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Get 500+ Free Instagram Likes Within 2 Minutes! Here’s How


500+ free Instagram likes within 2 minutes? If you wonder if the process is natural, then we have your answer. Tread superfast in your social media journey and engage more people. Here are the best ways to get 500+ free Instagram likes.

- Updated: 6th Feb 2024, 14:09 IST
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    Why Does Instagram Likes Matter?
  • 2
    Online Ways Of Claiming Free Instagram Likes
    • Websites For Free Instagram Likes
    • Application For Free Instagram Likes
    • Via Instagram
  • 3
    Are These Free Instagram Likes Authentic?
  • 4
    7 Ways On How To Get Free Instagram Likes
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    Gimmicks of Free Instagram Likes
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    • Are free Instagram likes real?
    • Why get Instagram likes?
    • How can I get free Instagram likes?
    • How to get free instagram likes online?
    • Will I get duped on opting for free Instagram likes?
    • Can anyone get free instagram likes?

Are you tired of trying to create unique content on Instagram only to find that your engagement is lacking? Look no further if you’re seeking a quick, effective solution to boost your Instagram likes. We have the answer you’ve been waiting for.

In this article, we’ll provide the best way to get 500+ free Instagram likes within just two minutes.

How to get free Instagram likes?

  1. Stay consistent.
  2. Engage with your audience.
  3. Follow back your followers.
  4. Connect with similar content accounts.
  5. Share user-generated content.
  6. Plan your posts in advance.
  7. Use catchy captions.
  8. Add relevant images and videos.

Why Does Instagram Likes Matter?

Instagram likes are one of the tools that give the audience a fair idea of the engagement and popularity of that particular post among the netizens. When a business tries to approach an account for marketing or similar purpose, it is the likes, followers count, and comments that they look forward to for the account. This helps them to understand if they are investing in the right space.

People often get Instagram likes if their content quality is decent and relatable. However, other times, what they do is resort to paid mediums to get Instagram likes. This is done via online websites, applications, etc. Often these methods claim to give free likes to the account in their trial version, but with paid medium, the number increases too.

Online Ways Of Claiming Free Instagram Likes

Take a look at these different websites and applications for free Instagram likes.

Websites For Free Instagram Likes

famoid likes

Here is the list of the 5 best websites for free Instagram likes.

1. InstaFollowers


InstaFollowers let you get a maximum of 10 free likes in a moment. However, if you want to get the next set of free likes, you will have to wait for the next 24 hours to restart the process.

2. MegaFamous


This is one of the websites that let you get 10-50 free likes in a go. All you have to do is to add your username and email address to claim the offer on MegaFamous. It takes a maximum of two minutes to boost these likes in your account.

3. MrPopular


It offers free Instagram likes without much hassle. You simply need to add the link to the post on which you want to avail the free likes. It gets added to your account. If you want to avail even more likes from MrPopular website, you need to come back after an hour for the same process.

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4. Famoid


Famoid is another website that looks to provide multiple services, such as getting free followers, likes, and comments. You need to add your username and email address. Later, all you have to do is to verify your email address to claim your free likes.

5. Poprey

poprey website for free instagram likes

One of the websites that offer free-of-charge likes to Instagram users is Poprey. Basically. all the person needs to do is type the Instagram account name and email address. Your high-quality likes get added to the profile really fast.

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Application For Free Instagram Likes

applications for free instagram likes

Here is a list of the best mobile applications for free Instagram likes for both Android and iOS users.

For Android users,

For iOS users,

Via Instagram

sample of free instagram likes messages

On Instagram, you frequently come across many messages, comments, or even accounts that promise to get you Instagram likes on payment of a particular sum of money. However, this is not an authentic means to gain likes, as you may get cheated and end up having nothing.

PS: The process of getting free likes from apps and websites works only for public accounts and not for private ones. If you want to add more likes, you need to wait for 24 hours to get it. However, this also depends on website policy.

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Are These Free Instagram Likes Authentic?

The offer made by such third-party apps and websites of having free likes may work instantly, but it may not last long. In short, the claims are a pure hoax. Just as they say that there is no shortcut to hard work, these shortcuts may, at times, lead you into trouble. Here’s how:

  • The likes that you get from them are mostly from bot accounts or fake accounts.
  • These accounts generally have zero to nil followers as they are only created to add to the follower and likes count.
  • With the robust Instagram algorithm in place, these bot accounts can be wiped at any point in time, and it won’t even come to your notice.
  • This will decrease the overall like count that you got on your post initially.
  • At times, these apps and websites would ask you to purchase free likes services. Post payment, they won’t be answerable and available for your queries.
  • Your money is lost, and you end up losing the trust of genuine customers who would join you only for your like counts and not for the content.
  • Instagram algorithms can easily detect a decrease in likes count and may not make your profile easily reachable and rankable.
  • You may not do any significant business with such methods as no one trusts your brand.

The best way out here is to grow your profile by getting free Instagram likes organically. We shall discuss the same in the upcoming section.

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7 Ways On How To Get Free Instagram Likes

instagram likes

Here are the 7 steps for free Instagram likes to help you increase the count organically.

  1. Be consistent with your posts. Ensure that you post regularly to keep the attention of your followers.
  2. Engage with your audience. While it’s okay for you to wait for your follower’s likes and comments, it is also necessary to interact with them. This can be achieved by liking their comments and replying to them back.
  3. Follow back your followers if you feel they have been following you for quite some time now and can be more engaging in the coming times.
  4. Follow the accounts that post similar content as yours. This gives you a brief idea of what content works for higher engagement.
  5. Try to post more user-generated content, especially if you are a business. It ensures the genuity of your profile and helps you garner likes from related profiles.
  6. Follow a pattern or plan your posts way before. This helps you post planned content that would be more relatable for your audience.
  7. Captions are an interesting way to attract users. Hence, ensure that your captions compel the audience to recheck the post and wait for others.
  8. Add images and videos that are relevant. This allows users to relate to your brand and understand that you are serious about it. Do not simply post for the sake of posting!

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Gimmicks of Free Instagram Likes

The free Instagram likes strategy has become more of a marketing gimmick for businesses in the field to get noticed. It would not be uncommon instance to find long messages on popular Instagram pages, such as those of celebrities, about how you can get free likes for yourself. They are laden with information such as getting X amount of likes in Y amount.

Basically, they lure customers into getting closer to spending money on inorganic likes or paid likes. As discussed, this generally does not last long due to the machine’s ability to detect bot profiles and zero activities. Hence, one must be very careful about how to proceed with getting genuine likes rather than falling into a trap that leads to zero.

Besides, the paid likes won’t earn you genuine followers, and you cannot build long-term and trustworthy connections with them. Even though content creation may be a bit tedious at the start, it will surely earn your credible result in the time to come.


We look forward to your gradual and comprehensive growth. That is one of the reasons why we will not sway you into the hoax of getting 500+ free Instagram likes within two minutes.

Even though these links are mostly clickbait and people end up wasting significant time and, at times, money in these processes, this is a waste.

Instead, all you can look forward to is long-lasting growth with your audience. This means getting likes on your profile that would not get reduced with time. Additionally, these processes may take some time to show up with significant results but are totally worth it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are free Instagram likes real?

The answer to this is yes and no. All the free organic likes that you get through genuine followers are real. However, there are many bot accounts that one uses to gain Instagram likes which are unreal.

Why get Instagram likes?

Instagram likes are quite important to increase the visibility of your profile. Moreover, it motivates you to keep adding newer content to your profile due to amazing responses.

How can I get free Instagram likes?

Focussing on creating genuine content can help you gain free Instagram likes that can remain for a longer duration of time. However, if you make use of paid channels or hoax websites, you might end up losing the authenticity of the profile.

How to get free instagram likes online?

Getting free Instagram likes is pretty easy and is usually opted for by someone looking to spend significant bucks to gain engagement. This can be done via the website, apps, and individual account that charges you some money for getting a particular number of likes.

Will I get duped on opting for free Instagram likes?

No. In general, the payment process offered by authentic websites is safe. However, the likes may not last long as they may be from bot accounts that occasionally get detected and deactivated by Instagram.

Can anyone get free instagram likes?

No, your Instagram account must be public to get likes from anyone. It is not possible for anyone to reach your post or target posts that are present in your private profile.

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  • In this case, if you are looking to get free Instagram likes fastly, then we have got you covered.
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