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Best Magsafe Cases For iPhone


With a bunch of official MagSafe cases by Apple, Spigen and Otterbox. Here are our best Magsafe cases that are available for Apple iPhones in India.

- Updated: 2nd Aug 2023, 13:11 IST
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    Best Magsafe Cases for iPhone
    • 1. Smartish Grip Munk Slim MagSafe Case
    • 2. Apple iPhone Official Silicone MagSafe Case
    • 3. Nomad Modern Leather Case
    • 4. Apple iPhone leather Magsafe Case
    • 5. Rokform Rugged Series MagSafe Case
    • 6. CASEOLOGY by Spigen Nano Pop Mag Back Cover Case 
    • 7. OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES+ MagSafe Case
    • 8. URBAN ARMOR GEAR UAG Designed for iPhone

Many people mistakenly think of iPhone cases as merely decorative items, but they also play a crucial protective role in keeping your iPhone secure from dents and cracks. Purchasing a high-quality cover for your iPhone can enhance its protection while also bringing convenience and your own sense of style to daily use.

Why Do You need a case for your iPhone?

1. Protection: The main goal of an iPhone case is to guard against drops, scratches, and impacts that could harm the device. Modern cell phones, like the iPhone, feature fragile glass screens and backs that make them prone to breaking. The lifespan of your gadget can be increased and the danger of damage decreased by using a high-quality case as a stress absorber. Raised edges surround the camera module on many iPhone cases, adding to the safety of the camera lenses. Your images and videos will continue to be of the highest quality thanks to its design’s ability to avoid scratches and camera damage.

2. Comfort and Grip: iPhones, especially those with glass backs, may be rather slippery. Having a case with a textured or rubberized surface improves grip, lowering the risk of dropping the phone unintentionally. Additionally, using a case might make handling the device for extended periods of time more comfortable.

3. Dust and Debris Prevention: Preventing dust and debris entry into the iPhone’s ports and buttons is made easier by a well-fitted cover, which helps to seal the device’s edges and apertures. This keeps the inside components clean and functioning properly.

What is Magsafe?

Apple first debuted MagSafe, a patented technology, in 2006 for their MacBook Pro notebooks. Apple brought back the MagSafe trademark in 2020 and customized it for their iPhone line-up. One of Apple’s most intriguing inventions in recent years is the wireless charging function that was included with the iPhone 12.

MagSafe chargers instantly align with the back of your iPhone to make and maintain a tight connection, and they can charge an iPhone’s battery twice as quickly as a regular Qi charger. MagSafe is compatible, with built-in magnets to attach chargers and a bunch of other accessories to the back of your phone. The best thing about opting to use a MagSafe-compatible iPhone case is that you don’t lose anything. The same level of protection is offered by MagSafe iPhone cases as by those without it.

What to Consider before selecting a Magsafe Case

There are several important factors that you have to consider before selecting a Magsafe case to not face problems in the future. They are:

MagSafe Compatability: Make sure the case you’re thinking about is made especially for iPhones with MagSafe support. All iPhones starting from the iPhone 12 series are compatible with MagSafe. With built-in magnets that link with the MagSafe technology on the back of the iPhone, MagSafe cases offer a reliable and secure connection.

Drop Protection: The main benefit of using a MagSafe case for your iPhone is to guard against accidental drops damaging it. The distance from which your iPhone can fall without suffering any major damage is listed on several MagSafe cases. It’s crucial to keep in mind that your iPhone’s level of fall damage can be affected by a variety of factors. 

Weight: Apple keeps making the iPhone smaller, but adding a case will make it bulkier. You’ll need to find your unique ideal balance between size and protection because the most durable MagSafe cases are frequently the largest and heaviest. Your iPhone will weigh less if it is smaller.

These are some of the factors that can consider but this list is not exhaustive. You have to check all the other factors according to your convenience before choosing the best case for you. Now, let’s look at some of the best Magsafe cases for your iPhone.

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Best Magsafe Cases for iPhone

In this list, we will talk about some of the best Magsafe cases for iPhones. We select them on the basis of various factors like durability, protection, design, grip, ease of use, size, cleanliness, etc.

Consider all the factors mentioned above before choosing the best one for you. 

1. Smartish Grip Munk Slim MagSafe Case

Smartish Grip Munk Slim MagSafe Case

Because of its good looks, affordable pricing, and sensible design, this Smartish small MagSafe case makes a great all-around choice. Additionally, it has a grippy exterior that deters drops. The air-cushioned edges of the case absorb and diffuse shocks away from the phone in the event that you drop it. In essence, they serve as miniature airbags for your smartphone. The case weighs only 2.5 ounces and has textured sides and a soft microfiber interior. For added scratch prevention, it has raised borders all around the camera and screen.

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2. Apple iPhone Official Silicone MagSafe Case

Apple iPhone Official Silicone MagSafe Case

Official MagSafe cases by Apple are made of silicone and are renowned for their streamlined appearance, plush texture, and ability to work with the MagSafe ecosystem. These covers have integrated magnets that perfectly match the MagSafe system on the iPhone. This ensures a perfect fit and enables fast wireless charging with MagSafe chargers. Even though it doesn’t have many bells and whistles, it has a sleek appearance, a silicone shell that provides a good grip, and a plush microfiber interior. The choice of vibrant, poppy colours, including selections like lilac, sunglow yellow, and elderberry, is another perk.

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3. Nomad Modern Leather Case

Nomad Modern Leather Case

One of the best iPhone cases is the Nomad leather folio because of its ultra-thin profile, excellent fit, and opulent Horween leather finish. Nomad employs supple leather that is also immediately appealing. This is the iPhone cover to buy if you want to look good at formal events. You can choose any colour finish that best suits you since Nomad provides it in four hues. You will never have any trouble pushing the power and volume buttons because of the raised buttons and textured sides of this case. The phone’s bottom speaker perforations are large enough for the sound to pass through without becoming muddled.

4. Apple iPhone leather Magsafe Case

Apple iPhone leather magsafe cases for iphone

One of the greatest iPhone cases available is Apple’s own leather MagSafe case. The ultra-thin accessory it offers is both fashionable and durable. It feels wonderful in hand and offers excellent protection against drops and scratches. In contrast to less expensive leather alternatives, it comes in colours that are more interesting than the traditional black and brown, and the leather is satisfyingly soft. It has a snug fit for the iPhone 14 and a magnet that properly aligns with the MagSafe array on your smartphone to enable 15w fast wireless charging.

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5. Rokform Rugged Series MagSafe Case

Rokform Rugged Series MagSafe Case

The case has a built-in twist lock system that matches with practical extras like a stand and mounts that can be attached to a bike or motorbike dashboard or your dashboard. This MagSafe case, according to Rokform, is 4 times more durable than similar MagSafe cases. You can be sure that the case will stay connected to a wireless car charger even if your travel is bumpy. The Roform tough is without a doubt the greatest robust case that is worth purchasing. It’s one of the few alternatives that provide complete 360-degree protection for your iPhone.

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6. CASEOLOGY by Spigen Nano Pop Mag Back Cover Case 

CASEOLOGY by Spigen Nano Pop magsafe cases for iphone

Its built-in magnets will keep your gadget aligned and safe, and they work with MagSafe chargers. While keeping lint and dust-free in your pockets, this case provides excellent grip. Its bold, two-tone colours, contrast sharply, and its protective raised camera ring design gives it a sporty, youthful appearance. Additionally compatible with wireless charging, screen protectors, and military-grade protection.

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7. OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES+ MagSafe Case

The case will shield your smartphone from drops in addition to protecting against germs. It has a lifetime warranty and underwent the same military-standard drop testing as more expensive Otterbox cases. It is available in more than 20 colours and designs to completely suit your personal taste. And if you want to show off the back of your iPhone, there is a clear version as well. Additionally, because it is one of the only cases with an antibacterial covering, it will shield you from a variety of common bacteria. Additionally, it contains a silver-based adjuvant intended to prevent bacterial development.

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8. URBAN ARMOR GEAR UAG Designed for iPhone

URBAN ARMOR GEAR UAG Designed for iPhone

With strengthened corners, the Monarch Pro keeps your phone’s most susceptible area extra safe. When you try to bend the case, there was no give. And you will find that the textured sides and back make it simpler to handle. The volume and power buttons’ raised edges have different textures from the phone’s sides, making it simple to recognize and press them. The Monarch Pro is a very smart choice if you want an ultra-protective MagSafe that isn’t too much heavier than the typical one.

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In conclusion, the best MagSafe case for your iPhone is one that combines MagSafe compatibility, reliable protection, a perfect fit, optimal charging performance, and a design that resonates with your personal style and needs. By considering these factors, you can find the ideal MagSafe case that enhances your iPhone experience while keeping it safe and stylish.

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