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10 Best BGMI Clans To Join In India July 2024


Battlegrounds Mobile India includes a bevvy of new in-game elements that make it a popular game among gamers. The ‘Clans’ feature was established by the creators to foster mutual camaraderie and a sense of playing as a team among BGMI players.

- Updated: 28th Jun 2024, 10:53 IST
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    Best BGMI clans in 2022
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    Best BGMI clan types in India in 2022
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    How to join a BGMI clan?
    • Benefits of joining a clan

The popularity of the BGMI clan has grown as a result of the game’s ability to bring people from various backgrounds together and instil a competitive spirit in them. BGMI clan is one of several in-game features in Battlegrounds Mobile India that have contributed to the game’s popularity. The developers developed the best BGMI clan to instil a sense of camaraderie among BGMI gamers. Those who have played with the same group of people in the past are likely to join a clan. In the new Clan Battle feature, they square off against other clans.

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Best BGMI clans in 2022

S. No.BGMI Clan NameAwards won
1.Orange Rock15
2.Team SouL7
3.TSM- Entity13
5.Team Tamilas1
9.Nova Godlike27
10.Team IND10

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Best BGMI clan types in India in 2022

While some players are active on the battlefield, others take a more passive approach. Clans are formed by leaders based on the group’s playstyle. Here’s a breakdown of the various clan kinds in the game:

  • Classic Clans:

Classic Clans are by far the most popular of all the clans in the BGMI. This battle royale game is popular among gamers of all skill levels. As this clan has been the most popular among gamers, the game’s popularity has skyrocketed. You can find Clans under the Classic Clan type by narrowing your search.

  • Royale Pass Clan:

This is another famous clan, especially amongst BGMI fans who’ve already purchased and enjoyed the Royale Pass Elite Pass or Elite Pass Plus versions. These players are continually on the lookout for other people with whom they can perform weekly objectives. Every month, Krafton introduces a new RP with goals in BGMI. The game provides extra RP points when the players complete the game with in-game buddies or clan members.

  • Evoground Clan:

Evoground clan has its ranks among the several clan kinds used by BGMI players. However, compared to the other clans mentioned above, it has a smaller player base. BGMI has several Evoground modes that provide players with a high-level battle royale experience. Payload 2.0, Survive from Dawn, and Infection is just a few of the fantastic games available to Evoground clan members.

  • Balanced Clan:

Players that have no specific needs look for and join the balanced clan. These clans are frequently the most crowded in the game, including players of all kinds.

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How to join a BGMI clan?

Hello, gamers! Do you wish to join a clan in BGMI, but you’re not sure how? Follow the steps below:

  1. To begin, open the BGMI mobile app or the BGMI PC. The Clan button can be found in the settings menu.
  2. Then, BGMI will suggest various Clans for you to join, but you are free to join any Clan you like. Here you can find a search bar as well as numerous other buttons.
  3. For instance, type the BGMI clan name you wish to join into the search field. That clan will be present, along with their information and a variety of other items. You’ll notice a Request button there; simply click it to join that clan. You have now joined the clan.

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Benefits of joining a clan

Being a member of a clan in BGMI has numerous benefits. The clan’s level, rank, and energy are all raised due to everyone’s efforts. You can avail carate coupons, coupon scrap, AG, paint, radio, and more incentives.

Clan members have access to the clan shop to purchase items such as a parachute trail, paint, coupon scrape, room card, Avatar frame, and more. Clan points can be used to acquire all of these items. If any clan member obtains a legendary or epic item from the crate, you will also reap the benefits.

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Highlights of the Story

  • BGMI is one of Krafton’s most popular multiplayer esports in India.
  • Clan Battles are a new feature that allows gamers to compete against other clans for a winning streak.
  • Here’s a list of the best BGMI clans in India in 2022.