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Noise Shots X1 AIR Review- Best TWS Earbuds On Budget

- Updated: 11th Nov 2022, 00:38 IST
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    Review Summary
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    Noise Shots X1 AIR Price In India & Variants
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    Noise Shots X1 AIR Box Contents
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    Noise Shots X1 AIR Specs At A Glance
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    Noise Shots X1 AIR Design And Comfort
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    Noise Shots X1 AIR Audio Quality
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    Noise Shots X1 AIR Battery Life & Charging
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    Noise Shots X1 AIR Features And Connectivity
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Review Summary

Noise is known for its audio product in the market. All the more reason why I decided to do this Noise Shots X1 AIR review. The recently launched earbuds have turned a lot of heads towards itself. The price of the buds is one of the major reasons why people are considering them. But is that the only point behind choosing the Noise Shots X1 AIR.

I decided to use the buds myself and test its audio quality. The results I got really matched my expectations. Hence, I am sharing my honest Noise Shots X1 AIR review after using the buds for almost fifteen days. Here’s all that I found.


  • Great sound
  • Responsive touch
  • Sweat & Waterproof


  • No battery life in the charging case
  • Lacks noise cancellation


Key Specs
Battery Capacity110 mAh
  • 110 mAh

Noise Shots X1 AIR Price In India & Variants

The Noise Shots X1 AIR is available at a much pocket-friendly price in India i.e., Rs. 1,999. The earbuds are available in two different colours- Black and Grey.

You can find these earbuds online on Flipkart and Amazon and can also purchase them from the official website of Noise. Currently, these buds are out of stock.

Noise Shots X1 AIR Box Contents

The Noise Shots X1 AIR packs the following things in its box:

  • Earbuds
  • Different sets of eartips
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Micro USB Cable

Noise Shots X1 AIR Specs At A Glance

Moving ahead with the Noise Shots X1 AIR review, let me walk you through the specs in brief:

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth V5.0
  • Supported OS: Android, iOS
  • Battery: Up to 7 hours of playback time
  • Weight: 35g

Noise Shots X1 AIR Design And Comfort

Getting started with my Noise Shots X1 AIR review, and I am going to talk about the design first. The Noise Shots X1 AIR features a simple but familiar design. The case is cylindrical in shape and weighs around 31 grams, which makes it quite lightweight. So I was able to keep it in my jeans pocket easily.

noise shots x1 air

The buds, on the other hand, weigh 6.4 grams each. They are more lightweight than the other earbuds that I have used. So, even though I kept wearing them for two hours straight, I did not find any discomfort. The buds are designed to fit in your ears perfectly. I have been using the buds for two weeks now, and I must say it’s the perfect companion for my running sessions.

The perfect in-ear fit prevents the bud from falling down. You can also choose your fit from the additional eartips given with the Noise Shots X1 AIR. Both the buds and the case have LED lights.

The buds come with IPX6 ratings, hence can withstand sweat and light rain.

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Noise Shots X1 AIR Audio Quality

When I tested the audio quality of the Noise Shots X1 AIR, I was quite impressed. The buds offer an amazing audio experience for almost all genres of songs. Listening at high volume also was a pleasant experience with these buds. However, at some points, the audio appeared a bit distorted, but that’s negligible.

noise buds

The earbuds also have low latency, so you don’t have to worry about sound quality while playing games. Now, the noise cancellation feature offered by the buds is not the best, but it serves the purpose.

However, when I used the buds in the crowded market, my voice to the person on the other end was not very clear. Hence, I would recommend using the buds for calling in less crowded places to unleash full voice clarity.

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Noise Shots X1 AIR Battery Life & Charging

The Noise Shots X1 AIR packs a battery of 110mAh, and the company claims a battery life of 7 hours. But in reality, I got around five and a half hours of battery life on a single charge, which is good. But you must note that the case does not have an in-built battery life, which means the case cannot charge the buds like other TWS earbuds.

So, when not in use, the case automatically gets turned off. There is no power button as well. To keep the case working, I used a power bank. However, this became a problem when travelling as I had to carry the power bank as an additional load. Also, when the battery of the buds dropped to five minutes or less, I was getting audio prompts after every five seconds, which I really liked as that gave me an idea of when to charge the buds.

It took me around two hours to charge the buds completely from 0 to 100 per cent. There is no option for fast charging, but that’s acceptable for the low price you are paying here. When charging, the LED lights on the case light to blue, while it changes to red when fully charged.

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Noise Shots X1 AIR Features And Connectivity

The last section in my Noise Shots X1 AIR review is that of features and connectivity options offered by the buds. The TWS come equipped with Bluetooth version 5.0. Hence, I was able to connect it to my smartphone, laptop and MP3 players easily. It is also compatible with iOS devices.

Connecting the buds with the phone is quite easy. I was able to do it in seconds. Just take the buds out of the case, and you will get the name Noise Shots X1 AIR in your available Bluetooth devices section.

noise shots

Tap on the name, and it will be connected. You will get voice confirmation when the device is connected. Also, you can connect the buds to two devices at the same time. Now, that is a great feature at this price point, I must admit.

I really liked the touch response of the buds. Tapping the left earbud once will play/pause the song. Two taps on the left bud mean song will change to the previous one.

Two taps on the right bud will change the song to the next one. Touch and hold the left bud to reduce the volume, while touching and holding the right bud will increase the volume. Similarly, if you want to activate the voice assistant, you need to tap the right bud three times.

noise shots

The earbuds do not have a companion app.

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That’s my take on the Noise Shots X1 AIR Review!!! If you are looking for ultra-compact Bluetooth TWS earbuds with amazing sound quality and at a decent price range, you must go for this one. However, the charging case does not have battery life. This means the case cannot charge the earbuds. So, I will leave that to you to decide. But if that’s not an issue for you, the Noise Shots X1 AIR is worth all your try.

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