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    How To Use LFX Tool With BGMI – 90FPS, No Grass, No Recoil, Etc


    LFX tool is a powerful GFX tool that can be used to modify BGMI and bring features like a 90FPS game setting, no grass, no recoil and more. However, it is illegal and can result in a permanent ban. So, players need to use it with utmost caution and know what they are signing up for.

    By Sagnik Dasgupta - 
    17th Jul 2021
    LFX Tool For BGMI

    Highlights of the Story

    • LFX tool can be used to modify BGMI
    • It is illegal and can lead to a permanent ban
    • Here is how you can use it at your own risk

    BGMI is the biggest mobile game in India right now, with about 18 million daily active players and 35 million registered accounts. There are several players who have low-end devices and look forward to having a seamless experience in the game. However, that is not really possible without investing in a high-end smartphone. The only way to go for players on a very tight budget is to use an LFX tool.

    Enhanced graphics, decreased latency, and features like no grass and no recoil make such players’ lives on a low-end device much easier. However, the only problem is that using such tools can get your account banned permanently. This is because these tools are illegal, and Krafton has already revealed how strict they are about such tools via the release of their list of rules and regulations for BGMI.

    LFX Tool: What Is It?

    The LFX tool is basically an advanced GFX tool that acts as a plugin to modify BGMI. The tool comes in handy for players who want to enhance the overall experience of the game. Moreover, the tool allows players to hack the game by bringing in no grass, no recoil and more modifications to the game files. Such tools are available to download and install on the Google Play Store. It is the best way to go for the ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ victory in the game.

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    Furthermore, players on a low-end device can use the tool to unlock the higher graphic settings of BGMI via using the LFX tool. They can also increase the frame rate of the device up to 90Hz. However, one thing to note here is that unlocking graphical settings that your device does not support and cause it to overheat. Moreover, this will affect the overall battery life of your device and bring in various glitches to your BGMI game files.

    LFX Tool for BGMI: Steps To Install

    Step 1 – Install the LFX Tool via Google Play Store

    Firstly, players need to download and install the LFX tool from the Google Play Store. There are several out there. However, we will recommend you download this particular LFX/GFX tool. This tool used to be a go-to GFX tool for PUBG users. Now, the application has also added an option to modify BGMI game files.

    Step 2 – Configure the LFX Tool

    LFX GFX Tool For BGMI

    Now, players need to configure the LFX tool for better gameplay. To do so, they have to make the following changes to the below-mentioned parameters.

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    It is the most critical aspect of the tool. For BGMI, players need to choose the 1.4.X (BGMI) option. Moreover, it is essential to check which version of the game they have currently.


    Players need to choose the resolution in which they want to play the game. Downscaling the resolution leads to smoother gameplay.


    BGMI does not allow low-end players to see high graphical settings. However, with the LFX tool, players can enable high fidelity graphics.


    In this parameter, players need to choose the max FPS they want to hit in the game. It is essential to set this at 60Hz. If you set it at more, there will be terrible overheating issues. You can set it at 90Hz if you have a good device and can handle that much power.


    Enabling this will smoothen out textures, but disabling it will give you higher FPS.


    This is a cosmetic parameter that you can customise as per your preference.

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    Disabling this definitely offers higher FPS but, it is advisable not to. Shadows are vital in survival games like BGMI. So, better to just skip it.


    Vulkan is not really available for all devices, so if your game does not start, toggle this off. However, if your device does support it, enabling it offers a better performance in BGMI.

    Step 3 – Launch BGMI!

    Lastly, all players need to do now is tap on accept. Once that is done, players need to launch the game, and that is all. Upon the game’s launch, players will notice the changes that they have made. A lower resolution and much smoother gameplay.

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    Hope this guide helps you in understanding how the LFX tool works for BGMI. However, we would advise not using such tools as they are not only illegal but can lead to the permanent ban of your account.

    Nawas bar bhuiya
    2 Months ago

    Nawas bar bhuiya
    2 Months ago

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