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7 Must Try Music Bots For Discord In November 2023


Discord provides users with the ability to integrate different discord bots that provide them with the ability to perform certain actions that are not possible natively. Here we have discussed some of the discord music bots you can use.

- Updated: 20th Nov 2023, 14:26 IST
  • 1
    Best music bot for discord
    • 1. Groovy
    • 2. Fredboat
    • 3. Vexera
    • 4. Hydra
    • 5. BMO
    • 6. Aiode
    • 7. ChillBot
    • 8. Mee6
    • 9. Probot

Discord is one of the fastest-growing communication platforms. It just started as a messaging and voice chat app that was specific for gamers but today it has expanded on many of the features that have lured in different users. It was launched in 2015 and now it has over 350 million registered users. 

But what is the Discord music bot? The discord music bot allows users to play music during their online chat sessions. So if you are creating a playlist for your long giving nights with friends or just need some background music for study sessions you can transform Discord into a home for curated music tracks.

So if you are looking for music bots to use on Discord this is the article you want. Here we have listed some of the music bots currently available that can provide you with high-quality music.

Best music bot for discord

1. Groovy


This is a simple-to-use discord music bot that focuses on high-quality music and is easy to access. Groovy also provides lag-free streaming. You don’t have to worry about bad music quality with this music bot. It has a huge variety of commands which provides you with a lot of options on how you can use this music bot.

The bot enables you to play music with a link from YouTube, Spotify, Mixer and many other major music streaming platforms. You just have to search for a song by typing its name after the play command. The bot also provides you with the option to create song queues, loop songs, shuffle your cube, see the song lyrics, and many other music adjustments with commands.

Groovy provides a lot of advanced features that many other bots do not. It is free music bot but there is also a premium version that provides you with extra commands like bass boost and nightcore mode.

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2. Fredboat

fredbot music bot

Fredboat is free to use music bot for Discord that provides streaming services from different popular sites such as SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, and Twitch. It comes with a built-in search feature that allows users to search on Discord instead of the Internet. This really saves time when users get redirected to the internet and is one of the useful features of this bot. It also includes basic features such as shuffling your playlist and the ability to choose a song to play on repeat.

3. Vexera

Vexera Best Music Bot For Discord

Vexera is a bit different compared to the rest. It is a multi-purpose service that includes a range of different commands. These commands can be used to trigger different tasks for music like skipping, starting and stopping tunes through Discord. The bot is a very popular choice for many users; it currently serves over 300,000 plus discord servers. 

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4. Hydra

Hydra Best Music Bot For Discord

Hydra is another feature-rich discord music bot that you can consider for playing music on your discord server. The bot plays high-quality music with a minimum amount of lag or distortion in quality. As long as you are the server administrator you can choose to set a custom prefix to access hydra based on your preference. 

Hydra also has a premium version which provides you access to some of the unique features. One of its notable features is the option that allows server members to vote to skip the current track. The music provides 24/7 music playback, unlimited saved playlists, global volume controls and much more.

5. BMO

BMO discord bot

BMO offers more features than music but it also supports games, image manipulation utilities and more. But since we are just talking about music in this article we will focus just on that. The bot works pretty fast and plays music without any distortion and with very good sound quality. You can search for songs in the playlist as well as save your playlist. But also the commands to use its features are a little bit complex and you will have to spend some time getting a hang of them.

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6. Aiode


This is music but specifically for Spotify users. If you are one of the Spotify users and you are looking for music that can stream Spotify songs on your server, then this is the music but you should try. With Aiode you can directly search for songs in Spotify and play them. 

Aiode offers plenty of customization and it includes commands even to customize your playlist. With this music, you can create a cross-platform playlist with songs from Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc. You can also play Twitch streams on your server as well. 

7. ChillBot

chillbot discord music bot

Chillbot is the best music bot that you can use on a Discord server. It basically provides you with a live-streaming radio station that streams lo-fi songs 24/7. It is very easy to control and thanks to its simple and intuitive commands you can easily play around with its features. As this provides you with a live radio station you can’t play your own playlist with this but you do get a real feel of an actual radio station.

8. Mee6

MEE6 stands out as a versatile Discord Music Bot, offering more than just music—it comes with a range of additional features consolidated into one platform. Not only does it deliver seamless and high-quality music playback, but it also incorporates administrative and recreational functionalities.

Moreover, MEE6 includes excellent auto-moderation tools designed to safeguard your server from trolls, toxicity, and abusive language. It automatically enforces measures such as muting, banning, or kicking individuals based on your predefined instructions, ensuring a secure and enjoyable environment for your community.

9. Probot

Probot stands out as a user-friendly Discord Music Bot, prioritising high-quality music and accessibility. It ensures a seamless music streaming experience, free from lag, eliminating concerns about subpar music quality or interruptions while gaming or socialising with friends.

With an extensive array of commands, Probot offers versatility in handling various music-related tasks. Whether playing music from YouTube, Spotify, Mixer, or other major platforms through a link or by searching directly with the play command (-play [song name/link]), users can create queues, loop songs, shuffle playlists, display lyrics, and execute a range of other music adjustment commands.

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  • Discord has been a very popular platform for gamers and many content creators have also started using the service now.
  • It also has a great feature that enables you to integrate discord bots to help you automate things.
  • In this article, we take a closer look at some of the music bots that you can use in 2023.