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Samsung Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15 Pro Max: A Flagship Faceoff


The Samsung S24 series launched recently and is a compact device with a 6.2-inch display that feels quite comfortable to hold in hand. At the same time, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is a large device with a big display, large battery and overall hefty form factor. Here is a comparison between Samsung Galaxy S24 and iPhone 15 Pro Max and see which is the winner.

- Updated: 15th Feb 2024, 16:30 IST
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    Samsung Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15 Pro Max
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    Samsung Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15 Pro Max: Specifications
    • 1. Design, Display and Build Quality
    • 2. Samsung Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15 Pro Max: Camera 
    • 3. Samsung Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15 Pro Max: AI Features
    • 4. Samsung Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15 Pro Max: Gaming
    • 5. Samsung Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15 Pro Max: Performance
    • 6. Samsung Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15 Pro Max: Battery + Charging 
    • 7. Samsung Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15 Pro Max: Software and Audio Quality
    • 8. Samsung Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15 Pro Max: Price and Availability 

The real smartphone battle began with the launch of the Samsung S24 series of smartphones recently. You probably think of Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max as it is known to be the best smartphone currently. But before buying the iPhone 15 Pro Max, you must consider its biggest competitor – Samsung Galaxy S24 which made its official debut on 17th of January, 2024. And the best of both worlds when these two go head to head i.e. Samsung Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15 Pro Max is an interesting comparison.

The iPhone 15 Pro offers a bigger display, extra battery, and a better processor on paper. The Galaxy S24 has so much more to adore especially now that the Galaxy S24 has a 120hz Dynamic LTPO AMOLED display, innovative AI features, Samsung DeX support, and a bunch more camera tricks under its sleeves.

However, what’s new is that Samsung has beaten Apple to the AI game with a bunch of brand-new “Galaxy AI” capabilities. The iPhone faces fierce competition when a brand-new zoom camera with tonnes of AI tricks is added to the features of the Samsung Galaxy S24. 

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Samsung Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15 Pro Max

Samsung Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15 Pro Max

Now, it might be difficult for you to choose between the two. But we compare the features to decide the winner between Samsung Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15 Pro Max. This comparison aims to provide an insightful analysis of the distinctions between the Samsung Galaxy S24 and the iPhone 15 Pro Max, along with an early look at the innovations that could shape your smartphone choices this year. 

Samsung Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15 Pro Max: Specifications

Let’s first understand the major differences between the iPhone 15 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S24.

Feature/SpecificationGalaxy S24iPhone 15 Pro Max
Display -6.2 inch Dynamic AMOLED display
– 120Hz Refresh Rate
– 2600 nits Peak Brightness
– Gorilla Glass Victus 2 Protection
– 6.7 inches Super Retina XDR OLED Display
– 120Hz Refresh Rate
– 2000 nits Peak Brightness 
– Ceramic Shield Protection 
Processor+Storage– Exynos 2400 processor
– Upto 512GB UFS 3.1 Storage
– Apple A17 Pro Chipset
– Up to 1TB of NVMe storage
Optics (Cameras)– 50-megapixel, f/1.8, Primary Shooter
– 10-megapixel f/2.4 Telephoto Lens
– 12-megapixel Ultra-Wide
– 12-megapixel Selfie Camera
– 48-megapixel f/1.8 Primary Lens
– 12-megapixel 120mm Periscope Telephoto
– 12-megapixel Ultra-Wide
– 12-megapixel Selfie Camera
Battery + Charging4000mAH, 25W Wired Charging4441mAH, 25W Wired Charging
Price Rs 79,999/- Rs 1,56,900/-

Now, you might have a basic idea of the distinctions between the two phones as of now. Let’s now assess the qualities, specifications, and features in a detailed manner. 

1. Design, Display and Build Quality

Both the phones have distinct & unique designs and quality that are worth considering. 

Samsung Galaxy S24

The Galaxy S24 has a 6.2-inch display with a refresh rate of 120Hz and a resolution of 2340 x 1080 (FHD+) pixels and offers a 1080p screen. Along with this, the S24 series is also brighter, with peak brightness levels up to 2,600 nits. 

Talking about the build quality the S24 is now made of second-generation aluminium armour that is completely flat and has a matte finish that feels good to hold in hand. The S24 is about 45 grams lighter than the iPhone 15 Pro Max, with a design that features angular corners and a broader footprint.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

The iPhone 15 Pro Max display features rounded edges that fit inside a typical rectangle. And follows a lovely curved design with a titanium frame, and a glass back. The screen’s diagonal measurement, expressed in normal rectangular units, is 6.69 inches. On the back. It features a 6.7-inch OLED display with 1290 x 2796 pixels, 120Hz refresh rate, and 2,000 nits of peak brightness. 

The iPhone 15 Pro Max offers a wide colour (P3), True Tone, and HDR display to increase visual vibrancy, while Haptic Touch offers a quick reaction. It features an amazing 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio, a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits (on average), and a peak brightness of 1,600 nits in HDR mode and 2,000 nits outside. 

Additionally, the new Action button is an additional button on the iPhone 15 series which is missing on the Samsung Galaxy S24. It’s a programmable button that you can adjust to your preferences. As promised, this time Apple included a USB‑C Charge Cable that supports fast charging and is compatible with USB‑C power adapters. 

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2. Samsung Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15 Pro Max: Camera 

Are you also the one who considers the camera as one of the primary features of a Phone? Then the choice is hard this time as both the phones have a Pro-camera system. 

Samsung Galaxy S24

The Galaxy S24 is equipped with a triple-camera setup on the rear. These include 50-megapixel + 12-megapixel + 10-megapixel, for Main, Ultrawide and Telephoto sensors respectively. However, despite the high-resolution primary camera, the default setting for photos is set at 12-megapixel.

Regarding photography and editing, Samsung has unveiled a new function that allows users to modify, reposition, or even erase subjects from photos. You can also use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to fill in the corners of a blurred photo by adjusting the horizon levels.

Samsung Galaxy s24

With 1.6x larger pixels and a wider Tele OIS, photos and videos are brighter and more stable, making even distant subjects stunning from sunup to sundown. The Optical Zoom 3x, Optical quality Zoom 2x (Enabled by Adaptive Pixel sensor), and Digital Zoom up to 30x, promise lossless quality. Samsung emphasizes the role of Galaxy AI in enhancing zoom image quality. Additionally, the phone supports 8K video recording, which is now compatible with the 3X zoom feature thanks to the new AI Zoom solution. 

In terms of specifications, the camera setup includes a  50-megapixel, f/1.8 primary camera, an ultrawide 12-megapixel sensor, f/2.2 120-degree camera, and a Telephoto 10-megapixel camera, f/2.4 offering 1x to 2x to 3x optical zoom. Additionally, there’s a 12-megapixel f/2.2 front-facing camera for selfies. 

iPhone 15 Pro Max

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iPhone is always known for its best-in-class camera quality. The iPhone 15 Pro Max is equipped with a triple-camera setup on the rear, featuring a novel 5X tetraprism zoom lens. The device now can capture 24-megapixel images and includes a 48MP f/1.8 primary camera, a 12MP f/2.2 ultra-wide camera with a wide 120-degree field of view, and a 12-megapixel f/2.8 periscope camera offering 5x optical zoom. On the front, there’s a 12-megapixel f/1.9 camera for high-quality selfies.

3. Samsung Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15 Pro Max: AI Features

Samsung Galaxy S24

Samsung Galaxy s24

The Samsung Galaxy S24 includes Circle to search on Google, AI-generated Magic Editor, Live Translate, in-call translation etc. And the ability to monitor up to 10 speakers when recording voice memos. There is an AI camera in the Samsung Galaxy S24 that includes the capacity to crop backdrops, move subjects around in pictures, and improve video quality. When you call someone next, you can obtain a fast translation into another language. That’s correct, AI facilitates phone calls in languages other than your own. Even messaging is functional with this feature. 

iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple iphone 15 Pro max

Conversely, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is not as efficient as Galaxy in terms of AI. It has a Pro camera system that includes 100% Focus Pixels, a second-generation sensor-shift optical image stabilization system, and a 48-megapixel primary sensor. But there are no dedicated AI features that can do the tricks that the Samsung S24 can do.

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4. Samsung Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15 Pro Max: Gaming

Samsung Galaxy S24

The AI-driven performance improvements, such as intelligent -resource management and live gameplay modifications have been incorporated into Samsung Galaxy. AI also be used to enhance touch response and general display performance, which will in return improve the responsiveness of gaming environments. 

Samsung Galaxy s24 Gaming

You can maintain the best possible gaming performance with the help of the upgraded heat dissipation system. The most recent Vapour Chamber has an incorporated liquid-type thermal interface material and is larger than the previous S23 series.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

Now you can also have a gaming system in your iPhone like Mac because of its new features, which include increased system resources, support for console textures, and better CPU and GPU performance. The A17 Pro chipset is a powerhouse and is capable of running AAA gaming titles. These gaming titles include Resident Evil 4 Remake, The Division: Resurgence, Assassin’s Creed Mirage etc. More titles are on the way later this year and this would be a game changer. The Samsung S24 is an equally compatible device but it’s hard to predict if these AAA gaming titles will arrive on Android or not.

5. Samsung Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15 Pro Max: Performance

Samsung Galaxy s24 Performance

Samsung Galaxy S24

In terms of performance, the Galaxy S24 includes an Exynos 2400 chip paired with 8 GB of RAM. This is an ideal combination of improved performance and reduced power consumption. Compared to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, it boasts better CPU performance and faster graphics. The Xclipse 940 GPU is a powerhouse and can run any gaming title thrown at it. Regarding storage, the iPhone 15 Pro Max offers 1TB of maximum storage while the S24 offer max 512GB of internal storage.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple has released the A17 Pro chip, which is built using the first 3nm technology ever. A new 6-core CPU with 2 performance and 4 efficiency cores is also introduced. Its smooth integration with a 6-core GPU guarantees unmatched graphics performance. A new 16-core Neural Engine is improving efficiency in tasks such as machine learning and image processing. 

Satellite connectivity is one intriguing feature that Apple added last year to the iPhone 14 series and it makes its way to the iPhone 15 Pro Max as well. However, mainstream Android phones do not currently have this feature. In terms of AI, Apple and the iPhone are still behind, and they won’t be releasing AI features until the September 2024 iOS 18 release.

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6. Samsung Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15 Pro Max: Battery + Charging 

Samsung Galaxy S24

The Samsung Galaxy S24 has a 4,000 mAh battery that can charge other devices wirelessly. It also supports 25W wired charging, 15W wireless charging, and Wireless Power Share.  In comparison to the iPhone, the Galaxy will operate at 25W which speeds faster. This indicates that Galaxy will finish charging your phone in about an hour. You can now watch videos for up to 29 hours, listen to songs for up to 78 hours, and use the internet for up to 25 hours.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is equipped with a whopping 4,422mAh battery for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Apple offers a range of charging choices to accommodate different user preferences. While Qi2 wireless charging offers a comparable 15W capability. MagSafe technology allows for efficient wireless charging with a maximum capacity of 15W. With a 25W or higher adapter, users can fast-charge iPhone 15 Pro Max at 25W to achieve up to 50% battery life in around 30 minutes.

7. Samsung Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15 Pro Max: Software and Audio Quality

Samsung Galaxy S24

On top of Android 14, the Galaxy S24 is running Samsung’s new One UI 6.1 software and it comes with four years of Samsung standard software updates. 

The Galaxy modifies the bottom speaker’s appearance by replacing the previous perforated design with a pill-shaped cutout, and that thing seems to have worked for them to meet the improvements.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

iPhone 15 Pro Max comes with iOS 17 out of the box. With its wealth of features and privacy-preserving design, iOS is the most secure and personal mobile operating system available.

iOS 17.1

Talking about audio quality, the DXOMARK Audio score of 143 for the iPhone 15 Pro Max indicates that it has exceptional audio quality. The immersive sound experience of the iPhone 15 Pro Max is enhanced by its support for Dolby Atmos technology and Spatial Audio playback. The stereo sound scene is well-centred, with superb sound source localizability and distance representation.

8. Samsung Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15 Pro Max: Price and Availability 

Samsung Galaxy S24

The Samsung Galaxy S24 was unveiled on January 17. Samsung Galaxy has a starting price of Rs 79,999/-, which will bring you 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

The iPhone 15 Pro Max on the other hand unveiled in September 2023 came with a starting price in India of a whopping Rs. 1,59,900/-. Yes, you heard it right, you can get 2 x Galaxy S24 in India for the price of one iPhone 15 Pro Max.


While the debate for comparing the Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15 Pro Max is never-ending. It begins with deciding which ecosystem are you willing to be a part of. While Samsung S24 offers a slightly better display, compact form factor and tons of new AI features. But if you are looking for a bigger display, reliability from iOS and a bigger battery then the iPhone 15 Pro Max makes more sense. I prefer compact and lightweight devices and I would go with the Samsung S24. But if you consume a lot of content on your smartphone then iPhone 15 Pro Max is for you.

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