolution, but starting next month this free service is ending.
  • Now these photos will be counted as the free 15GB storage quota
  • Here are some Google Photos alternatives that you can use.

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