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5 Best Pokemon In Pokemon UNITE – One For Every Category!


Whether you want to hold your ground as a Defender Pokemon or rush in to score goals as a Speedster Pokemon, this list will provide you with the best Pokemon in Pokemon Unite, based on your role.

- Updated: 12th May 2022, 18:22 IST
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    The Classes in Pokemon Unite
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    Best Pokemon in Pokemon Unite List
    • Lucario
    • Venusaur
    • Blastoise
    • Talonflame
    • Hoopa
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    What about alternatives?
    • Charizard
    • Greninja
    • Slowbro
    • Zeraora
    • Blissey
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The best Pokemon in Pokemon Unite are those that play to your strengths. Since Pokemon Unite is a relatively new entry into the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) genre, there’s plenty of experimentation and learning to do here. Moreover, since each Pokemon has its stats, based on the kind of Pokemon it is, you’ll have to try them out to find your niche.

This is where we come in and show you the best Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. The game’s MOBA mechanics might not be as nuanced as its influences, such as DOTA 2, but the game still has a remarkable depth of gameplay. Of course, you’ll have to decide the kind of player you are in the game. Pokemon Unite comes with five different classes of Pokemon, based on the player’s playstyle. Furthermore, since this is a team-based game and requires a fair amount of strategy, you’ll have to coordinate well with your teammates.

With that being said, let’s quickly go through the Pokemon classes in the game.

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The Classes in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Character Classes
  • All Rounder – All Rounder Pokemon have balanced stats in the game for offence and defence. While there might be slight differences in the stats here and there, these Pokemon can do a little bit of everything. This is what makes them reliable in-game.
  • Attacker – As the name suggests, Attacker Pokemon deal plenty of damage to their opponents. They tend to be relatively fast or accurate in the case of long-range. However, they lack defensive capabilities and can become a liability to the team if they’re left to defend the hoops.
  • Defender – Defender Pokemon tend to stay back in the arena and deal with opponent attackers who have breached the primary defences. These Pokemon can also defend other Pokemon teammates if they’re taken forward in the game. Don’t expect too much attacking prowess, though.
  • Speedster – These Pokemon are essential for the basics of the game. Thanks to above-average offence stats, the Speedster Pokemon are mobile and can defeat fodder easily. Furthermore, their speeds help them reach the goal faster, assuming that most of the opponents are preoccupied.
  • Supporter – Supporter Pokemon have special abilities that help them heal their teammates mid-match. In addition, they can inflict damage through status effects on opponents, leading to more passive damage output.

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Best Pokemon in Pokemon Unite List

Now that you’ve got an idea about the different classes of Pokemon in the game, we can move on to the best Pokemon in Pokemon Unite.



Lucario is, undoubtedly, one of the best Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. As an All-Rounder Pokemon, he’s best used by experts of the game. Lucario is also one of the fastest Pokemon in the game, without being classified as a Speedster. This means that this Pokemon can do the jobs of both Attacker and Speedster Pokemon without any hassles. He has a respectable level of HP and deals a seriously high amount of damage, regardless of which lane he’s used in. However, Lucario isn’t great when he’s outnumbered. You’re better off isolating your opponents with Lucario and picking them off one by one.



Venusaur is one of the better Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. While he’s pretty slow to use, you’ll be fine if you’re using him for range attacks. Thanks to his attacks, such as Solar Beam, Venusaur can deal plenty of damage. The only issue is that if you’re using the high-powered attacks from a distance, you’ll have to be deadly accurate. The rest of his moves can affect a larger radius of enemies. This makes it easier to target more opponents with more direct attacks.

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Blastoise is one of the more powerful Defender Pokemon that you can find in Pokemon Unite. He has a massive amount of health points and will take a significant amount of damage to be defeated. Moreover, his ranged and area-based attacks are pretty damaging for most opponents, regardless of their tiers. Unfortunately, his special attacks take a long time to recharge. This makes it crucial for you to attack accurately. In any case, if you like playing as a Defender, Blastoise is an excellent option for you.



If your role in the team is to score as many goals as possible, Talonflame would be your best pick. As a Speedster Pokemon, Talonflame is fast and agile. However, this does come with issues of its own. Due to its fast nature, Talonflame is meant mostly for defeating the fodder, wild Pokemon. Scoring goals with Talonflame isn’t difficult either. Unfortunately, this fast nature becomes useless if you get hit even a couple of times. So, if you’re the designated Speedster, work fast with Talonflame.

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Hoopa best Pokemon in Pokemon Unite

Hoopa is one of the more complex characters to use in the game. Regardless, he’s still one of the best Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. As a Supporter Pokemon, he’s got a surprisingly powerful ultimate move. Moreover, he’s fast and agile – something that you won’t find in many Supporter Pokemon. It doesn’t matter which lane you put him in; he’ll be effective in all of them. The major issue with Hoopa is that you can’t use him if you’re a beginner. It takes time and patience to learn the technicalities of his moveset before using him in competitive matches.

What about alternatives?

While we’ve listed the best Pokemon in Pokemon Unite, there are a few alternatives that you can go for. After all, not everyone can get the best of the best easily. Nonetheless, if you have the resources, these are a few alternative Pokemon that you can use until you get the best of the lot.



Charizard wasn’t the easiest to use when Pokemon Unite was released. The Pokemon often felt clunky and slow. However, numerous patches have been added since the release and have made Charizard a better All-Rounder Pokemon for your team. The special moves now provide an appropriate amount of damage, and this is an excellent stop-gap solution.



Greninja is an Attacker class Pokemon, which means that he can land quite a punch. He’s extremely fast as well, with a Mobility stat higher than most of the competitors. However, you’ll have to use the Mobility to the greatest extent possible. Although he is great at dealing damage, he isn’t great at taking it.



Slowbro might not be the best Defender type Pokemon in the game, but he’s extremely effective if you know how to use him. He has powers such as Telekenesis which are supremely useful in controlling the pace of a fight. If your team is overwhelmed, use Slowbro to tactically take control of the fight.



Zeraora was an immensely powerful Speedster class Pokemon when he was brought into the game. However, numerous updates have nerfed him significantly. Even then, if Speedster Pokemon is what you prefer in battle, he’s a decent alternative. His Offence, Mobility, and Scoring stats are good enough if you can move fast.


Blissey best pokemon in pokemon unite

For Supporter Pokemon, Hoopa isn’t easy to acquire. Nonetheless, she’s great at healing teammates, if you can stick back and heal your teammates on time. You won’t get any worthwhile Offence or Mobility from her though. So, you’ll have to hang back and heal your teammates when the time arises.


So, these were our top picks for the best Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. We’ve tried to include the best Pokemon from every character class. Hopefully, this will give you an idea about the kind of Pokemon you should be going for based on your playing style. Considering how famous the game has become, we’re pretty sure that it won’t be too long before other Pokemon are added to this list.

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  • The best Pokemon in Pokemon Unite depends completely on how you like to play the game. Since there are a large range of Pokemon and five different character classes, your choice may differ from others.
  • We’ve listed the best Pokemon from every character class that you can use in the game today!

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