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5 Best Sonilex Bluetooth Speakers In India June 2024


Want some great options for Bluetooth speakers at a jaw-dropping price range? Our intensive list of the five best Sonilex Bluetooth speakers will help you select the best one for yourself.

- Updated: 1st Jun 2024, 15:24 IST
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    5 Best Sonilex Bluetooth Speakers
    • 1. Sonilex Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (SL-BS908FM)
    • 2. Wireless Sonilex Bluetooth Speaker (SL-BS990)
    • 3. Sonilex Extra Bass Bluetooth Speaker (SL-BS1003)
    • 4. Sonilex Portable Bluetooth Speaker (SL-BS1025)
    • 5. Sonilex Extra Bass Speaker (SL-BS918)
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Who does not wants a sturdy and affordable ranged speaker to meet their musical needs at home or during transit? The craze of music is unmatched, and here we discuss the five best Sonilex Bluetooth speakers that you can purchase.

Sonilex, registered under WegaCell, is primarily into developing unique and innovative electronic products. Their products are reasonably priced and, therefore, greatly popular in the market today. With great demand, especially in India and China, their speakers are known for their durability, strength, and cost-effectiveness.

When you buy Sonilex Bluetooth speakers, you know that they will last longer and it will meet your needs too. Along with speakers, the brand also manufactures cables, car counts, chargers, earphones, display sets, power banks, and rack items necessary for today.

Coming in multiple colours and designs, they are trendier than regular speakers in the market. So, even if you do not have much budget set aside for speakers, Sonilex will have some amazing options at your disposal.

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5 Best Sonilex Bluetooth Speakers

Here, we discuss in detail the five best Sonilex Bluetooth speakers that you can consider buying if you are looking for one.

1. Sonilex Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (SL-BS908FM)

The wireless Bluetooth speaker by Sonilex is a perfect indoor option for a high-performance speaker within an affordable range. With the advantage of auto set-up, it allows the speaker to perceive the surroundings and adjust changes to the speaker accordingly. Additionally, it comes with external audio input and a power charging interface. All the MP3 files can be played using a USB card.

Equipped with the True Wireless Stereo (TWS), you can enjoy a high-quality surround system in your room without using extensive cable resources. With a power output of 5W, you can even play songs using the memory card slot- a less prevalent feature these days to save you from constantly selecting songs to play. Various modes like FM radio, aux-in, and calling can be done using the Sonilex Bluetooth speakers. The box design gives it a sturdy look and enhances the ambience of your living room too!

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2. Wireless Sonilex Bluetooth Speaker (SL-BS990)

To get a vintage radio feels with an antenna, this model of Sonilex Bluetooth speakers can be a great choice for you. It comes in white colour and gives you the touch and feel of yesteryear’s radio system. The single speaker comes with Bluetooth connectivity using which you can play your favourite songs from your mobile phone, tabs, or laptop. Along with the Bluetooth speaker, it can act as an FM radio and SD card player too. USB port and 3.5mm jack in the speaker allow you to connect instantly with an electronic device in the absence of Bluetooth.

Being lightweight, you can carry it to picnics, late-night parties, long drives, and much more. One key feature of the speaker is that it has a condenser microphone that brings out the inner singer in you. You can adjust the device’s pitch, bass, and sound.

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3. Sonilex Extra Bass Bluetooth Speaker (SL-BS1003)

The extra bass speaker by Sonilex has all the look you need in a chic speaker. However, the product’s best feature is an inbuilt LED torch light that can even help you with the light facility in case you have no electricity at home. It can be connected using USB, Bluetooth, and Wireless technologies. The cylindrical look gives it a tough look, and it is even portable for long distances using the carry strap. With the auto setup and charging functions, it is a must-have range of speakers with a playback time of approx five hours. The speaker is inbuilt with an aux and a memory card slot too.

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4. Sonilex Portable Bluetooth Speaker (SL-BS1025)

The mini Bluetooth speaker by Sonilex comes with an input DC and output power of 5V and 5W, respectively. The wireless device can be adjusted in the clasp of your palm. You can even receive calls and answer them using it. With multiple colour options, they are one of the most liked Sonilex Bluetooth speakers that are known for their good quality sound needed for parties, rich bass, and low harmonic distortion.

You can power off the system using a two-second easy press. Additionally, with three hours of charging full charge time, it gives almost five hours of playback facility too. One important brownie feature of the product is control of the phone camera using it. After you successfully pair your phone with the speaker, the device can also act as a remote shutter. The steel body of the device gives it a shiny and lustrous look. No compromise on the looks with indefinite features from the speaker.

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5. Sonilex Extra Bass Speaker (SL-BS918)

The powerful Sonilex Bluetooth speakers come in multiple colours. However, its look is loved by all. Shaped like a dumbbell, it has 6W power divided into two segments (3W X 2). The auto scan radio and Bluetooth connectivity give it wireless attachment to the latest technologies. Besides, it is built with an external charging interface along with USB and TF card input. Being waterproof in nature, one can use it almost anywhere without much maintenance. Besides, the portable device known for its rich sound quality can even be paired with mobile phones, laptops, and tablets.

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Once you go through the price range of the products mentioned in the article above, you might be tempted to order one right away. Even though there are other Sonilex Bluetooth speakers, the enlisted ones will help you narrow down the list of choices for the budget you might set aside. Be it for portability, connectivity, and performance; these speakers will not disappoint you at any cost.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Bluetooth speakers are a trend these days. Everyone wants a portable speaker that can easily connect to their mobile phone anywhere.
  • However, most of them are quite costly and do not always guarantee you a plethora of features in that range.
  • Sonilex has some amazing options if you are searching for a high-performance Bluetooth speaker, and that too within a set price range. Read to know more.

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