Apple AirPods series of four Apple products is one of the most loved products. Since the AirPods line debuted in 2016, there have been a total of five versions of these headphones on the market, some of which are available in various varieties with different attachments.

apple AirPods series

It might be challenging to decide which Apple AirPods series to purchase. To begin with, these aren’t merely newer versions of the same headphones. There are significant changes between the various models in terms of functionality, performance, and design.

It might be challenging to decide which AirPods to buy because many different models are available at different price ranges. That’s why the experts have put up this comparison chart to pick the ideal model for you. You can look for Apple AirPods series two or the AirPods series 3 and compare them easily.

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Apple AirPods series are among the most popular headphones on the market right now, if not the most popular. And with good reason: they often appear on our annual rankings of the finest headphones. They have excellent audio quality and work flawlessly with an iPhone, Mac, or any Apple device. The AirPods Pro and AirPods Max have superb active noise cancellation and a transparency mode, while the new AirPods have great sound for a low price.

Second-generation Apple AirPods series

apple AirPods series

They’re easy to use, as are all AirPods, especially with other Apple devices. They’re easy to link with your iPhone or MacBook, and they’ll fluidly transition between the two as you use them. When you take them off, they’ll immediately halt. These AirPods also have an open-air design that lets some ambient noise in. It makes you feel less isolated from the outer world, but it might make it difficult to hear your music. For some, this is a benefit. For others, it is a disadvantage. The Apple AirPod series 2 is the best choice to look for.

Apple AirPods pro: Best Apple AirPods series

Apple AirPods pro

Even though they were introduced in 2019, Apple’s AirPods Pro remains among the best true wireless earbuds due to their comfortable fit, good sound, Active Noise Cancellation, and intriguing feature set, including Apple’s spatial audio virtual surround capability. The gold standard is their transparency option, which allows you to hear the environment around you while wearing it. The AirPods Pro is the finest true wireless earbuds on the market, and they’re also great for making phone conversations.

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Unlike the second-and third-generation Apple AirPods series, which lie just outside the ear canal, the AirPods Pro has an isolating design with soft silicone tips that physically seal the ear canal. That doesn’t mean you’ll be completely blocked out; you may adjust the degree of noise reduction. There’s also a transparency mode, which intentionally channels in outside sound in such a manner that it nearly feels like you’re not wearing headphones. The Pros also feature somewhat better sound quality than the third-generation model, though it still falls short of the finest headphones we tested.

Third-generation Apple AirPods series

Third-generation Apple AirPods series

The third-generation AirPods are Apple’s most current headphones, and they provide substantial advancements over the second model. First and foremost, the sound quality has improved dramatically owing to a new design, upgraded drivers, and new software of the AirPods series 1.

With a few tweaks, these earbuds provide all of the convenience of the second-generation AirPods. They contain pressure-sensitive squeeze controls, which are a little easier to use than the tap controls of the previous generation. According to Apple, they feature new sensors that keep them from playing while they’re not in your ears, enhanced Siri compatibility, and better call quality.

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Airpods Max: Most expensive Apple AirPods series

Airpods Max

Spatial audio, noise cancellation, and simple connection with Apple devices are included in Apple’s first full-size headphones. Yes, buying around the same as a PS5 may seem insane, but here’s the weird part: They’re worth buying if you don’t mind being frustrated by their lack of full lossless audio capabilities and the lack of a wired listening cable (which one must purchase separately).

The AirPods Max is different from the conventional Apple AirPods series in several ways. First and foremost, they are not earbuds; instead, they are large, over-ear headphones. Second, they’re somewhat costly. A pair will set you back $549 from Apple. Even at the lowest bargain price, we could find, they were still hundreds of dollars more expensive than practically every model in our rankings.

Is it worthwhile to spend large amounts of cash on them? Definitely not in terms of sound quality and noise-cancelling capabilities. In our tests, three over-ear noise-cancelling headphones scored higher, had superior sound and noise-blocking performance, and were less expensive. The cheapest of them all, from Sennheiser, is only $160.

Airpods 2019 edition

Airpods 2019 edition

The Apple AirPods 2nd Generation is still available, however, they no longer support wireless charging. The AirPods 2 have been cut in price to $129, but you may find them for less elsewhere. They usually cost around $115, but Walmart just discounted them to $89, and they are likely to cost approximately $100. They do not offer as many capabilities and qualities as the other AirPods on the list, but they’re still a fantastic option for people on a tighter budget or for people who wore out their pair but enjoy the fit and would like to replace them.

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What are the most up-to-date AirPods?

The newest Apple AirPods are the 2021 third-generation AirPods with expanded capabilities, released on October 26 in retailers. They have a new look, excellent sound, and longer battery life.

At the same time, the third-generation Apple AirPods series, an improved version of the AirPods Pro with MagSafe compatibility, was announced. MagSafe compatibility is the sole difference between the “old” and “new” AirPods Pro models.

Is it necessary to purchase AirPods from the Apple Store?

apple AirPods series

No, if you can avoid it: Other shops, including Amazon and Walmart, generally sell the various Apple AirPods variants for less. Meanwhile, Amazon usually matches the lowest price offered by other shops. We’d buy AirPods from the Apple Store only if we wanted engraving, which isn’t available anywhere else. If you go into an Apple Store for Apple bargains, though, you should inquire about price matching. While Apple does not appear to have an official policy, it has been rumoured to match prices up to 10 per cent. For example, the AirPods Pro, which retails for $249, would be discounted by $25.

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It was all about shopping for the best Apple AirPods series. AirPods have five-hour battery life on a single charge. As a result, it can benefit persons who have lengthy commutes. The AirPods also come with a case for charging that may last up to 24 hours if wholly charged. Another notable aspect of the Apple AirPods is that they can provide another three hours of playback after only 15 minutes in the charging case. It can be a fantastic choice for genuinely wireless headphones if you have a lot of Apple gadgets or if you don’t. Select the perfect Airpod that suits your style and budget, and enjoy the best quality music.

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