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    Difference Between Refurbished And Secondhand Mobile Phones?


    Are you clumsy when handling electronic gadgets and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a fresh new phone only to drop it and damage the screen? Or are you simply curious about whether you should buy a refurbished or secondhand mobile phone for your next purchase? To dispel all doubts, we’ll go over the differences between refurbished and secondhand mobile phones in this article.

    By Abantika De | 
    Updated: 14th Jun 2022 09:20 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      What do you understand by the term refurbished?
    • 2
      Pros and cons of buying refurbished smartphones
      • Pros
      • Cons
    • 3
      What do you understand about secondhand mobile phones?
    • 4
      Pros and cons of buying secondhand smartphones
      • Pros
      • Cons
    • 5
      What to consider before buying a refurbished or secondhand mobile phone?

    Highlights of the Story

    • Contemplating whether you should go for a refurbished or secondhand mobile phone?
    • This guide will help you know the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing refurbished and secondhand mobile phones, as well as the difference between them.

    Fear of missing out (FOMO) isn’t only about what your friends are up to. If you’re a techie, you’ve probably experienced FOMO when a new phone is released. However, if you aren’t wealthy, purchasing a new phone every year or two is out of the question. Is buying a refurbished used phone a good investment, or should you consider purchasing a secondhand mobile phone? Continue reading to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of buying a secondhand mobile phone, as well as the difference between refurbished and secondhand mobile phones.

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    What do you understand by the term refurbished?

    Refurbished usually refers to a phone that has been returned due to a defect or because the original purchaser changed their mind. The device is then repaired and checked to ensure that the battery charges, buttons, cameras, and other functions correctly.

    When refurbished phones are sold, they are frequently graded according to their quality, so you know what to anticipate. Due to the Data Protection Act, the phone will be cleaned of any data from its previous owner before being sent to you, and it should come with a guarantee that covers you if any problems arise.

    There are several reasons why a phone might be refurbished, the most common of which are:

    • Exchanged for a newer model.
    • Returned due to a minor flaw that can be easily corrected.
    • Returned because the customer had changed their mind.

    Pros and cons of buying refurbished smartphones


    • A refurbished phone will almost certainly be less expensive than a new one.
    • Buying a refurbished phone outright means you won’t be locked into a pricey contract while opting for one on a plan means you’ll likely save money.
    • Buying a refurbished phone instead of a new one is healthier for the environment.
    • You’ll have a guarantee with a refurbished phone, unlike second-hand phones sold by individuals — make sure you understand it before you buy.
    • Before being sold, refurbished phones will have undergone a number of inspections and testing, ensuring that they are fully functional.
    • If you buy a refurbished phone from an online seller, you have consumer rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, unlike if you buy a second-hand phone from a private seller


    • You may not receive the phone in its original box or with all of the accessories that came with it because it isn’t brand new.
    • It’s possible that the phone will exhibit indications of wear and tear.
    • You may have to wait a long after a handset’s release date to acquire a reconditioned version if you want the latest version.
    • It’s possible that a refurbished phone will be more difficult to insure than a new one.

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    What do you understand about secondhand mobile phones?

    A secondhand mobile phone is likewise pre-owned, but the difference between refurbished and secondhand mobile phones is that you don’t know if the phone has been inspected and certified as ready to use. Second-hand phones are obviously riskier as a result of this. If you buy used through a website, for example, you may find that the site provides warranties or has a testing process, though whether or not the testing method is as thorough as it would be if the phone were returned to the manufacturer is arguable.

    In this instance, it’s unlikely that the phone has been tested in any way, and you’re making a potentially costly risk. If you do decide to take this route, you should try to see the phone in person before deciding to buy it, so you can be sure it’s in good working order.

    Secondhand mobile phones are the most cost-effective alternative in terms of investment, but if you end up with something that doesn’t operate as well as you’d want, you’ve essentially paid for nothing.

    Pros and cons of buying secondhand smartphones


    Features that are still exciting: Even mid-range, 1-2-year-old phones have a lot of exciting features these days. In recent years, many new phone functions have been found in the software rather than the hardware. If your reconditioned phone isn’t too old, you may typically update the software to acquire fresh features and security patches.

    Savings: You’ll save a lot of money: if you buy a secondhand phone since you’ll have more money to spend on other things.  If you buy a secondhand iPhone, which is known for its greater quality and resale value than many Android phones, you’ll likely save even more money if you retain it for a longer period of time.

    More wear, less care: If you save a lot of money on a used phone, you may be less anxious about accidentally hurting it – or even losing it. Because if this happens, you can simply purchase another old phone for a lower price.

    More Choices: It may sound counterintuitive, but buying old phones gives you a lot more possibilities. This may seem difficult at first, but if you prepare a list of the features you want in a phone, you can quickly cut down your options to certain brands and years.

    Quality is important to good resellers, therefore they state the condition of each gadget up front, such as “good” or “outstanding,” and explain what to expect with each rating. If a reseller values your business, they will never intentionally sell you a non-working device. The greatest resellers provide guarantees and return options if you need to return a phone.

    Feeling green: Buying an old phone will make you feel better about your personal “carbon imprint” on the world. That’s because, except for some fresh parts for the refurbishing process and the resources to mail your phone to you, you’re not using any new resources for manufacture or shipping.

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    When it comes to the disadvantages of buying a used phone vs a new phone, they are almost the polar opposite of the above:

    Older features: You won’t have the most up-to-date features, but if you don’t suffer from phone FOMO and simply need a phone that works, you won’t be missing out on the new bells and whistles.

    Less battery life: Unless you buy a refurbished phone with a newer battery (which should be specified in the seller’s description), you’ll have to charge your used phone more frequently. However, if you are typically near a wall outlet or have an excellent portable charger, this may not be an issue.

    Fewer warranties and returns: When you buy a used phone on a general resale site like eBay or Craigslist, you take a chance that the seller is trustworthy. And, in most cases, such merchants do not provide warranties on used goods. However, if you buy from a reputable reseller like cashify which specialises in refurbished phones, you can acquire a warranty or guarantee.

    What to consider before buying a refurbished or secondhand mobile phone?

    You can be enticed by a prospective bargain, but before you buy, be sure you know what you’re getting for your money. Here are some ideas to look into:

    Technical specifications: This comprises information like the model, display type, storage, camera, and battery, among other things.

    Guarantee: The longer the warranty, the better, as you’ll be covered if the phone breaks down.

    Timeframe and cost of delivery: Make sure you can obtain the phone when you need it, and add the delivery fee to the phone’s overall cost.

    Phone’s grade: Since grading methods differ, double-check the facts and make sure you’re satisfied with the phone’s condition.

    What tests have been conducted: While not all merchants provide this information, some do. Phones should be in good functioning order and have had a factory reset before being sold.

    How much you’ll save: First, be sure it’ll save you money over a new phone, then look around to see if another retailer is selling a comparable refurbished phone for less.

    Payment options available: Check to see what payment methods they allow and if there are any card charges. Some merchants allow you to pay for your phone in instalments, but make sure you know if you’ll be charged interest.

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