We all grow annoyed when our screens malfunction. It will make navigating, watching, and reading more challenging for you. So, here are two effective methods for fixing the Vivo V17 screen repair.

The Vivo V17 has an eye-catching design that stands out, but it’s a little too heavy and unwieldy to hold comfortably. This is due to its enormous 5000mAh battery, which should easily last you a day and a half of continuous usage. But for a phone at this pricing point, the MediaTek Helio P35 chipset is woefully weak.

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Even if the mobile phone is still functional after some period of usage, the user will find it more challenging if the screen is cracked or otherwise damaged. For instance, it can be difficult to carry out this task and use any of the application icons that are shown along the crack. The steps they must do to fix the screen on the Samsung Vivo  V17 smartphone are explained in the paragraphs that follow.

Method 1: Repairing the Vivo V17 screen through Cashify

Visit the Cashify mobile repair website; that would be the wisest line of action. The screen of the Vivo V17 may be fixed quite easily at Cashify. Take these actions.

1. Before using Cashify, you must first create an account by using the mobile app or website. Use your cellphone number to sign in if you’re already a Cashify user.

2. Next, go to the website for mobile repair. Choose Vivo as the brand next, and then click Vivo V17 to continue.

3. After that, the Vivo V17 repair screen will appear. Here, you may choose the colour of your smartphone.

4. You must pay Rs. 3649 to get the screen of your Vivo V17 repaired using Cashify. Now put the cost in your shopping basket and arrange a repair.

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When Cashify fixes your smartphone, it exclusively utilizes authentic replacement components. Because of this, we also offer a six-month warranty on screen repairs for any problems that might arise following a successful repair job.

Method 2: Vivo authorized service centre

The Vivo authorized service centre is your second option for having your smartphone repaired. Even though it may seem like the most convenient choice, contacting a Vivo support centre may need some time and effort. The steps to achieve the same are listed below.

1. Visit the Vivo website to find the closest service centre in your region.

2. Once there, speak with the first available service agent and describe the problem with your Vivo V17.

3. Following that, you will be given an estimate for the Vivo V17’s repair price, which may be as much as Rs. 5,000. The cost is substantially more than the screen repair cost for Cashify.

4. You will then be asked to pick up your device at a later time by the service professionals, which is an additional inconvenience.

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In most cases, all you need to get your phone operating again is a reputable repair provider. As a result, many individuals throughout the country appreciate how simple and hassle-free Cashify’s doorstep repair services are.

We have a product page dedicated to the Vivo V17 at Cashify that includes pricing, specifications, features, and news. We also provide information on the latest smartphones and upcoming launches. So go ahead and check it out.