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Explained: Different Types Of Air Conditioners


Getting an AC for your Home or Office is a confusing task with so many features to look out for. But the first step is to decide which type of AC one should pick. Here are different types of Air Conditioners available in India.

- Updated: 7th Jul 2023, 15:34 IST
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    Different Types Of Air Conditioners in India
    • 1. Window Air Conditioner
    • 2. Portable Air Conditioner
    • 3. Split Air Conditioner
    • Aluminium Coil Vs Copper Coil: Which is better?

India is estimated to reach 9.7 million units of ACs sold in FY22-23. Air Conditioning (AC) units act as a buffer against the scorching summers outside the home or office and cool breezy temperature inside. However, buying an AC is easier said than done. And there are quite a lot of things to consider before buying an AC. But first, one needs to decide on the different types of Air Conditioners one should buy. And which one should be ideal for a particular room.

Different Types Of Air Conditioners in India

A quick Google search will reveal that there are multiple types of Air Conditioners available in India. As buying a new AC makes up quite a lot of the overall budget, finding the one that suits you the best should be an ultimate goal. Let’s dig deeper into the list of different types of ACs that are available in the market along with their pros and cons that assist you to make informed decisions. 

1. Window Air Conditioner

Window Air Conditioner

Window Air Conditioner (AC) is a common type of AC available in different sizes in terms of tonnage and dimensions. It is a self-sustained unit where you need to create a hole in the wall or use an existing window to install it. Once installed, this single unit is cost-effective and energy-efficient delivering cool air indoors while releasing heat from its outdoor section. It has a filter that needs to be cleaned from time to time to enhance its efficiency similar to a split AC unit. 

Depending upon the tonnage, a window AC can cool a small area or a small room. However, if you think of cooling an entire home with a window AC, it won’t happen unless the area is much smaller than usual.

You can turn ON a fan to circulate the air inside a room to allow cool air to regulate a larger area. However, the unit is limited in terms of its capacity and static location which is why it isn’t used in offices or larger structures where you would otherwise have to install multiple units. It is easy to install and can be transferred from one place to another subject that there’s a frame available to hold the unit on a window or a wall.


  • Comparitively easy to install
  • Low upfront and installation cost
  • Energy and cost-effective than other solutions
  • Available in different sizes and fits a variety of windows


  • Limits area of cooling
  • Requires making a hole in the wall or obstructing part of a window
  • It is noisy and loud

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2. Portable Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioner

For those living in India, the availability of space is always a major hurdle when deciding what appliances you can own. If not, design issues or problems with housing society can force you to not have a Window AC installed. Turns out there’s a way better option for these issues. Portable Air Conditioners (PAC) is the ultimate answer that you can simply place and enjoy cool air for hours. Although these portable ACs have a slower cooling speed and are louder than Window ACs. But the biggest advantage being that these are movable. It means you can move it from one place to another making it multipurpose. 

PACs are easy to install, transport, store, and re-use at multiple locations without any hassle. All you need is a window and a power outlet and that’s all. You can go for a single hose PAC which is cheaper and ideal for smaller rooms. On the other hand, dual hose PACs are effective with faster cooling speeds although are expensive. Some PAC makers have options such as dust and air filters, anti-bacterial coating, and so on although these are more expensive than typical ones. 


  • Easy to setup and movable
  • Cheaper
  • Offers an array of added features


  • Less efficient than Split AC
  • Louder similar to Window ACs
  • There’s no inverter option available

3. Split Air Conditioner

Split Air Conditioner

Split Air Conditioner is undoubtedly one of the most popular types of ACs sold in India. Often the most appropriate choice and has replaced Window ACs that obstruct a part of the window. Split ACs comprise two units i.e. outdoor and indoor that require installation separately. The indoor unit can be installed literally on any wall up to 40 meters apart from the outdoor unit connected via well-laid insulation tubes. 

The efficiency of its cooling performance is inversely proportional to the distance between the two units. Split ACs lose efficiency based on how far both the units are placed apart. Thus, it is ideal to install both the units in proximity while keeping the aesthetics and interiors of the home on the right track. Split ACs require a lot of civil/carpentry work and their installation cost is usually higher. Uninstalling a Split AC is cumbersome given that both units should be removed individually. 


  • Inverter and heating options are available
  • Less noisy
  • It can cool larger rooms easily
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Split ACs are expensive
  • There’s always a risk of coolant leaks
  • Installation/uninstallation is usually troublesome and expensive

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Aluminium Coil Vs Copper Coil: Which is better?

Aluminium Coil Vs Copper Coil in Air Conditioners

No matter what AC you buy, it would either come with an aluminum coil or a copper coil where the latter is traditionally reliable. An evaporator coil is a crucial part of an AC that uses refrigerant to use the mechanisms of compressions and evaporation to suck out hot air from a room and process it to send out cool air inside. 

When compared, copper is undeniably the better material because of its characteristics such as heat transfer coefficient which is higher than aluminum. Copper, on the other hand, is expensive which is why many AC makers push toward aluminum coils which are both cheaper and pliable. 

Copper is durable making it last longer while aluminum is less durable and requires a complete replacement in case of any damage. Although both the coils can corrode and copper is easy to maintain which isn’t the same case with aluminum. Overall, you should go for a copper coil against a cheaper aluminum option if you want the AC to last longer. With constant maintenance and cleaning, you can extend its life manifolds.

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