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iQOO Smartphone Market Presence In India: How Significant Is It?


iQOO has strategically positioned itself in the Indian smartphone market by prioritising performance and understanding diverse consumer needs. Here’s an in depth analysis to understand how iQOO as a brand has established it’s smartphone market presence in India!

- Updated: 16th Oct 2023, 11:22 IST
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    Understanding the Indian Smartphone Market
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    iQOO Smartphone Market Presence in India
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    Factors Amplifying iQOO Smartphone Market Presence in India
    • Comparative Landscape in the Indian Market
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    iQOO’s Unwavering Focus on Performance and Value
    • Philosophy: The Cornerstone of iQOO’s Growth
    • Envisioning iQOO’s Future in India
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As global brands seek to stake their claim in the country’s vast smartphone market, conversations inevitably steer toward iQOO smartphone market presence in India. Given the nation’s position as a major consumer base with varied demographics and purchasing powers, its market dynamics are both an opportunity and a challenge.

Understanding the Indian Smartphone Market

Before delving into iQOO’s smartphone market presence in India, it’s crucial to first understand the nuances of the Indian smartphone arena. With its rich tapestry of urban, semi-urban, and rural consumers, the country offers diverse user needs and preferences. The recent statistics showing a three per cent YoY dip in smartphone shipments in Q2 2023 reaffirm the market’s unpredictability. However, the decline was mitigated to some extent by pent-up demand and the nation’s improving economic conditions, both of which signalled potential recovery.

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iQOO Smartphone Market Presence in India


iQOO’s trajectory in the Indian market can be broken down into multiple facets:

  • Growth Story: iQOO’s Indian journey has been filled with milestones, from modest beginnings to establishing itself as a household name. Their extensive product range has enabled them to touch various consumer segments, which has significantly contributed to the surge in iQOO smartphone market presence in India.
  • Omni-channel Strategy: Benefiting from Vivo’s strong offline network, iQOO augmented its reach by establishing a prominent online presence. Their dual-channel strategy maximised outreach and further solidified their footprint in the Indian market.
  • Facing Stiff Competition: In the intensely competitive segment of Rs 20,000-30,000, iQOO’s market narrative is especially compelling. While brands like OPPO have taken the lead in certain sectors, iQOO, with the backing of Vivo’s resources and marketing prowess, is steadily ascending the ranks.

Factors Amplifying iQOO Smartphone Market Presence in India


The burgeoning narrative of iQOO smartphone market presence in India can be attributed to several strategic and product-related choices:

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  • Technical Innovation: iQOO’s smartphones resonate well with India’s tech enthusiasts. They often come packed with features and specifications that are at par, if not superior, to competitors in similar price ranges.
  • Product Launch Strategies: Beyond creating state-of-the-art devices, iQOO’s meticulous planning surrounding product launches, marketing blitz, and aggressive pricing have made their devices like the iQOO Z series popular in mass and niche segments alike.
  • Customer Focus: Commendable ratings in customer satisfaction surveys are indicative of their relentless focus on customer feedback and their commitment to refining user experiences, a significant factor in the expanding iQOO smartphone market presence in India.

Comparative Landscape in the Indian Market

iQOO’s rise becomes even more significant when juxtaposed against other brand trajectories. OnePlus, with its 68 per cent YoY growth in 2021, as per Counterpoint, showcased how global brands can make inroads into the Indian market with the right strategy. Established giants like Samsung leveraged easy finance schemes and their premium device lineup to retain and grow their user base. Observing these brands offers invaluable insights into iQOO’s strategy and its impact on the iQOO smartphone market presence in India.

iQOO’s Unwavering Focus on Performance and Value


One of the standout elements fueling the narrative around iQOO smartphone market presence in India is the brand’s relentless focus on performance. In the realm of smartphones, where a myriad of features and functionalities clamour for attention, iQOO’s philosophy has been unwavering—performance first. This guiding principle resonates deeply with tech enthusiasts and, more importantly, the ever-increasing gaming community in India.

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The rise of mobile gaming, especially the popularity of titles like BGMI, has given birth to a generation of consumers who demand more from their devices. They seek fluidity, speed, and seamless experiences, and iQOO’s offerings have been a perfect match.

The brand’s focus on optimising performance metrics, whether it be processing speed, refresh rate, or battery longevity, has ensured that mobile gamers find value and efficiency in their devices, making iQOO an increasingly preferred choice among them.

Moreover, while the brand has carved a niche in the performance segment, it hasn’t confined itself to just one demographic. iQOO understands the layered Indian smartphone consumer base, which ranges from budget-conscious users to premium seekers. To cater to the latter, the brand introduced its signature number series, highlighting premium offerings without the premium price tag. The iQOO 11 Pro is a testament to this philosophy.

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Designed to compete with the best in the industry, this device offers flagship-grade performance, a comprehensive camera system, and an array of features that stand toe-to-toe with offerings from giants like Apple and Samsung. Yet, what makes it particularly alluring is its competitive pricing. It’s this synergy of top-tier performance at a relatively affordable price that makes iQOO a compelling choice for the discerning Indian consumer.

Philosophy: The Cornerstone of iQOO’s Growth

iQOO’s growth in India is not just about numbers or market shares; it’s a reflection of a philosophy that has remained consistent since the brand’s inception. By prioritising performance and understanding the nuances of the Indian market, from its mobile gaming enthusiasts to its premium seekers, iQOO has strategically positioned itself. It’s not merely about offering a device; it’s about offering an experience, a philosophy that resonates with the user’s aspirations and needs. This alignment with consumer expectations and desires has been instrumental in shaping the brand’s trajectory and fortifying its market presence in India.

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Envisioning iQOO’s Future in India

While iQOO’s current standing in the Indian market is noteworthy, the path ahead is laden with challenges and opportunities. India’s tech landscape is in constant flux, with ever-evolving consumer needs, tech innovations, and regulatory scenarios. For iQOO to further bolster its market presence, it will need to stay agile, continually innovate, and prioritise consumer feedback.

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The iQOO smartphone market presence in India is a testament to the brand’s strategic initiatives, commitment to product quality, and deep understanding of the Indian consumer mindset. As the brand navigates the intricate maze of the Indian smartphone sector, its adaptability and resilience will shape its future trajectory and influence in the market.

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Highlights of the Story

  • iQOO’s growth in India is characterised by its unwavering focus on performance, catering especially to the country’s burgeoning gaming community.
  • Leveraging Vivo’s robust offline network and their own online strategies, iQOO has made significant inroads into the competitive ₹20,000-30,000 price segment.
  • iQOO’s philosophy of offering top-tier performance at competitive prices, as seen with the iQOO 11 Pro, has resonated with a broad spectrum of Indian consumers, from tech enthusiasts to premium seekers.