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iPad vs Android Tablet: Which One To Choose And Why?


iPad vs android tablet is a hot topic on the internet now. If you buy a tablet at your local electronics store or online, it’s likely to run Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android operating system. The choice between Apple iPad vs android tablet is, in many respects, a personal one. There is no one-size-fits-all operating system or model for everyone. Read on to know more.

- Updated: 14th Jan 2023, 22:02 IST
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    What is the Difference Between an Apple iPad vs Android Tablet?
    • Pricing of iPad vs android tablet
    • Usage of iPad vs android tablet 
    • Storage of iPad vs android tablet 
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    iPad vs android tablet: Strength and Weakness 
    • Strength of iPad:
    • Weakness of iPad:
    • Strengths of Android:
    • Weakness of Android:
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iPad vs android tablet is a hot topic on the internet now. If you buy a tablet at your local electronics store or online, it’s likely to run Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android operating system. Knowing what each operating system offers is a simple approach to figuring out which tablets are suitable for you. The Amazon Fire HD 8 is excellent for primary media consumption or children. The iPad 10.2 (2020) is a perfect all-around choice for anything else. If you want to learn more about how these two popular operating systems — and the tablets — operate, this iPad vs android tablet guide will provide you with everything you need to know.

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What is the Difference Between an Apple iPad vs Android Tablet?

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The following are the main differences between an iPad vs android tablet:

  1. The term “tablet” refers to a wide range of devices that typically operate using a touch screen and come in various configurations from various manufacturers. In contrast, “iPad” refers to Apple’s tablet version.
  2. Apple’s iOS runs on the iPad, whereas Google’s Android is the most popular operating system for other tablets.
  3. Flash or shock-wave flash videos don’t support on the iPad. As a result, if you wish to read Flash-based websites, play Flash games, or watch Flash movies on your iPad, you’ll run into some issues, but other tablets (Android) can use this popular program to display online videos.
  4. The iPad lacks multitasking, which means it can’t interact with numerous apps simultaneously, unlike other Android tablets that have full multitasking, which means that while you’re using one app, other apps can run in the background.
  5. Although the iPad has more functions than Android tablets, it is debatable whether one has the advantage depending on which functionalities one desires.
  6. The iPad has many apps available; however other tablets have fewer compatible apps.

There are some factors to be regarded while choosing Apple iPad vs android tablet. They are:

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Pricing of iPad vs android tablet

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Android is your only option if you’re searching for a low-cost tablet. The tablet outperforms any Android tablet with a price tag that is even vaguely comparable. However, the cost of Apple’s iPad 10.2 continues to fall, making it an appealing value if you have the funds.

Android’s costs are roughly in line with Apple’s middle tier. As a result, this is, in many respects, the sweet spot in terms of sheer selection. Apple is the brand to beat on the top end. Their iPad Pro line boasts market-leading performance, beautiful design, precise screens, and a level of refinement that Android can’t match. So, when comparing the prices of an iPad vs android tablet, androids come at a lower price and are accessible to the masses. 

Usage of iPad vs android tablet 

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The tablets in the Amazon Fire series is hard to beat if you’re looking for a primary alternative for media consumption or the occasional email. They’re cheap enough to be almost disposable, and they cover the essentials well enough. This role can be filled by iPad 10.2. However, it costs nearly seven times as much as the Amazon Fire 7.

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However, if you want a better media experience, want to play games frequently, or want more excellent performance and features, comparing Apple iPad vs android tablet, the iPad 10.2 is the way to go.

Consider the iPad Air for “serious” applications, including graphic design, video editing, music composition, or mobile office work. If you require even more power (or a 120hz display), the iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 are at the top of the line and use Apple’s newest M1 processor. However, the improved performance and screen real estate will come at a cost.

Storage of iPad vs android tablet 

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Thanks to cloud storage and streaming services, the need for massive amounts of storage isn’t as vital as it once was. However, if you want to keep movies and TV series on your tablet, install many apps, or don’t want to think about having Internet connectivity to retrieve your stuff, you’ll need enough storage. In terms of storage, Android tablets are more versatile than iPads. Many of them let you add a microSD card to boost storage on the cheap.

While iPads do not support microSD storage expansion, they usually have larger internal storage capacities. External hard disks and flash drives are also supported via USB-on-the-go adapters on several Android devices and most iPads. However, this necessitates additional connections and drives, making the tablets significantly less portable. Just be careful to figure out how much storage you’ll need when comparing iPad vs android tablet to avoid problems later.

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iPad vs android tablet: Strength and Weakness 

iPad vs android tablet

Strength of iPad:

  1. Compared to competing tablets, the iPad is more stable, easier to use, and works more smoothly.
  2. In terms of overall user experience for a non-technical user, Apple’s iOS has a distinct advantage over Google’s Android OS. It’s a robust, user-friendly operating system with a simple UI. Because its features are simple to understand and use, the iPad promotes the most excellent application development environment. It makes the iPad appealing to many users and app developers.
  3. The iPad allows for tight integration between devices and platforms that Android tablets currently lack. You can even copy-paste between your iPad and MacBook if they both have the most recent version of their operating system installed.

Weakness of iPad:

  1. Despite its excellent user experience, consumers frequently complain about the iPad tablet’s limited customization possibilities, forcing them to jailbreak. Users of the iPad are essentially restricted to identical rows and columns of icons since the device’s inception.
  2. One of the iPad’s most significant flaws is that it lacks multitasking, which means that when using one application in the presence of another, it stops. 
  3. Another major flaw of the iPad is that it cannot play Flash or Shockwave videos. However, this is becoming less an issue as current websites switch to Apple-friendly HTML 5. Nonetheless, several iPad apps are available currently on the iOS App Store that will allow you to install Flash on your device.

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Strengths of Android:

  1. In the Android tablet market, you’ll discover a wide range of options from budget-friendly little tablets for kids to enormous, high-performance slates suited for business and pleasure from multiple vendors.
  2. Price reductions are possible. If you don’t need a high-end gadget, several affordable Android tablets are less expensive than a supper out with friends.
  3. There are numerous customizing possibilities available. Android allows you to customize various device choices and features, from the user interface to installing custom firmware and apps.

Weakness of Android:

  1. App store with fewer security features: While Google uses software to filter apps before releasing them on the Google Play Store, they do not physically inspect every item on the store. As a result, mediocre-quality programs and even the occasional piece of malware may occasionally get through the cracks. However, if you stick to popular apps, you won’t have much to worry about.
  2. Quality and performance vary (even within price tiers): Because many companies create android tablets, quality and performance might vary significantly among similar-priced models. Before investing your hard-earned money on a tablet, read reviews to see what to expect.
  3. Optional customizations may be perplexing: While having the power to change various features and settings on your device, including the interface, is helpful if you want to modify things, it might be not very comforting if you want an elemental experience.

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The choice between Apple iPad vs android tablet is, in many respects, a personal one. There is no one-size-fits-all operating system or model for everyone. If you’re seeking the most affordable option, Android is the clear victor, but the quality may be iffy. Although Android and the entry-level iPads are priced similarly in the mid-tier, the iPads outperform Android in terms of power and finish.

Even while both the iPad and Android tablets are capable devices, a Windows tablet compatible with Microsoft Office may be a better option if you’re looking for something that you will use primarily for work. On the other hand, the Windows Store lacks the large number of apps offered on iOS and Android.

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  • Strength and weakness of both iPad and Android tablet is discussed here.

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