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BGMI Rs. 1 Crore Tournament: How To Get A Platinum Account


Krafton is all set to kick off the BGMI Rs. 1 crore esports tournament pool in India soon. However, players need to have a platinum account to participate. Here is how you can get a platinum account in BGMI.

- Updated: 4th Nov 2022, 01:28 IST
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    BGMI: How To Get Platinum Account
    • 2x EXP Card
    • Complete Daily Missions
    • Surviving Longer
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    BGMI: How To Check Rank

Krafton has recently announced a BGMI esports tournament series in India. Moreover, the prize pool of the upcoming tournament will be that of a staggering Rs. 1 crore. Also, the tournament will go on for a span of three months. The BGMI esports tournament registrations will open up on July 19, which is two days from now.

The game developer also released a bunch of rules and regulations for the upcoming series. The two most important of these rules are that players need to be a resident of India and have a Platinum account. Players who do not have a platinum account will immediately not be eligible to participate in the upcoming tournament. Now, BGMI saw a ton of new players who are not familiar with PUBG Mobile’s mechanics and ranking system. Here is how you can get a platinum account in BGMI.

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BGMI: How To Get Platinum Account

BGMI Platinum Account

The upcoming BGMI esports tournament requires players to have a Platinum or above account. Besides, players need to play a total of 15 matches with their registered team members in the span of three months. Players who do not have a platinum or higher account can follow these tips to get there as soon as possible.

2x EXP Card

BGMI Platinum Account

EXP cards are the fastest way to level up in BGMI. These 2x EXP cards last for near about an hour and allow players to level up during that time. These 2x EXP cards can be purchased via the in-game shop. Additionally, they can be obtained by completing missions and events. Like the name suggests, during the duration of the 2x EXP card, players receive two times the EXP than they normally do. Steps to purchase EXP cards are:

  • Open the BGMI app and tap on ‘Store’.
  • Tap on ‘Treasures’ and find the 2x EXP card.
  • Now, players need to select the purchase options. Each EXP card costs 10 UC.
  • Finally, a dialogue box appears on the screen which asks players to confirm the process.

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Complete Daily Missions

This is another great way of getting more and more EXP to reach Platinum. Players need to complete daily missions which can be completed by just playing a few games throughout the day. In order to check daily missions, players need to tap on ‘Mission’ in the bottom right menu from the lobby.

Surviving Longer

The more consistently you play and the longer you survive, the more EXP you get. Try performing well and surviving within the top 10 to get more EXP points. If you win the game, that is the very best.

BGMI: How To Check Rank

For players who do not know how to check their rank in BGMI, these are the steps:

Step 1: Tap on your profile icon

Step 2: Tap on the ‘gun’ icon in the right wall

Players can now see complete details of their gameplay in BGMI so far. This includes their achievements, season rank, rating, career results and more.

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We certainly do hope that this guide helps you in grinding for a Platinum account. All the very best for the upcoming contest, fellow BGMI players. Happy Gaming!



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  • Krafton is all set to start off the Rs. 1 crore BGMI esports tournament in India soon
  • Players need to have a platinum account to take part in it
  • Here’s how you can get a platinum account in BGMI