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ByteDance AI Research Head To Leave As TikTok Scrutiny Heightens


Being surrounded by the scrutiny over TikTok’s threat to a nation’s security and privacy issue, ByteDance AI head Ma Wei-Ying decided to leave the company.

By Narender Kumar - 
28th Jul 2020

Highlights of the Story

  • Recently, the US Senate passes an ordinance to refrain the US federal employees to use TikTok on government-issued devices.
  • Following the legacy of Anti-Chinese sentiments, the pressure is mounting on TikTok.

China-based ByteDance declared on July 28 that their AI Lab head will leave the company. The reason being, its product (short-video making app) TikTok faces strong scrutiny from the US Senate over privacy and the threat to national security.

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Ma Wei-Ying departure comes as TikTok is currently struggling to sustain regulatory challenges across the globe. Showcasing the humble gratitude towards Ma Wei-Ying, the ByteDance’s spokesperson said, “We are extremely grateful to Wei-Ying for his important contribution to ByteDance.”

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As of now, the company hasn’t revealed the name of the person who will replace Ma Wei-Ying. Ma will leave the organization by the end of this week. The technology news website named ‘The Information’, first reported Ma’s departure. The website says Ma will join China’s Tsinghua University later.

As reported by Reuters, the company has recently hired 150 engineers in California to expand its engineering and research department over there. The top officials in the US cabinet have claimed that the government will soon be going to take a major step on the ban on Chinese originated mobile applications like the act done by India.

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Earlier, the statement in Company’s trust was made by the US spokesperson of TikTok, saying, “Company’s growing US team has no higher priority than promoting a safe app experience that protects users’ privacy. Millions of American families use TikTok for entertainment and creative expression, which we recognize is not what federal government devices are for”.

Surely, the act of TikTok App Ban in the US Senate is the start in response to the growing tension between China and America.

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