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Easy Tips And Tricks To Switch Data From iPhone To Android


If you have decided to switch teams and decided to switch from iPhone to Android then here is a guide on how to switch your data from iPhone to Android.

- Updated: 31st Mar 2024, 00:58 IST
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    Easy Tips And Tricks To Switch Data From iPhone To Android
    • 1. Transferring data directly from iPhone to Android using a USB Cable
    • 2. Transfering data from iPhone to Android using Wifi 
    • 3. Transferring data from iPhone to Android using third-party apps

Are you using an iPhone for quite some time and want to switch to Android for a new experience? For that, you will want to transfer your important data like photos, videos, contacts, apps, etc. to the new device. Right? So, Here in this article, let’s see how you can transfer your data from iPhone to Android easily. 

The seamless transfer of data is becoming more and more important in this era of fast technological innovation. Whether you’re upgrading from an outdated iPhone to the newest Android or simply exploring the possibilities of a new OS, knowing the easiest hacks and tricks to transfer data can greatly improve your experience.  

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Easy Tips And Tricks To Switch Data From iPhone To Android

In this article, we will walk you through the necessary steps, providing insights into the details of transferring contacts, photos, messages, apps, and more. From utilizing cable, and Wifi to exploring third-party apps, we’ll cover a range of methods suitable for users of different technical expertise.

1. Transferring data directly from iPhone to Android using a USB Cable

One of the easiest and fastest ways to transfer data is via a cable as it is the easiest method and requires no technical expertise.

You can transfer data from the iPhone to an Android device by connecting the two with a USB cable. Choose a cable that works with both of the devices. To transfer the data, you’ll either need an OTG adapter and a Lightning to USB cable, or a Lightning to USB cable. 

To transfer the data via a USB cable, follow the steps below:


1. Make sure that the battery is sufficient on both devices (iPhone and Android. Additionally, check the storage of both phones. You may not be able to transfer the data if there isn’t enough storage on your new smartphone. 

2. Now make sure you have your old iPhone cable (Lightning to USB-C cable) handy with you.

3. Assure that your Android smartphone is connected to a WiFi network or has an active data connection.

The process to transfer data from iPhone to Android:

1. Turn on your new Android smartphone, insert the SIM and if possible connect to the Wi-Fi network.

2. Now selece “Copy Apps & Data” option from the screen, and from the screen that says “From Old phone” now click on Next.

3. On the new screen that says “Find your old device’s cable” click on Next. and again select Next button on the new scree.

4. Now connect both the devices. To begin, turn on your iPhone and plug in the lightning cable and connect the other end with USB-C cable in your Android device.

5. Now you will get a pop-up on your iPhone that says “Trust This Computer” and click on Trust.

6. Now select Next on your Android smartphone. And you may have to enter a password or pattern on your iPhone several times.

7. Now on your Android phone, sign in using your Gmail ID. And this step is important to migrate most of your Google-linked data.

8. Now from the screen select the files and data that you wish to migrate. These include Apps, Contacts, Photos, etc. Select all the required data types that you wish to import.

9. Now to begin the transfer click on the “Copy” button to initiate the process.

Once the setup is done, unplug the cable and enjoy your new Android smartphone.

2. Transfering data from iPhone to Android using Wifi 

You can use your Google account to transfer data over a Wi-Fi network also if you don’t have a USB-C to Lightning cable. For this, you have to fully charge both devices and update your iPhone to the latest version. One downside with restoring data using Google One Backup is that the kind of data you can transfer over WiFi is far more limited than using a cable. 

To transfer the data over Wifi, follow the steps below:

  • While setting up your new Android device when a Google account is requested to use your previous device, choose Next to initiate the transfer during the initial setup procedure of your new Android phone. 
  • After choosing “No cable?”, select “Copy without cable”
  • After selecting “Switching from iPhone device?”, log into your Google account. 
  • To move contacts, calendar events, photographs, and videos across Wi-Fi on your iPhone, download the “Switch To Android” app from the Apple App Store.
  • Now complete the setup process on the app and scan the provided QR code on your Android smartphone to begin the data transfer process.

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3. Transferring data from iPhone to Android using third-party apps

To facilitate the transfer from an old phone to a new one, the majority of Android device makers offer their apps. Apart from those apps, there are a few more third-party apps that offer a ton of more features For example, Proton drive, Mobile Trans, etc. Here is the detailed information about these apps. 

Proton Drive

Migrating your data to an Android smartphone after transferring it from your iPhone to a secure cloud storage provider is one way to move your data. For iOS and Android mobile devices, Proton Drive is a secure way to synchronize your data.
  • Download the Proton App for both devices and create your account. After creating the account, sign in using your username and password. 
  • On the top right, you will find a (+) sign. Click on the + sign to upload the files by selecting “Import Files”. Follow this process for images by selecting “Upload a Photo” from Photos. 
  • To upload your WhatsApp chats, open the app on your iPhone and select a chat. Next, select Export Chat and then Save to Files. Next, upload the conversations to the iPhone app for Proton Drive.
  • To upload the contacts, you have to export all of your contacts as vCards to your PC after syncing them with iCloud.
  • Next, go to, sign in to your Proton Drive account, click New, and choose which contacts to upload.
  • You can download anything to your Android device once it’s all in your Proton Drive account. 

One of the disadvantages of this app is its lengthy and slow process. You have to select which files to upload, upload them, and then download them again to transfer data to a different device. 

CLICK HERE to download Proton Drive from the App Store 

CLICK HERE to download Proton Drive from the Play Store 

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Mobile Trans

With just one click, switch between your iPhone and Android mobile while using both on your computer with the utmost ease. You can transfer movies, videos, contacts, messages, and music straight from your iPhone to your Android device with the easy approach of this app, so there’s no need for convoluted steps.

Not only is it easy to transfer your data, but it’s also simple to back up your data to your Mac or PC. Additionally, whenever necessary, you can restore data from your PC to your iPhone or Android smartphone. However, this app is only compatible with the most recent versions of the iOS and Android operating systems, so switching between them is seamless.

Follow these steps to transfer data via Mobile Trans:

  • MobileTrans must be downloaded and installed on a Mac or PC. Launch it after installation to see the available settings.
  • Select the “Phone Transfer” option. 
  • Connect both the iPhone and the Android to a computer to verify which files need to be moved. 
  • These files might be seen in the interface’s centre. Click “Start” once your file selections have been made.
  • Its size will determine how long the transfer process takes to finish. You can now view the transferred data on your Android phone. 
  • Ensure that both devices are connected until the files are completely transferred. 

And that’s it! The data transfer is complete and you are good to go with all the data from your old iPhone device all migrated to your new Android device.

CLICK HERE to download Mobile Trans from the App Store

CLICK HERE to download Mobile Trans from the Play Store

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Highlights of the Story

  • Transferring Data from iPhone to Android is a bit tedious process.
  • Using a USB cable to transfer data while setting up your Android smartphone is the easiest process.

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