Small refrigerators provide an excellent value for money equation. Though you won’t be able to store large amounts of items inside, they provide the essential requirements and include a few useful features. Moreover, their prices are usually at the lower end, resulting in better savings until you find a suitable upgrade. For bachelors, these refrigerators…2023-01-10 16:17:465 Best Small Refrigerators In India 2023

5 Best Small Refrigerators In India 2023


Want the best small refrigerators in India? Check out our list, replete with fridges from reputed brands like Godrej and Croma!

By Anirban Dutta Choudhury - 
Updated: 10th Jan 2023 16:17 IST
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    Godrej 30L Qube HS Q103
  • 2
    AmazonBasics 43L ‎AB2019INRF003
  • 3
    Haier 53L HR-65KS
  • 4
    Croma 90L CRAR0219
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    Godrej 99L RD CHAMP 114B 23 EWI MG WN
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    The takeaway

Small refrigerators provide an excellent value for money equation. Though you won’t be able to store large amounts of items inside, they provide the essential requirements and include a few useful features. Moreover, their prices are usually at the lower end, resulting in better savings until you find a suitable upgrade. For bachelors, these refrigerators present a highly economical alternative to their more expensive counterparts. So, whether you’re living alone and looking for more affordable fridges or want a fridge for your office space, we’re here to help. We’ve curated a few of the best small refrigerators you can buy today.

Without any further delay, let’s check out the entries!

Godrej 30L Qube HS Q103

Godrej 30L Qube HS Q103

Godrej’s refrigerators have been around for over 60 years. While they’re finding it difficult to compete with the likes of Samsung and LG in the higher price brackets, their budget offerings are some of the best you can find on the market. With this Godrej 30L small refrigerator, you get an efficient cooling operation and an elegant finish. The fridge is powered by a thermoelectric chip that’s efficient in cooling and produces no noise. Moreover, since the refrigerator doesn’t require a compressor or inverter, you can use the full 30L of storage space. The refrigerator’s interior is illuminated by a couple of LED lights as well, making it easier to use in darker rooms. Additionally, you can connect it to the home inverter for cooling even during extended power cuts. The thick PUF insulation ensures that colder temperatures are maintained inside the fridge.

Elegant design30L of storage space is relatively less, even at this price
Advanced Solid State Technology for use without compressor or inverterCan’t store food or milk for too long
Silent operation

X-Factor: This small refrigerator from Godrej is excellent if you want to store non-perishable food items.

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AmazonBasics 43L ‎AB2019INRF003

AmazonBasics 43L ‎AB2019INRF003

Amazon has extended its reach into multiple industries, with refrigeration being one of them. Although they’ve got some more prominent and expensive offerings, this 43L fridge from AmazonBasics is excellent in terms of value for money. It’s relatively efficient in terms of power consumption, with a two-star BEE rating. Moreover, although the design is a bit bland, it lends durability to the fridge. The fridge’s feet can be adjusted, and the door is also reversible, adding to its ease of use factor. Furthermore, the refrigerator uses a cyclopentane foaming agent to ensure better refrigeration. Finally, at 43 dB, its operation is more on the quiet side. Basically, if you want a small refrigerator that’s easy to use without compromising too much on the storage space, check out this AmazonBasics product!

Does not produce noiseNo light for the interiors
Cooling effects last for longer, thanks to the foaming agent
Durable build and adjustable feet

X-Factor: For a smaller refrigerator, this AmazonBasics fridge provides durability and economical functioning.

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Haier 53L HR-65KS

Haier 53L HR-65KS small refrigerators

Haier is one of the more renowned industry operators when it comes to electrical appliances. They’ve got a decent line of refrigerators as well. This is evidenced by the Haier 53L fridge, which is one of the best fridges under INR 10,000. It’s also one of the most economical refrigerators, in the long run, thanks to its two-star BEE rating. Apart from this, the fridge works through a non-inverter compressor that’s perfect for its size. Additionally, the interiors of the refrigerator are pretty sturdy, as spill-proof toughened glass has been used for making the shelves. These shelves can bear much heavier loads than usual. At 32 dB, it’s one of the most silent refrigerators you can buy, thanks to the vibration-based compressor. Lastly, the Quick Cool technology built into the fridge helps cool your items much faster.

Does not produce any noiseNo automated light system inside the fridge
Decent storage capacity for the price
Durable build

X-Factor: This Haier product is perfect if you’re looking for a small refrigerator under INR 10,000 that provides multiple storage facilities, including a freezer.

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Croma 90L CRAR0219

Croma 90L CRAR0219

For a small refrigerator, Croma’s 90L product is quite durable and stylish. The premium body finish does set it apart from its competitors. Moreover, you can also control the fridge’s temperature through the mechanical control thermostat built into the refrigerator. It has a separate chiller compartment for food items such as meat, and ice formation is easier as there’s enough space to keep ice trays. Other than this, manual defrosting has been provided with the fridge. The steel wire shelves used for storing your items are also able to withstand cooler temperatures, ensuring that there’s no chipping. Finally, you can manually adjust the legs to raise or lower the fridge’s height, depending on your requirements. Overall, this is one of the most stylish and elegant small fridges you can purchase!

Sleek and premium finishMight have some issues with side heating
Separate chiller compartment
Steel wire shelves to withstand cold temperatures

X-Factor: This Croma product is one of the most elegant and premium small refrigerators on the market.

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Godrej 99L RD CHAMP 114B 23 EWI MG WN

Godrej 99L RD CHAMP 114B 23 EWI MG WN small refrigerators

Our final entry for this list is another Godrej refrigerator. The 99L Godrej product featured here is excellent on all fronts, whether it comes to looks or functionality. The 99L storage space provided here is one of the highest capacities you can find on a small refrigerator. Moreover, it’s powered by Advanced Inverter technology, which makes the fridge relatively efficient, as is shown by its two-star BEE rating. There’s also an extra shelf next to the chiller tray that ensures maximum space utilisation of the fridge. Additionally, other compartments such as an insulation tray under the chiller and a vegetable tray have been provided inside the refrigerator. Despite its smaller size, it comes with most features you’d find in a larger capacity fridge.

Excellent design philosophyThe light switch could’ve been of better quality
Advanced Inverter technology for efficient power consumption
Multiple compartments for maximum space utilisation

X-Factor: At 99L, this small refrigerator from Godrej provides the maximum storage capacity for its size!

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The takeaway

Small refrigerators may come with some compromises. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few excellent products in this size category. We’ve listed the best small fridges that provide an ideal balance between functionality and price. You can use this list as a guide to set expectations when looking for a refrigerator of this size. If you’ve any recommendations for small fridges, you can tell us more about them in the comments below!

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Highlights of the Story
  • Small refrigerators usually come in the more affordable price segments.
  • They are perfect for office spaces and bachelors living alone.
  • These fridges provide excellent balance between price and functionality.

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