5 Best Whirlpool Ovens To Buy In India February 2023


Choosing a Whirlpool microwave in different price categories is no easy task, thanks to the brand’s massive catalogue of options. So, here are the top five microwave ovens from Whirlpool you can buy in India right now.

By Sandip Chakraborty - 
Updated: 31st Jan 2023 12:29 IST
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    Best Whirlpool Microwave Oven – Top 5 List
    • 1. Whirlpool 20L Solo Microwave Oven
    • 2. Whirlpool 25L Solo Microwave Oven
    • 3. Whirlpool 24L Convection Microwave Oven
    • 4. Whirlpool 30L Convection Microwave Oven
    • 5. Whirlpool 22L Built In Convection Microwave Oven
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Whirlpool, the famous American home appliances manufacturer, has sold various electronic items in India over the years. The company has a huge customer base in South Asian markets and has products with rave reviews. Similarly, the microwave ovens from the company are also quite reliable and come with innovative features. Hence, this article will discuss the top five Whirlpool microwave ovens you can buy in India right now. Whether you are looking for a cheap all-rounder or a heavy-duty microwave, the brand has it all. So, without any further ado, let us quickly get into what Whirlpool offers!

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Best Whirlpool Microwave Oven – Top 5 List

Here we present the top five microwave ovens from Whirlpool, available in India from the American manufacturer. We have arranged the list in ascending price order list. So let us take a look.

1. Whirlpool 20L Solo Microwave Oven

Whirlpool Solo 20-L Oven

The first microwave oven from Whirlpool on our list is the Whirlpool 20-litre Solo Microwave Oven, which is also one of the cheapest microwave ovens from the company. It features a feather touch control panel with Auto Cook functionality and five different power levels. Its easy-to-use operation helps you cook various delicious dishes that will be made without much hassle.

Further, it comes with a press-type door lock that makes the food inside warm and a great security option. Additionally, the oven also lets you make yoghurt with its dedicated mode. Also, it offers you a wide selection of preprogrammed Auto cook menus, so you can easily prepare several amazing dishes that’ll delight your guests. The oven is usually available for less than Rs. 6,000 in India and can be bought from leading online platforms.

Feather touch panelNot suitable for big families
Auto cook functionality
Integrated clock

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2. Whirlpool 25L Solo Microwave Oven

Whirlpool 25-litre oven

The second microwave oven from Whirlpool on our list is the Whirlpool 25-litre Solo Microwave oven. It comes with a express cooking feature that enables quick cooking/reheating at maximum power, with the single touch of a button. Further, it comes with ten different power levels so that you are not devoid of faster cooking. It also comes with a defrost functionality, that easily defrosts and reheats any type of raw food.

Additionaly it comes with Indian pre set cooking menu that has a plethora of dishes commonly made in Indian households. With the help of these recipes, you can easily cook your favourite dish, with the touch of a button. The oven also has an Auto clean button, which dehumidifies all the stains and spots inside the oven. You can buy this oven for less than Rs. 10,000 in India, and is a good microwave oven for families with up to five members.

Defrost functionalityNo grill functionality
Auto clean
Express cooking mode

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3. Whirlpool 24L Convection Microwave Oven

Whirlpool 24-litre Convection Oven

The next Whirlpool microwave oven on our list is the Whirlpool 24-litre Convection microwave oven. As the name suggests this microwave oven can even bake, grill, and even defrost many types of food items because of its convection cooking abilities. There are about 130 auto-cook options included with this machine, so you can quickly prepare your favourite dishes. Additionally, its defrost feature can quickly reheat or thaw your frozen food. It also includes a calorie counter so you may track your caloric intake and be more conscious of your health.

Further, this Whirlpool microwave oven has up to 9 pre-programmed unique menus, so you can quickly prepare dishes with a button. Also, the double quartz heater of this oven ensures that your food is cooked optimally and uniformly. Its sturdily built as it has a stainless steel cavity and big turntable, which makes the cooking of multiple dishes with ease. You can buy this microwave oven from leading online and offline retail outlets.

Can cook tandoori dishesOnly a single year warranty available
130 preprogrammed recipes
Stainless steel cavity

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4. Whirlpool 30L Convection Microwave Oven

You probably would be wondering where is a big oven from Whirlpool, with a capacity for more than four to five members. Well we have hear you, and hence we now present you with the Whirlpool 30-litre Convection Microwave Oven, which has a big cooking capacity. With this microwave oven, you can quickly prepare a wide range of delicious and healthy dishes in as little as two minutes. And you can do all of this without difficulty because to its feather touch control panel, which is simple to use.

Additionally, you can enjoy various tasty and healthy dishes without waiting for long as this microwave oven features many 2-minute recipes. Further, it comes with a grill rack you can grill/bake various food items so that you can enjoy healthy and delicious meals in the comfort of your home. The oven comes in sub 15,000 price category and its one of the best microwave ovens in that price range.

Big 30-litre capacityNo tempered glass protection, which is common in this price range
Different 2-minute recipes premebedded
Comes with a grill rack

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5. Whirlpool 22L Built In Convection Microwave Oven

Whirlpool Combi Convection oven

The last microwave oven on our list is the is the Whirlpool 22-litre Built in Combi Convection microwave oven. It has a caveat space suitable enough to cook for family size of 6-7 people. The Crisp+Grill functionality of this oven ensures uniform top and bottom crisping using grill heat for perfect cooking results. It also quickly heats up the oven to the optimal temperature faster than a non boosted oven, which makes your cooking procedure relatively fast.

You can even enable the child lock mode with this oven by pressing the stop button for three seconds. Further, the 3D distribution system of this machine combines dual heat emission, creating a tridimensional distribution of microwave distributionavity. As a result food is heated q,uickly and evenly. All these innovative features mean you can use this oven for commercial purposes.

Child LockExpensive
Dual emission system
Whole metallic body

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So here is our list of the top Whirlpool microwave ovens for Indian consumers. These ovens are exceptionally well-built and provide the highest level of quality. In addition, all of these ovens come with at least a 1-year warranty on the product and a 5-year warranty on the motor machine. Additionally, Whirlpool also provides great after-sales support.

You can’t go wrong with these ovens because the company has outstanding alternatives in every price range. As a result, we could choose the finest solution from each price category. You can choose any oven from this list, and trust us, you wont be disappointed. With that said, we hope this list is helpful and accomplishes its objectives.

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Highlights of the Story
  • Whirlpool is one of India’s leading home appliance retailers.
  • The brand is known for its premium build quality, after-sales service and excellent pricing.
  • This article lists all the best Whirlpool microwave ovens you can buy in India.

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