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Google Pixel 4A: Should You Buy It In 2021?


Is Google Pixel 4A a good pick in 2021? Should you invest in it right now? Read to know more.

- Updated: 14th Apr 2021, 10:34 IST

Google Pixel 4A is part of the Google Pixel series. This article will answer most of the questions like do you need to buy a Google Pixel 4A in 2021? To answer this question we will assess many factors of the smartphone and help you with your decision.

Design of Google Pixel 4A

The design of the Google Pixel 4A is very ergonomic. The design of the device is the best and the only choice for one-hand usage. One very annoying part about the design of the device is the cheap plastic frame of the smartphone. Otherwise the design is very minimalist and it looks a bit cheap as compared to the price.

Display projection

Now if we talk about the display projection of the device then Google provides a Corning Gorilla Glass display. However, there have been many reviews and complaints regarding the durability of the product. The display of the smartphone can crash even if it falls from the height of the jeans pocket.

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Quality of the display

Next, we talk about the quality of the display then it has a satisfactory quality. That company provides a 5.81 inches FHD+ OLED screen, which is decent but nothing spectacular. One more notable part about the smartphone is the WideWine L3 support.

What is WideWine Support?

WideWine Support is kind of a security service that provides digital rights to streaming services that restrict the user from pirating or copying any content from the streaming service.

There are three types of WideWine support; one is WideWine L1 support, the second is WideWine L2 support is and the last is WideWine L3 support. The Google Pixel 4A only comes with the WideWine L3 support.

The WideWine L1 support allows the user to stream HD content from an online streaming platform. However, the WideWine L3 restricts the user to watch any content above 520P. So, the users cannot watch any HD content on the Google Pixel 4A.

So, if we talk about the display of the product the screen quality is very convenient and the compactness of the device makes it a good catch.


Performance is a very important aspect but as we know Google Pixel 4A is not a flagship device so the device provides a very mid-range performance to users. The smartphone comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor that has become a very common chipset in mid-tier smartphones.

But if you are thinking of using the smartphone for high-level gaming editing processes then you should take a step back because the chipset provides very mid-range processing to the users even though the software optimization is satisfactory.

The battery of Google Pixel 4A

Now moving on to the battery, the Google Pixel 4A provides only 3100mAh battery backup and that is a major drawback of the device. Also, the company provides a charger of 18 Watts only which takes a long time to charge. One more drawback is that the device does not come with wireless charging.

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Final review of Google Pixel 4A

If you are a tech geek and you like Android updates and quick updates on your smartphone then Google Pixel 4A is the best choice for you. Next, if you want a good camera experience then you can choose Google Pixel 4A without thinking more.

Although the device has one camera setup of 12 megapixels; the quality is admirable. So, it is one of the best phones for camera experience and software development. However, the performance is very midrange and the battery backup is also the downfall of the product.


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