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Best Not So Popular Non-Chinese Apps


Let us discuss a few applications which are the best not so popular non-Chinese apps including My Wifi Link, Quick Cursor, Ampere, Dolby ON, Smash File Transfer.

- Updated: 10th Jul 2020, 05:24 IST

It is not too long that the Government of India banned 59 popular Chinese Apps amid the growing Indo-China war tensions. The reports state that the major concern about these Chinese apps is the breach of user’s privacy. Let us discuss a few applications which are the best not so popular non-Chinese apps. You must have these apps on your smartphones.

1. My Wifi Link – This is a Japan-made app which works to bring the internet users together by allowing them to share the Wifi or hotspot with others through a simple QR code or link. This ensures privacy from exposing the password and also prevents you in times when you forget the password. This app is terrific for the restaurants, cafes or hotels where the visitors can walk-in and easily once to the Wifi by scanning the QR code. There is an in-built feature inside the app to even measure the internet speed.

my wifi link

2. Quick Cursor – If you are using a smartphone with a huge display over 6.5-inches, then this app is definitely made for you. Quick Cursor app allows you to use the big screens of your smartphones with just one hand for comfort. Just swipe from any edge to grab a cursor and drag the cursor to move the tracker. This app is still under development and might be unstable for a few devices.

quick cursor

3. Ampere – This app must be there on your smartphone because it is an essential app. Ampere is used to measure charging and discharging current of your phone battery. This comes handy when you have to test the charging speed of a new power adaptor and USB charging cable to check the compatibility.


4. Dolby ON – This app transforms your smartphone into a powerful voice recorder. It is the only free recording app available with cutting edge Dolby audio technology. You can record songs, sounds, podcasts, voice memos, ideas, lyrics, beats, and more with stunning audio quality and minimal noise. Dolby ON also allows to edit the sound recordings on the go.

dolby on

5. Smash File Transfer – Smash is that app which lets you easily, safely and freely transfer all your data including photos, videos, documents from one mobile to another. It is a free alternative to the popular WeTransfer which we use daily. Smash does not require any registration. The date is shared easily through a link and there is no size limit.

smash file transfer


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Highlights of the Story

The not so popular yet so important non-Chinese apps are:

  • My Wifi Link
  • Quick Cursor
  • Ampere
  • Dolby ON
  • Smash File Transfer

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