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Explained: What is IPX rating? Importance And Its Meaning


IP stands for Ingress Protection, which is often known as international security. The IPX rating indicates the amount of protection against water, dust, and other elements. Before making a purchase, always check if an item has an IP rating or has passed equivalent testing.


- Updated: 14th Mar 2022, 12:59 IST

What is IPX rating? Before we learn about IPX rating, let us understand what IP stands for. IP stands for Ingress Protection, which is often known as international security. The IPX rating indicates the amount of protection against water, dust, and other elements. Depending on the object, the IPX can also mean ‘weather-resistant,’ ‘waterproof,’ or ‘dust-resistant,’ depending on the object. Thus to know about what is ipx waterproof, keep on reading this article.

 ipx rating

Let us know what is ipx waterproof. The first digit number/letter describes the amount of protection against solid particle or item infiltration. Suppose there is no information on the amount of protection against solid particle ingress. In that case, the product will have an X letter on it, indicating that it is a water-resistant gadget. The initial symbol must be 0 if the product does not provide any protection.

There are eight categories of protection against solid particle infiltration, ranging from 0 to 8. The device is protected from minor sprays of water if the first number following IP is 5. While the first number after IP indicates total protection from water submersion to a depth of one meter. After IP, the second number indicates complete protection from water submersion to a depth of one meter.

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What Is IPX Rating And Who Checks The IP Tests?

If you are questioning what is IPX rating and who checks these tests, then there is no formal body or series of third-party companies that manage IP certificates. The IP code is essentially a set of worldwide standards agreed upon by each industry. Instead, it is the responsibility of the companies seeking certification to purchase, install, operate, and maintain the testing equipment.

As you might expect, the expense of all of this technology, as well as the staff required to manage and operate it, as well as the premises in which it is present, is not inexpensive for businesses. Companies must also pay for gaskets and other components required to ensure a specific IP rating; however, these are significantly less expensive than the testing equipment.

Large corporations with millions of devices on the market and an experienced IP certification staff can simply stretch out and recoup the equipment expenditures. On the other hand, small businesses are in a completely different situation. The cost of IP certification is far more difficult to swallow for smaller teams who aren’t producing millions of units per year. They’re more likely to choose not to test and certify their products even if they could easily attain an IP68 rating.

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What is ipx waterproof, why is it important?


If you are wondering what is IPX rating, what is ipx waterproof and why it is essential, then here is your answer. The IP rating’s first digit/letter denotes the level of protection against solid particles and objects entry. The first symbol will be 0 if the gadget does not protect against solid particle infiltration. If there is no information on the level of protection against solid particle ingress (since the device hasn’t been tested), the first symbol following IP will be an X instead of a 0 (something like IPX4 or IPX7). When looking for waterproof/water resistant/splash-proof outdoor speakers and other electrical equipment, you’ll notice this in many product descriptions.

There are six layers of protection against solid particle infiltration. When purchasing outdoor speakers, levels 5 and 6 are preferred, primarily if you will use them on the beach. If the first number after IP is 5, the device is dust protected, which means that it is not totally protected against dust ingress. Still, even if dust does enter, the amount will not be sufficient to interfere with the device’s operation. If the very first number following IP is 6, the gadget is dustproof/dust-tight and totally sealed against dust entry.

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The IP rating’s second symbol denotes the level of protection against water penetration (not against ingress of other fluids). There are nine stages of water protection, which we will go over in detail in the following section. The second sign in the IP rating is 0 if a device does not offer any level of protection against water infiltration and X if the item has not been tested for water resistance.

The third sign is optional, and not all devices have this type of testing. A letter is the third symbol (H, S, M, F, or W). These letters define the device’s performance under various settings and provide you with essential information about the device’s attributes. H denotes high voltage, M indicates that the device was moving during the water test, S implies that the device was stationary during the water test, W indicates weather conditions, and F indicates that the device is oil resistant. Thus, the answer to the question of what is IPX rating is is cleared.

What Does Different IPX Rating Depict?

ipx waterproof
  • IPX0 – This indicates that it is not water-resistant. Consider what happens to paper when it is damp. It’s chaos and damages your story as a result.
  • IPX1 – This protects a device against water drops falling vertically on it. One can suppose this circumstance might happen, but then again, so could win the lotto.
  • IPX2 – When the device is tilted up to 15 degrees, it will protect it from occasional water drops. You’re done for if your device is set to 16°; sorry, but there are limits in the world.
  • IPX3 – Even better, you can now spray your stuff from the top of the device up to 60 degrees. So, I guess that’s cool.
  • IPX4 – We’re starting to get someplace. It will prevent “yoish cold” from sprinkling water in all directions. So don’t be concerned if you drop some ice cubes into your scotch and it splashes except for the scotch drips that didn’t make it into your stomach.
  • IPX5 – It will shield your belongings from water jets coming from any direction.
  • IPX6 – Protects against high-pressure water jets. So, if you used an air compressor and an aftermarket tip to modify your super soaker, your stuff is still secure. In truth, IPX6 is a water-resistant rating. After that, everything is watertight.
  • IPX7 – Full splashdown approved. If you submerge your gadget in water up to 3 feet (1 meter). Your smartphone will continue to function in the United States of America (USA) and all over the world.
  • IPX8 – Your device will be protected in water up to 3 feet deep. It is for your belongings in the bottom of a pool, lake, or even a public hot tub that is really deep. If you are wondering what is IPX waterproof, then this is it.

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What Happens If A Product Is Not Waterproof?

ipx waterproof

“What if this product has no IP rating?” Does this imply that the firm is deceiving me? “Are they trying to sell me something wrong?” you may exclaim angrily. Certainly not.

It simply signifies that a product did not pass this particular IP test. It’s not uncommon for a product to pass a water resistance test but fail a dust resistance test. It may have a rating like “IPX7” in this situation. “X” is not the same as “0” in this case. It simply means that the manufacturer did not test the product for solids protection.

If the manufacturer chooses a different certification or rating standard, the IP rating may be missing. You must also look for other quality markings that verify the product is water- or dust-resistant. And, yes, you may be dealing with a snake-oil seller if someone claims their product is “100% waterproof, guy” but refuses to display any certificates.


This guide should have given you a grasp of the answer to what is IPX rating. The IP ratings and what your gadgets are likely to withstand in the event of an accident if you were wondering what is IPX rating. Before making a purchase, always check if an item has an IP rating or has passed equivalent testing. Even if your device has an IPX8 rating, you should still use common sense and store it in a dry and cool location away from water and dust, and dry it off immediately if it gets wet.

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